Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eating Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolates?

It brings an instant smile on your face. Have you ever stolen chocolate from your friend in childhood?

No doubt, the answer is yes. Children are addicted to consume it over and over again. Its rich pleasant smell and flavor brings smile on their face at a glance. As all of us prefer to consume it, why not get deep into its outcomes.

It surely has both advantages and disadvantages. Before we dig deep into the core discussion about the goodies and evils of eating chocolates, let me start with some basic notions first.

Types of Chocolates We Eat

There are 3 kinds of chocolates you can easily get from any nearby market. These are the white chocolate, the milk chocolate, and lastly the dark chocolate. So, let’s jump into the proper description given below. Check some other types of chocolates from here.

The White Chocolate:

It contains cocoa butter, sugar and milk. It’s the sweetest chocolate among the three chocolate types. It has 20% of cocoa butter, 14% milk solid, 3.5% milk fat, and approximately 55% sweetener ingredients.

It combines vanilla for flavor and lecithin, - a fatty substance - is also there as an emulsifier. The white chocolate is highly used for making delicious pastry dishes.

The Milk Chocolate:

This type has become the market leader by its rich taste and aroma. It was first invented by Cadbury mixing milk powder, substances of cocoa butter, cocoa pile, and sugar.

Milk chocolate has less sugar than the white chocolate though it contains less calories in it, and doesn’t contain any cocoa solid. It is preferred by all sort of people for its unique flavor and texture.

The Dark Chocolate:

The quality dark chocolate is quite nutritious. It bears a suitable amount of soluble fibre, filled with minerals and 70% of cocoa. This cocoa appears from ground up cocoa beans with the likely bulk of cocoa butter.

It has the least sugar in comparison to the white chocolate and the milk chocolate. So it contains less calories which is not that harmful as others.

Dark chocolate is cherished for chocolate cake, lava cakes, muffins, dark chocolate biscuits, ice creams and what not. It is a mood changer for the adults as they prefer less calorie.

Advantages of Eating Chocolates

Let’s start with the health benefits of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate in a row;

White Chocolate: Its core ingredient is milk so it contains calcium. It helps to play a vital role in our body. White chocolate is caffeine free so it doesn’t make our body dehydrated.

Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate bring in tremendous health benefits. It helps keep your blood pressure balanced. Those who consumed it for over 11.3 years had a lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. A research run by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland reveals so.

Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate has awesome health benefits which can beat any other chocolates. Its basic ingredients are cacao beans, sugar, and soy lecithin to preserve texture. There are 7 health benefits in dark chocolate which can’t be ignored.

  • Dark chocolate is very nutritious with its rich properties of cocoa. A decent quantity of soluble fiber and minerals exist here. In the market we can found quality dark chocolate which is boosted with fiber, iron, manganese, etc.
  • It is a powerful medium of Antioxidants. Antioxidant revokes cell damage as well. Cocoa and dark chocolate carry more antioxidant commotion and polyphenols. Antioxidants help our body to fight with fatal diseases.
  • Dark chocolate may help improve your blood flow and lower blood pressure. Uncontrolled blood pressure may cause various problems. So it’s essential to keep an eye on your blood pressure. Herein, having chocolate can be a better option to cope with the problem.
  • Dark Chocolate increases HDL and secures LDL. It also enlarges HDL and lowers total LDL in men with exalted cholesterol (9)L against to Oxidation.
  • It keeps your heart free from coronary heart disease. So why not have a chocolate instead of going to a doctor or through any major operation? After all, protection is always better than cure.
  • Dark chocolate improves brain function. It stimulates our brain power.
  • Dark chocolate helps prevent asthma. If you know someone who is suffering from asthma you can easily offer dark chocolate as a delicious medicine.
  • It contains three natural substances; caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. All of them work together to pause bronchospasms and unlock compressed bronchial passages.

So as you can see, dark chocolate has a bunch of health benefits. So it is highly recommended for the young and old.

Disadvantages of Eating Chocolates

Enough discussion about the advantages. Let’s look into their disadvantages, as a coin has both of its sides.

White Chocolate: White chocolate has almost nothing to do with health benefits. It is made with tons of sugar. Its consumers have the health risk of diabetes. As it is highly sweetened, it has a lot of calories. And, extra calorie is a threat to human body.

It can cause cholesterol problem, gaining extra weight, and the list goes on. To burn those calories, you need to do weightlifting for couple of days which is nearly a headache. Instead, you can just avoid eating white chocolate.

Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate has almost the same properties as white chocolate. In the United States, manufacturers are only permitted to put 10% pure cocoa liquor into milk chocolate products. You’d then be left to imagine what the other 90% of the substances are.

Just as the name implies, this sweet treat comprises a high percentage of milk powder, condensed or liquid milk. Luckily, all of these are non-organic. Coronary heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer can be caused by hydrogenated oils.

So it’s just about taste and a pleasure for kids who loves milk.

Dark Chocolate: Apart from its advantages, it has some disadvantages too. Dark chocolate carries as much caffeine as an 8 ounce of black coffee jar does.

As we all know, caffeine causes dehydration which affects our digestion system. It also can increase the risk of kidney stone, since dark chocolate contains oxalates. So if you are not interested to have kidney stone issues, kindly have a look at you dark chocolate consumption.

Last but not least, it can also bring migraines. Now, who wants to have a bad headache eating dark chocolate??

Wrapping up!

End of the discussion, you can see having chocolate is easy but its consequences are complicated. Any kind of food or dessert has both of its advantages and disadvantages.

In this case, knowing the facts can help you choose how much to consume and what to consume. Nobody wants trouble out of a chocolate box. Consider dark chocolate over the other two, as they have got more bads than the goods. Hopefully, this article acquainted you with almost everything you needed know about.


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