Best Cabinet Incubator: Reviews in 2022 (Recommended!)

Eggs are among the most sought after foods for breakfast. But what if you take a chicken egg and hatch it? There's a high chance it will produce a chick. And this chick may become a hen and have more eggs eventually.

The same happens with other birds and reptiles. By hatching them, you can turn a simple food for breakfast into a profitable business idea or a self-sustaining household.

Here, we're going to show you all about the best cabinet incubator. It will help you hatch bird and reptile eggs at home with ease. And it won't cost you much in the first place.

Because an incubator is a slightly more complicated product than it seems, we're also showing you how to buy the right one. In this guide, you'll learn everything there's to know about cabinet incubators and a little more – so take a look further to find out!

Need a short-list? Check these top 3 incubators!


We wanted to bring only the best among the best – so we ended up with 12 cabinet incubators we couldn't leave behind. We reviewed each one and brought our insights to you. Take a peek into our reviews to learn more about them:

1. Brinsea USAG47C Ovation 56 EX Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

After going through one of the smallest and cheapest incubators, it's time to learn about one of the highest-quality options.

The Brinsea USAG47C Ovation 56 EX is a high-capacity incubator for people who want to hatch as many eggs as possible in the same machine.

Because it offers hatching space for 56 eggs, there's enough to meet even the highest standards. It should work both for commercial and non-commercial use. But it works like a gem.

It all comes down to its automatic humidity control. Alongside a built-in humidity pump, it makes sure the eggs are always in the ideal environment.

There's also a programmable egg-turning system. And with the automatic temperature control in either F or C – the machine calibrates itself with total ease.

Everything is a piece of cake to operate thanks to its accurate control system and temp display. It also shows you the humidity level and how much is left before it turns the eggs around. Whatever you want to know – this incubator tells you so.

And if all that wasn't enough, you still get a sturdy ABS plastic construction. So it manages to be durable, reliable, and hygienic for any egg-hatching job.

Highlighted Features:

  • Huge design for extra egg capacity
  • Outstanding egg-turning performance
  • Easy-to-use controls for temp & humidity
  • Quality ABS construction for durability
  • The convenient transparent top lid

2. Magicfly Automatic Egg Incubator

Small but thoroughly practical, the Magifly Automatic Incubator can host only a few eggs but does the hatching amazingly well.

You get 9 spaces for eggs – up to 12 if you add smaller ones. The process starts with an automatic egg turner. You won't have to be continually turning the eggs around with this machine.

Because it works well with smaller eggs, you can add fowl, geese, pigeon, and many other types of eggs. And they all hatch without issues, mainly because you get an automatic temperature control.

The machine adjusts itself to ensure the eggs will hatch correctly. It takes the worry away from temperature, as you won't have to set it manually.

To make everything even more convenient, you get a high-quality construction that combines polypropylene with ABS plastics. Together, they deliver one of the most protective and long-lasting bodies out there.

And let's not forget this is a small and very portable machine. You can take it almost anywhere, and it will do the job with no drawbacks.

Anyone who wants to hatch eggs like a pro-farmer and still save tons of effort and time will find this one to be more than ideal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-small and convenient design
  • Handles up to 9 chicken eggs with ease
  • Practical auto temperature system
  • Long-lasting & easy-to-clean ABS build
  • Unbeatable portability and ease of use

3. HBlife Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

Looking to hatch eggs like a professional? Then no need to spend a fortune. The HBLife Fully Automatic Incubator gets the job done for a very reasonable cost.

Following its small design, you may think it can't hold more than just a couple of eggs. But in reality, it can handle up to 9 large chicken or duck eggs and up to 16 small ones from pigeons or quail. That's enough to hatch an entire square of birds or any other species.

But it is not the capacity that takes it apart from the competition. It is the automatic egg-turning system that genuinely matters. You won't have to be constantly turning the egg manually, which could suck away tons of time and effort.

The temperature is also automatic. Yet, you can also use the digital display controls to see how the process is going and adjust as needed.

And if all that wasn't enough, you get a combination of polycarbonate and ABS plastic. This construction in the machine ensures the temperature always stays the same, and the hatching goes just like expected.

With its small design and its exceptional hatching performance, you won't find many options as ideal as this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra small and light design
  • Automatic temp system for convenience
  • Works with up to 9 eggs at once
  • Quality ABS and PP build lasts
  • Consistent & reliable system


A small cabinet incubator that can handle 9 eggs is never a bad choice. You can incubate enough eggs to give life to healthy & well-maintained chicks.

