Top 10 Best Cake Pop Maker – Reviews 2022

Want a piece of dessert that’s ideal for any situation? Whether it is a baby shower, a kid’s party or even a wedding – pop cakes are your best bet.

Using the best cake pop maker gives you the chance to make these small yet practical cakes in a breeze. Not only will you enjoy the versatility they offer as a dessert, but you will also rejoice at how fast & effectively you can make them.

It doesn’t matter the purpose. If you have the ideal cake pop maker at home – you’ll enjoy excellent results. And here, we’ll explain how that’s possible. Scroll down to find out!

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Our Top 10 Best Cake Pop Makers Reviews

There are many cake pop makers out there. But we’re sure only a few are truly worth your money. We brought only the ones that you could spend your money on and still feel proud. Here’s what we found about them:

1. Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker

The first option in our list is the Babycakes cake pop maker CP-12. It offers everything you could expect a quality piece to deliver – from a non-stick surface to several accessories for easy use.

This pop cake maker offers a total of 12 slots where you can pour the dough. That’s enough to make several mini cakes in a few minutes.

But the benefit does not come from its capacity, but the effectiveness of the heating and its non-stick plates. You won’t have to worry about how well the machine cooks the dough or whether it sticks to the surface. The cake pop maker has it all covered.

Despite all that, you still get a practical model. It comes with a fork so you can get the cakes out when necessary. You can also find several paper sticks, so the dough becomes even easier to serve. And with a cake stand, you can let the cakes air once they’re cooked – and glaze them as you want.

To make it even better, you get a 50-recipe book so you can learn tasty ways to glaze them and prepare them. And don’t forget, the machine is a total no-brainer to use. Even a kid can make her own pop cakes without an effort.

Highlighted Features

  • Super-small design
  • 12 cake slots for convenience
  • Stay-cool handles for comfortable use
  • Handy 50-recipe booklet
  • Practical extra fork & stand

2. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

If you want practicality over anything else, then you’ll love the Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker. It is an ultra-small and easy-to-use product that you’ll enjoy using.

Sure enough, it offers the chance to cook the dough in easy steps. There’s no need to waste time and effort cooking them up with this system, just pour the batter, close the lid using the latching handle, and let it cook.

With its 9 cake pop slots, you can make enough for an afternoon. Otherwise, you may just speed up the process to equip a kid’s party with such quantity.

The device cooks up in about 10 minutes. It will let you know when it’s cooking thanks to an indicator light on the lid, and it will also let you know when the cakes are made.

Then you can take each cake out with ease. Thanks to non-stick baking plates, each piece will come out smoothly.

You will have the chance to clean the device quickly and eventually store it anywhere you want. With such a small design, it can go almost anywhere. Let’s not forget you also get a cord wrap for even easier storage and non-skid feet that prevent it from moving on any surface.

Highlighted Features

  • 9 pop cake slots
  • Non-stick baking plates
  • Small & practical design
  • Secure latching handle
  • 10-minute cooking process

3. Disney DCM-8 Cake Pop Maker

Want to enjoy Mickey’s face in a pop cake? Then there’s no better option than the Disney DCM-8.

While it offers 4 slots to make Mickey-shaped cakes, you still get the chance to enjoy an excellent experience. Each cake will cook evenly and fast, plus you will get the non-stick surface that prevents them from sticking to the surface.

You won’t have any issue cooking each Mickey-shaped cake in minutes and then serving them when needed. And it gets better when you consider the 25 cake pop sticks, so you can prepare the cake pops when you want once they’re done.

Sure enough, you get a latching handle that makes closing and opening easier and safer. No need to burn your hands when using the machine. Similarly, it boasts non-skid rubber feet – preventing the device from moving once it starts cooking.

As an exciting add-on, you get a batter piping bag. You can pour the batter inside and then pour it on the slots directly.

And lastly, it is small enough to fit almost any cabinet in your kitchen. With a cord-wrap design, you can find any space to store it without wasting time or effort.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 Mickey-shaped slots
  • Boasts 25 pop sticks for convenience
  • Latching handle for safety
  • Non-skid rubber feet for stability
  • Practical batter piping bag

4. Babycakes MT 6 Multi-Treat Baker

What better than a pop cake maker with several pop cake designs? Sounds weird, right? Well, the Babycakes MT-6 makes it all possible.

