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16 Piece Chocolate Collection
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16 Piece Chocolate Collection

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There is nothing more classic than a box of assorted chocolates, but Payard’s unique and captivating flavors make these chocolates anything but ordinary. Each chocolate is handmade and embellished to create a beautiful palate of delicacies to choose from. Chocolate is an art, and the Chocolate Collection is another perfect Payard masterpiece.

In collaboration with Philippe Givre of Valrhona, French pastry chef and assistant director of the famed L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat, and Chef Derek Poirier, executive pastry chef of Valrhona North America, Chef Payard has created an exclusive chocolate collection using the internationally acclaimed Valrhona chocolate.  After much testing, François chose three distinct varieties—Jivara Milk Chocolate, Guanaja Dark Chocolate and Caraibe and Manjari Chocolate—each of which bolster the unique notes of the other premium ingredients curated from around the world.

Your box will contain an assortment of the following flavors:

Jivara Milk Chocolate with Sesame Almond Praline – A smooth milk chocolate exterior mingles with creamy almond praline filling to create a flawless union of salty and sweet. The hint of sesame adds intrigue and complements the Jivara chocolate, rounding out this effortlessly delicious flavor.

Jivara Milk Chocolate with Fresh Key Lime – This milk chocolate is filled with a silky chocolate ganache infused with the bold tones of key lime. The fruity, almost tangy lime is tempered by the sweet Jivara chocolate, and the result is a bright and exciting taste. 

70% Guanaja Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Bean – Guanaja chocolate is unique to a tiny island off the coast of Honduras. Payard’s recipe maintains the natural flavors of this uncommon and extraordinary chocolate. The dark, smoky tones of the 70% Guanaja are softened by just a hint of vanilla bean. This velvety chocolate is a surprising new take on an old favorite. 

Jivara Milk and Caraibe Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean – This is not like any caramel you’d had before. The satiny blend of chocolate and salted caramel uses just a hint of vanilla bean to create an exquisitely mellow taste. 

66% Grand Cru Caraibe Chocolate with Fresh Ginger – The spicy ginger mingles with the full, sweet taste of the chocolate to create a fantastically imaginative flavor. The bold ginger-infused ganache is one of our most surprising and tantalizing creations yet. 

66% Grand Cru Caraibe and Manjari with Raspberry puree – Caraibe and Manjari chocolates come from the island of Madagascar, and together with the full and fruity raspberry the flavors evoke spicy tropical passion.

Jivara Milk Chocolate with Crystallized Almonds – This luxuriously silky chocolate ganache features a delicate topping of crunchy almonds creating a flawless fusion of texture and taste with each piece artfully enrobed in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

Jivara Milk Chocolate with a Cold Brew Arabica Coffee Infusion – A perfect treat for the coffee-lover, this little delight features chocolate infused with the smoky, roasted flavor of Arabica coffee beans. The full bodied cold brew espresso adds a rich aromatic depth and sophisticated touch to the classic coffee and chocolate combination.

66% Grand Cru Caraibe & Manjari Chocolate with Jasmine Tea – The Caraibe and Manjari chocolates hail from the spellbinding island of Madagascar, and the chocolates have sharp, fresh tones. A jasmine tea infusion makes this piece provocative and exotic, evoking the sultry allure of the Orient in each bite.  
Product information: Box contains 16 assorted chocolate pieces.
Recommendation: Store at room temperature. Best enjoyed within 6 weeks.
Disclaimer: All Francois Payard products may contain nuts, dairy, and gluten. Our facilities process nuts and nut products. Some of our products contain liquor.
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