The advantage of this incubator is that you can make it work with practically any eggs. It works well with chicken, duck, pigeon, and even quail eggs. No need to worry about the species surviving with this model.

Despite its excellent capacity, this egg incubator is outstandingly small. No need to have a huge space available to make this incubator work. At the same time, it is easy to transport, so you won't be limited by one incubating location.

It is also a piece of cake to use. You get button controls for almost every feature. The incubator is so effortless to use that even a child can hatch eggs with it.

On top of that, you still get a digital temperature control, an automatic egg turner, and temperature monitoring. It also allows humidity level control and ideal air circulation. Keeping the eggs safe and hatching will be a total pleasure with this model.

For small-scale farmers and budget-friendly chicken hatchers – the small design and straightforward system of this incubator will come like a charm.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small & practical design
  • Digital display for easy operation
  • Excellent controls ensure effective use
  • Totally budget-friendly
  • Decent egg capacity for the size

5. Incubator Warehouse HovaBator 1602N Advanced Egg Incubator

When it comes to quality hatching at high capacity, few models can match the ability of the HovaBator 1602N from Incubator Warehouse.

This is an advanced model for commercial use, especially for people who want to hatch up to 42 eggs at once. That's something any big-capacity farmer will love enjoying.

But its capacity only helps to hatch several eggs at the same time. The real advantage comes from its performance, boasting the IncuTurn egg-turning automatic system. You won't have to touch the eggs for them to turn.

This turning system goes well with the IncuTherm thermometer system. It adapts the temperature to the ideal level, depending on the egg's needs. And with the hygrometer, even the humidity is automatic, so you won't have to worry about a single thing.

You also get a pre-installed air fan kit. It allows excellent air delivery, which keeps the eggs hatching perfectly.

Considering everything it offers, you can be sure every egg will hatch with no issue. And because it is still decently priced for the size and capacity – you get one of the best deals. So don't take the HovaBator 1602N for granted.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-notch airflow system for consistent warmth
  • IncuTherm system keeps temp & humidity ideal
  • Exceptional egg capacity for commercial use
  • Decent cost for the quality and size
  • Straightforward operation with an added thermometer

6. Happybuy ReptiPro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator

Looking for the best reptile incubator? Then the ReptiPro 6000 will come like a charm at first sight.

It delivers everything you could expect a reptile incubator to offer. From the temperature settings going from 36 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to the bright LED that keeps proper light exposure – this system gets the job done like no other.

In contrast with other models in the list, this is indeed a cabinet incubator. Looking just like a freezer, it operates straightforwardly and effectively. With a total of 23-liter volume capacity, it can host tons of eggs at once.

To make it easy to use, you get a LED Display with temperature and other factors. That's enough to operate it with ease.

Still, you get the chance to look inside with a transparent front glass door. It makes it easy to peek inside and see how the eggs are going. And with a side door hatch, you can open and close it securely as well.

Last but not least, it works amazingly well with almost any reptile. And sure enough, it allows excellent incubation to amphibians as well. So no matter what you're looking for – this incubator gets the job.

Highlighted Features:

  • Portable cabinet design
  • Spacious and practical internal design
  • Offers more than 50-egg capacity
  • Good-looking design with blue growth light
  • Effortless operation with simple controls & display

7. GQF Thermal Air Hova-Bator

When it comes to quality results, few models can match the GQF cabinet incubator. You get a quality level that surpasses even the highest expectations.

The first thing you'll notice is the large design. You can place several eggs inside without problems. This gets better with the effective airflow system – delivering consistent warmth and humidity to your eggs.

What makes this process so useful is the exhaust system. It vents the air around the machine, making sure the eggs receive all of it. And it draws everything from outside, warming the air before releasing it inside.

This process makes it possible for users to hatch any type of egg. Whether it is chicken or duck, fowl, quail, or reptiles – the Hova-Bator from GQF works with them all.

To make it even more convenient, you can enjoy a small-window system. You get two of them so you can take a peek inside and see how the eggs are doing. If the eggs have been inside long enough, then you can even see how the babies hatch.

Considering its decently large design and excellent airflow system, there's no doubt this is the best egg incubator for the money. It manages to get the job done without emptying your wallet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Huge size despite its cost
  • ​Works well with small & large eggs
  • Lid window ensures proper visibility
  • Next-level air-venting system for consistency
  • Demands little to no effort to operate

8. GQF 1502 Sportsman Cabinet Incubator

The 1502 Sportsman Incubator from GQF is easily the most practical and effective in the whole list.

Without taking too much effort to work and delivering almost perfect results, this cabinet model takes automatic incubation to a whole new level.