This is a multi-treat cooker where you can place the batter and let it cook in any of 3 different plates. And each one of the plates is totally non-stick and boasts a unique shape.

For example, there’s a baking plate that lets you bake standard cake pops at the perfect size and round design. But you also get a cupcake plate and muffins for extra versatility. Add the donut plate, and it has no competitor.

You only need to change the plate before starting the cooking process, and you can enjoy the shape you prefer on the pop cakes.

This matches well with the latching handle for easy use. It secures the lid when cooking, so it bakes well enough.

A set of non-skid rubber feet makes the whole piece super safe. Even in the smoothest surfaces, you can enjoy a non-movable pop cake maker.

Last but not least, you can enjoy a recipe booklet with several tips to cook pop cakes. You will never be out of pop cake ideas to make.

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple slot shapes with removable plates
  • Stay-cool latching handle
  • Non-skid rubber feet for safety
  • Convenient recipe booklet
  • Fast & effective cooking

5. Holstein Housewares HF-09014R Fun Cake Pop Maker

A high-quality cake pop maker is never a bad choice. The Holstein Housewares HF-09014R is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use models in the market.

The first thing you’ll notice is the stainless steel housing. It provides a modern look that you can enjoy in your kitchen. But its real benefit is how durable it makes the whole piece.

On top of the stainless steel housing, you get an indicator light. It shows you when the cake pops are cooking when they’re ready, and so on.

You get 14 cake pop slots in total. Each one has a non-stick coat so you can pour the batter and let them cook without a problem. When it comes time to serve them, you can get them off the plate with little effort.

The maker is still super safe. You get a safety lock system that keeps the lid closed when it’s working. And with a non-slip base, you can place the pop cake machine anywhere you want, and it won’t move.

To make the whole piece even better, you get one of the smallest designs despite its 14-slot capacity. You can store it anywhere in your kitchen with ease.

Finally, you can enjoy a full-color recipe manual. You’ll have too many recipes to try that you won’t stop cooking pop cakes.

Highlighted Features

  • Up to 14 cake pop slots available
  • The secure safety lock system
  • Stainless steel housing for durability
  • Ultra-small design for secure storage
  • Non-slip base for stability

6. Nordic Ware Cake Pop Pan

Let’s say you don’t want to use an electric model because it gets rid of the fluffiness. The cake is not the same when you cook them on an electric maker, so you prefer an oven model instead.

That’s what you get with the Nordic Ware Cake Pop Pan. A two-piece design that makes baking cake pop amazingly easy and effective – and with its aluminum build, it is just fantastic.

You won’t have to battle with messes in the kitchen, batter crumbling around, or over-cooked cake pops. Instead, you’ll receive a non-stick pan with 12 slots so you can cook enough cakes at once.

If you like decorating your cake pops, this two-piece maker makes it all possible. Just let them cool while still on the pan and then proceed to prepare them as you desire. This will make the whole piece super practical.

If that wasn’t enough, you still get locking tabs. Keeping the maker secure while cooking will be a piece of cake, so you can enjoy them without a single drawback.

Sure enough, you get several recipes and a set of 24 sticks for the cake pops. You won’t have a single issue cooking unique cake pops or eventually serving them as needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable aluminum pan construction
  • Excellent size with 12 cake slots
  • Totally non-stick surface
  • Locking tabs for extra safety
  • 24 sticks for making the pops

7. Rbenxia Silicone Cake Mold

You prefer oven makers over electric ones. But at the same time, you don’t like metallic pans. Instead, you prefer silicone molds.

The Rbenxia is precisely that kind of mold. It boasts food-grade silicone that allows maximum flexibility while providing fast and effective cooking. You won’t have to worry about the batter sticking to the surface either, as it is totally non-stick.

One of the advantages of having such a flexible mold is that you won’t have to battle with the cakes to get them out. Just push them from the other side, and the pops will fall off with ease.

The silicone also offers the chance to clean with total ease. No need to clean the mold uncomfortably on the dishwasher or sink. You can move it around, hold it easily, and wash without much of an effort.

Another benefit is how long-lasting the mold is. With a two-piece design, the mold manages to resist thousands of baking operations. You won’t have to worry about it wearing off or cracking.

What’s even better, you get a total of 20 slots. And each slot is sufficiently large to make well-made and delicious pieces.

To add the last touch of convenience, you get a small bag with sticks. So not only can you make the pop cakes, but also get them on the stick to eat.

Highlighted Features

  • 20 pop cake slots
  • Flexible silicone build
  • Totally non-stick & easy-to-clean surface
  • Super-fast fast baking performance
  • Handy extra sticks for the pops

8. Brentwood TS-254 Cake Pop Maker Non-Stick

When it comes to the smallest and most practical popcake machine, nothing matches the Brentwood TS-254 features.

You get a small design that cooks up to 12 pop cakes at the same time – in 4 minutes or less. That’s something you won’t get with other models, making it an outstandingly convenient option.

But it is not how fast or how many pop cakes you can cook, but how easily you can get them out. And it’s all a piece of cake with the non-stick coated plates. Simply grab them and pull them off softly, and they’ll get right out.

This surface also makes cleaning effortless. Getting rid of unnecessarily hard stuck batter will be a thing of the past.

Apart from all that, the machine is super reliable. You get a heat indicator light that tells you when the plates are ready to cook up. And sure enough, it also tells you when the pop cakes are prepared.

There’s no safety drawback, either. The machine boasts vertical feet with rubber, so it doesn’t skid. And it will shut off automatically when it starts to overheat.

The cool-touch handles make operation easy too. And with the small design with the cable-wrap system, you can not only handle the machine easily but also store it wherever you want in a breeze.

Highlighted Features

  • Fantastic 4-minute baking
  • 12 pop cakes slots in total
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleaning
  • The indicator light for practicality
  • Cool-touch handles & non-skid feet for safety

9. Minchsrin Lollypop Silicone Cake Mold

The cheapest pop cake maker you can get – the Minchsrin Lollipop Silicone Mold. It is an excellent choice for anyone who’s on a budget while still offering superior results.

At first sight, you’ll notice it’s not just any type of silicone. You get food-grade silicone that cooks up the pop cakes amazingly well. The surface also prevents any batter from getting stuck and makes cleaning easy, especially with its dishwasher-safe build.

This material is also decently durable. It will last a long time without warping, cracking, or splitting. And what’s even better, it doesn’t burn down like other types of silicone do.

The mold consists of two pieces, ideal for covering the entire pop cake before serving it. It stays put during the whole baking process and doesn’t produce any toxic fumes or effects.

You get a total of 20 slots, which is impressive for the cost. The ability to bake the pop cakes effectively without losing any time, effort, or number is amazing.

Last but not least, you get a set of 40 sticks for the cake pops. No need to buy sticks when this silicone maker has it all.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable food-grade silicone build
  • 20 pop cake slots
  • Up to 40 sticks for making pops
  • Non-stick & easy-to-clean surface
  • Effective two-piece design

10. Patisse Nonstick Silver Top Cake Pops Pan

The last model in our list is a steel piece. Coming directly from Patisse – one of the best cookware brands in the market – you can expect the Silver Top Pop Cake Pan to be of the highest quality out there.

The piece is entirely made of heavy-gauge steel. It may seem unnecessary for a cookware piece, but it does the work amazingly well.

With a non-stick surface plus a high-quality construction, it manages to cook your cake pops to the core without issues. And sure enough, the Whitford Skand coating prevents even the stickiest of batter to get stuck in the bottom. This makes not only the cooking more effective but also the cleaning effortless.

Another exciting part of this pan is the set of safety latches. They keep the two pieces together, so the pop cakes cook safely and effectively.

The steel piece contains a total of 18 slots where you can pour the batter. If you need extra convenience, then you get the cake pop sticks – a total of 16 so you can create the delicious cake pops at any time.

Considering the durability, ease of use, safety, and overall effectiveness – it is safe to say this is the best non-electric cake pop maker in the list.