The machine is so large that you can incubate up to 270 chicken eggs at once. And if they are large emu, geese, or peafowl eggs, you can easily incubate 45 at once with no issues.

But its capacity and size are not what makes it stand out. It is the temperature and humidity features that set it apart. You get an LCD screen with Temperature & Humidity readings as well as an electronic control system. Together, you get a straightforward-to-use incubator.

There's also a digital thermostat for accurate readings. Yet, it is the internal computer you'll love the most. It manages to deliver every single piece of data you need to know about the eggs.

The turning system is also automatic. You get self-turning racks that make sure your eggs incubate correctly.

Adding up everything it offers, including its practical cabinet design and high-end plastic build, you can be sure it delivers an excellent experience from the first use up to the last. You won't regret getting this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unbeatable egg capacity with large trays
  • Auto turning system keeps eggs growing
  • Digital auto thermostat for consistency
  • Magnificent humidity controls
  • LCD screen for easy monitoring

9. Brinsea Mini II Advance Automatic Egg Incubator

If we had to rank the best small incubators from the list, the Brinsea Mini II would undoubtedly be our first choice. There's nothing about it to hate – in the slightest.

First, be sure to know this is a small model. You can only place 7 chicken eggs inside – making it a little limited in capacity. But that also ensures a way more effective incubation system.

The machine turns the eggs automatically two days before they hatch, or as needed. And it has periodic temperature alarms, so you can always be aware of the state of the eggs.

To make it even easier to use, you can enjoy a menu-driven control system. Everything is digital, so you won't have any issue operating it. The display still shows all the data you need, so there shouldn't be a problem to set it up.

Similarly, you can adjust everything from temperature to duration of the cooling and even the alarms. Still, you get automatic humidity and ideal airflow inside, ensuring proper incubation for days.

Last but not least, you get a quality ABS plastic build. With a visible top lid, it allows excellent visibility inside so you won't have any issue checking on the eggs.

There's simply no drawback about it – even for the size.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-small and practical design
  • User-friendly controls & adjustments
  • Automatic airflow & humidity for safety
  • Durable ABS build keeps eggs safe
  • Handy transparent lid allows easy checks

10. Farm Innovators Model 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator

One of the easiest to use and most convenient models in the market for commercial hatchers – the 4250 Digital Air Incubator from Farm Innovators will not let you down.

Offering 41 eggs of total capacity, it is undoubtedly among the largest in the list. Yet, it is the total capacity that makes it such an excellent choice – but the automatic turner. Yes, it will turn the eggs (all 41 eggs) around every 4 hours so you won't have to do it manually.

It performs amazingly well at keeping them gestating. This happens thanks to a consistent thermostat, keeping the temperature at 100-degrees Fahrenheit at all times. And with the integrated fan, the warm air can travel around and keep every egg safe and healthy.

There's a lot more to it – just like the humidity system, the adjustable hatch countdown, and the temperature notifications. You won't have any problem keeping those eggs growing throughout the whole process.

You also get a large display that shows every single data you want to see. And with straightforward controls, you can set up the machine however you prefer.

Finally, you get a transparent window that lets you check the eggs without opening the lid. And with the hard-plastic construction all around, you can be sure the eggs will be protected every second.

You even get an extra candler to see the egg interior – making the whole machine an even more convenient option.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstanding egg capacity and size
  • Perfect for commercial operations
  • Superb humidity & temperature system
  • Unique alarms and notification features
  • Boasts a candler for extra convenience

11. Incubator Warehouse IncuView Automatic Egg Incubator

Want a large yet still affordable model for your egg-hatching activities? Then the IncuView Automatic Incubator will be your best bet.

It will help you care for the eggs like no other. It starts with a heater that presets to 99.5-degrees Fahrenheit so you can keep the eggs warm from the first use.

You also get a humidity control system and monitor. This system makes it easy to know what humidity you need depending on the egg cycle. And with the display, you can check the percentage it is at a specific time.

Of course, you also get an egg-turning system that rolls the eggs no less than six times every day. Every four hours, the machine turns the eggs around, so they ensure proper embryo growth and nurturing.

Then, the system boasts a hatching period feature. It has a timer that tracks every single day from the moment you put the eggs into the moment they should hatch.

Last but not least, you get a quality plastic build with a transparent viewing lid. You can check the 27 eggs inside at any time without any effort.

When it comes to offering proper cleaning and quality hatching – this system stands out completely. And it is decently priced for its quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-useful humidity & temp controls
  • Auto egg-turning system for practicality
  • Ultra-handy hatching period feature
  • Resilient plastic construction that lasts
  • Transparent lid for ideal visibility

12. Smartxchoices Digital Mini Egg Incubator

To finish our list, we had to bring a compact yet still convenient model – the Smartxchoices Digital Mini Incubator.