Highlighted Features

  • High-end steel construction
  • Whitford Skand non-stick coating
  • Safety latches for effective baking
  • High-capacity 18-slot design
  • 16 cake pop sticks

Best Cake Pop Maker Buying Guide

If we had to pick the best pop cake maker, we wouldn’t go for the most expensive or the most practical. We would instead learn everything there’s to know about these kitchen devices. Then, we would make our final choice accordingly.

That’s why we invite you to read our buying guide next, following the different features & factors that matter when picking one of these:

Cooking Method

The first thing you’ll have to think about is whether you want an electric cake pop maker or an oven cake pop maker.

There’s a massive difference between these two. For example, an electric model will cook the cakes directly between two plates using electricity. You simply pour the batter on the slots of the device, close it, and turn it on. It will have the pop cakes done in a few minutes.

The disadvantage with electric models is that you need to clean their plates directly, as most of them are not removable. And you may also be limited in the number of cake pops to make. Most electric makers don’t go over 14 slots.

But an oven cake pop maker refers mostly to pans and molds. These take a little more time to cook the cake pops, yet they offer a more flavorful experience. At the same time, cleaning and handling the cake pop once they’re done is usually easier.

Here, you can go for whatever you prefer. Other factors may change how they work, but this is a general idea of what you get with the different ways they cook pop cakes.

Capacity & Size

Now that you have a better idea of how they differ depending on their cooking method, it’s now time to learn about capacity and size.

Most pop cake makers, for example, offer between 8 and 16 slots. The capacity will tell you how many pop cakes you can make at once, so 16 slots (or more) can be pretty useful. A large-quantity model may offer up to 20 slots or even 24 in some cases.

Be sure to consider that the more slots the maker has, the larger it will be. This is especially true for electric pop cake makers. You’re likely to find them exponentially bigger the more slots they have. And that can affect storage, use, and handling.

Non-Stick Coating

Not only do you want a sufficiently capable pop cake maker, but you also want something that doesn’t get stuck with batter.

That’s why you must try your best to pick a cake pop maker with a sufficiently effective non-stick coated cooking surface.

We recommend specific types of non-stick coats for the best results. Yet, you may find that steel usually performs better than other materials. However, silicone is close, and it makes unsticking the cakes super easy.

At the same time, the right non-stick coat helps enormously with cleaning. You won’t have to spend minutes trying to get the stuck battery out.

Cooking Process

The cooking process of a cake pop maker shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Especially with electric models, you should be well-aware of what’s happening and how the cakes are done.

For example, we recommend electric makers with indicator lights. These lights will let you know when the cakes are made. It may also tell you when the surface is hot enough so you can pour the batter.

In case you have a silicone mold or a steel pan, then you will need to check inside. So you need a piece that lets you take a look before deciding whether they’re done or not. Easy-to-peek pans and molds are usually your best bet here. Otherwise, you’ll have to do it all by timing.

Safety Features

Many features promote a safe experience while baking pop cakes. One of them would be the locking feature. This feature makes sure the cakes cook inside the plates without overflowing. It also prevents the mold, pan, or electric device from opening mid-cooking, which can be dangerous. And of course, it ensures a perfect rounded shape.

Another exciting feature to consider in terms of safety is a set of insulated handles. This is reserved for electric models only that cook the cakes inside but still heat the exterior. With stay-cool handles, you can handle the device, open, close, and so on without using protection or being too careful.

Another safety feature to think about is overheating protection. You don’t want the electric pop cake maker from burning off while using. Instead, you want it to shut itself off if it gets hotter than necessary.

Last but not least, you want non-skid feet on the electric model. This ensures excellent cooking without unusual movement that could harm the cakes or damage the device.


To finish, you should always look for pop cake makers with extra accessories. This can be anything from recipes to sticks, stands, and even cord wraps.

A recipe booklet, for example, may come extra useful if you want to make unique pop cakes for different festivities. With a set of sticks, you won’t have to go and buy sticks for pop cakes when serving them. If the maker offers a stand, you can place the cakes on and glaze them as necessary.

For maximum convenience, go for electric makers with removable pans. Those will be ultra-easy to clean and way more practical than a standard non-removable one.

Whatever makes the whole experience of making & serving pop cakes easier, then that’s a feature to think about.

Cake Pop Maker Instructions 

Every cake pop machine has a specific process to bake. Here, we’ll teach you how to do it in general. Following these steps will help you cook the cake pops no matter what model you have or features it offers. Take a look:

Prepare the Ingredients & Tools

First and foremost, prepare all the ingredients starting from the dough. Then gather the tools so you can work comfortably.

Among the items you’ll need, there’s a spatula or similar object to get the pop cakes off the maker. A kitchen glove can also be useful to prevent burning yourself. And of course, don’t forget about the item to pour the dough on the maker. We recommend looking for a piping bag. A corner-cut zipper bag works.

Other items you will need include the sticks for the cake pops, a foam stand where you can place the cake pops, and a spatula or electric mixer for the glaze.

Next, find the flour, the sugar, and any other ingredients you want for the batter. Don’t forget about the ingredients for the glazing – it could be anything from caramel to chocolate.

Prepare the Batter

With the flour, sugar, and extra batter ingredients, then you’ll need to prepare it.

Typically, this process takes between 10 to 20 minutes. If you’re making several pop cakes, so you need to prepare at least 2 pounds of batter, then you may spend a little more.

Remember to prepare the batter following a recipe. While this is generally easy, if you’re inexperienced, you may not like the final result.

Pour the Dough

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients and made the batter, then you can proceed to pour it on the maker, pan, or mold.

For that, use the piping bag or zipper bag with the cut corner. How?

Easy, just pour the dough the batter inside after making it, then cut the corner, and start pushing the batter out through the hole on the corner. It sounds somewhat complicated, but it is actually super simple to do.

Just make sure the pop cakes are as round as possible. This makes sure they cook entirely and don’t overflow. Follow the maker instructions for the best experience. And take the batter out of the slot if necessary.

Bake Them

After filling the maker, pan, or mold slots with the batter, then you can let them cook.

Here, you will have to just close the electric pop cake maker and wait between 5 to 10 minutes for them to cook. Some models may take about 4 minutes.

For molds and pans in the oven, you may need to wait about 15 minutes for them to cook entirely. Still, remember to follow the maker instructions, so you don’t let them cook less or more than necessary.

Once they’re done, then you can place them on a stand or container and put them in the fridge to cool them down.

Add the Stick

While they’re cooling on the fridge, you can insert the stick to make the pops. Usually, this goes directly into the center of the pop cake.

Let the stick settle inside the cake and go prepare the glazing.

Prepare the Coating

The glazing is the second most crucial part of preparing the pop cakes, as it will be the extra flavor.

Here, you’ll have to follow your own instructions as to what kind of glazing you want to prepare. The usual egg-white glaze is an excellent choice. Yet, you can also add caramel, ice-cream, and many other preparations as you like.

Depending on what you prepare, the whole focus is to make something liquid enough so you can eventually dip the pop cakes on them.

Dip the Pop Cakes

After preparing the glazing, you’ll need to cover the pop cakes with it. This doesn’t take much effort or time, but you must do it while the glaze is still hot and liquid.

The process is easy. You just take the pop cakes out of the fridge, the sticks should be firm inside the dough, so you can handle them around safely.

Grab the sticks with the pop cakes from one end and then dip them on the glaze. Remember to hold them for a few seconds, so they get entirely impregnated. Then you can take them out and place them in the foam stand to dry.

If you want them cold or utterly dry, then we recommend placing them again in the fridge. This will dry the glaze entirely and make them easier to eat.

Enjoy Them!

After 10 to 20 minutes after letting the pop-cakes with the glazing dry, then you’re ready to enjoy them. Eat them as you prefer, and you’ll have one of the tastiest yet easiest to do desserts you can find.


As you can see from our pop cake maker reviews, there are several excellent options to go for. It’s up to you to pick the ideal model for your needs.

Remember, it’s all about getting a maker with the perfect capacity, proper size, effective cooking method, the right safety features, an excellent non-stick surface, and the most practical accessories.

If that’s the case, the best cake pop maker is the Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker. It offers everything you need on a cake pop maker and more. And it does everything better than the rest.

Still, there are other models on the list to pick from. Some larger and others smaller, easier to use, and so on – so go and choose the one you prefer.

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