It does the job as well as every other model on the list. But it has a twist: it is portable.

Yes, you can move this incubator around with total confidence, thanks to its super-small design. Along with a light construction of polypropylene and ABS plastics – it manages to be a piece of cake to move around.

Still, its egg-incubation system doesn't disappoint in the slightest. You get excellent temperature controls, consistent airflow, and ideal humidity with water channels. There won't be a single problem to keep the incubator working neatly.

You get a humidity gauge as well, a temperature display, and a hygrometer value. Everything will appear in a LED screen – so you can monitor the whole process from the first use. Close to that, you find the temperature & humidity controls, making it even easier to operate and keep the eggs hatching safely.

And if all that wasn't enough, this is still the cheapest option on the list. You can get now and you won't even feel a difference in your wallet.

If you're a beginner or someone who wants to experiment with egg-hatching processes, then you'll find this machine to be a top-notch choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptionally small design
  • Quality temp & humidity gauges
  • LED screen for ease of use
  • Ultra-cheap for the quality
  • Long-lasting build with PP and ABS

What to look for while buying Cabinet Incubator?

Getting the ideal incubator seems like a piece of cake, but it is actually not that easy. Before you can get the right machine, you'll have to know what to look for.

Here, we want to help you with that. You'll find all the most important factors to consider when picking a new cabinet incubator.

Humidity & Temperature

The first and most important factors, without a doubt, are the humidity and temperature controls.

Temperature, for example, needs to be constant and stay at the right level, depending on the egg type. The ideal incubator will provide automatic and manual temp settings, so you can set it automatically but also ensure it will work consistently.

Similarly, humidity is essential. An incubator with a hydrometer and humidity pump will automate the moisture and make sure the eggs are always in the right environment. Without this feature, keeping the eggs hatching will feel a lot harder.

The more automatic and easy the process is, the more likely you are to enjoy the hatching with the machine. So be sure to get a decently automated model for the best experience.

Egg Turner

Once you have the temperature and humidity features figured out, then you need to consider the egg turner.

This is a must-have option in the best automatic egg incubator. The sole focus of an egg turner is to move the egg at a specific time, making sure they receive proper temperature and humidity in each place.

But not all incubators come with an automatic egg-turning system. Farmers and hatchers who love being involved with the process may prefer a manual turning system. It is less convenient, yet it pushes the user to be more committed to the hatching.


Having an automatic machine is not enough. You also want something that can handle as many eggs as you need.

That's why you must always consider the incubator capacity. Usually, they go from 6 eggs in the smallest incubators up to 60 eggs or more in the biggest ones.

A commercial-level incubator handles no less than 100 eggs. And a small budget-friendly model can handle as few as only 4.

Here, of course, you have to pick following your needs and demands. You won't like to end up with a larger-than-necessary or insufficient incubator.


Considering the capacity of the machine, you also have to think about its size. This is what tells you whether it fits inside your house or barn and whether you can transport it quickly or not.

The size of the incubator goes directly related to the capacity. With higher egg capacity, you get a larger machine, and with less egg capacity, you obviously get a smaller one.

So don't hesitate to pick the one that matches well with your requirements. A huge incubator may eventually become a headache to use and install.

Ease of Use

You want an incubator that doesn't take a degree in engineering to be operated. The process should be straightforward and time-efficient, so you can set temperature, humidity, and other factors with ease.

On top of that, you should get an incubator that takes little to no effort to clean. Cleaning is something not many people consider when buying one of these. So a dishwasher-safe model can be an excellent idea.

And last but not least, it should make adding eggs and taking them out easy and secure. You shouldn't worry about the eggs while handling them with an incubator. If the model you want to go for offers that kind of experience, then you're likely to enjoy it much more.

Viewing Window

The best egg incubator for beginners not only feels easy to operate, but it also makes it easy to check on the eggs.

This is where the viewing window enters into action. If you want to monitor your eggs consistently, then you want something that allows a clear view of them.

It doesn't have to be a window, though. Some models come with transparent lids or tops, which make it easy to take a peek inside when needed.

While this is not something critical to consider, it still makes a massive difference in how convenient it is. So consider it a plus, but a very helpful one.


The last thing to think about before making a final choice is the construction. Here, we don't refer to design or hardware, but the materials used in the different components.

For incubators, there's probably not a better material than ABS plastic. Not only is it durable and robust, but it also manages to keep the internal environment ideal for the eggs to hatch correctly.

But you shouldn't pick ABS alone. Other plastics like polypropylene and polycarbonate are also excellent options. And they add up to a lighter incubator overall.

And sure enough, don't overlook metal incubators either. While metals can be more expensive, they offer extra durability and slightly better hatching results.

What are Common Incubator Accessories?

So you're interested in getting an incubator for your eggs. But you also want to know what accessories are worth considering with one. Well, here are a few of them to consider:


Maintaining your eggs warm and cozy is vital. But how can you do that without knowing the temperature inside? Easy, you use a thermometer. Most incubators come with built-in thermometers, but they're usually not accurate enough. With an external one, you can get more accuracy.

Fans & Pumps

A fan ensures consistent airflow inside the incubator. It delivers proper warmth to all the eggs inside to help them grow healthy and safely.

Similarly, a pump helps to provide humidity. This humidity is also vital for the eggs to grow. It pumps or spreads the humidity around.

Both fans and pumps typically come with the incubators. In case the one you want does not offer any, then you can always get an external one.

Trays & Cradles

The trays are where you place the eggs. And the cradles are where you put the trays to turn them around. Both are useful in most incubators. If you want to increase the egg capacity and add a manual turning system, then a tray and a cradle will come like an excellent choice.

Candlers & Lamps

Candlers look like flashlights, and they're used to see the inside of the eggs while hatching. These can be excellent products to have if you're an excited farmer or egg hatcher.

And lamps have a similar purpose. However, you can use lamps to give more warmth to eggs after taking them out of the incubator. These are excellent for people who like to be continually revising the eggs.

How Does a Cabinet Incubator Work?

The whole idea behind incubators is to make sure the eggs can hatch without the hen. This device ensures an ideal environment inside for the eggs to grow healthily and safely as if a hen were incubating them.

Here's how a cabinet incubator does that:

Temperature Control

It all starts by controlling the temperature. Using built-in thermometers and thermostats, incubators warm to the ideal level for the eggs to gestate. Usually, incubators reach about 100 degrees, yet they can go up to 140 and as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This replaces the hen's warmth when it sits on the eggs.

Air Circulation

Then the air-circulation system starts. This process is all about ensuring proper warmth all around the machine. In cabinet incubators, the fans are usually located on the top, so the air can travel to the sides more effectively. Apart from circulating the warm air, these fans also provide proper oxygen delivery.

That way, the eggs can hatch even more safely and start oxygen-rich for long. This helps them gestate a lot healthier.

Humidity Control

Last but not least, an incubator also needs to provide some humidity. This usually comes from pumps that create artificial yet still useful moisture.

The focus is to imitate the humidity that hens produce when incubating. Typically, the moisture is just enough to help eggs grow healthy, depending on the thickness. So it can vary depending on the egg type.

Humidity is super essential, so incubators monitor and control this humidity consistently.

These three processes explain how an incubator works. And that's why they're such a precious product for most egg producers around the world, especially non-commercial ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading our reviews, buying guides, and info sections – you're probably still confused about some things. Well, we may relieve some of that confusion with our FAQ section:

1. How much is a chicken egg incubator?

A chicken egg incubator can be affordable (under a hundred) or can be pretty expensive (over five hundred). The difference is that small cheap models are more for experimentation or household use. Meanwhile, the largest ones are ideal for more commercial or enthusiastic approaches.

2. How long can fertilized eggs survive without heat?

An egg that doesn't have proper environment temperature falls into a dormant state. This state makes it possible for the egg to live for about 10 days – in some cases 14 days or a little more. Without heat, you have a maximum of 2 weeks to put the egg back in a warm environment.

3. How do I adjust the humidity in my incubator?

It depends on the model of incubator you have. But typically, you need to adjust the amount of water inside the machine. For more technologically-advanced models, you'll have to change with the built-in controls as required.

4. How often do you turn eggs in an incubator?

In a standard incubator, the eggs should turn no less than 5 times a day. That means turning them at least every 4.5 hours. But for the best results, we recommend turning them once every 4 hours for a total of 6 turns per day.


Choosing the ideal incubator for your eggs won't be an easy job – as you know now. With so many quality models to consider and factors to think about, this can easily take several hours of your time and attention.

But don't worry, it is all worth it.

A quality incubator will make the hatching process of your chicken, duck, geese, or even reptile eggs a lot more pleasant and safe. You won't have to worry as much – the eggs will be in the perfect environment. And that's something you don't get with any other product.

So don't hesitate and pick the best cabinet incubator following our buying guide, info section, and reviews. You won't find any better info to help you make such an important choice.

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