Top 8 Best Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews in 2022

If you’re a seasoned professional or a home-made chocolatier, you will need a tempering machine to do the right thing.

These machines will help you melt your chocolate at the right temperature to crystalline the chocolate's cocoa butter. When chocolate is poorly tempered, it'll look dull, rough, and crumbly.

That’s why it is better to buy the best chocolate tempering machine, which gives you professional results in the comfort of your own home.

However, buying a chocolate tempering machine is a serious step to take because there are different brands, makers, and models available on the market.

To get the best quality, you need to do vigorous research, which might be stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming. So, to make the buying process much easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best tempering machines available on the market.

8 Best Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews

Certainly, we are not going to bring all the high-quality tempering machines on the market to you. But instead, we’ve handpicked 8 top options for reviews. Let’s check out their unique benefits!

1. Revolation Delta 17lb Capacity Chocolate Tempering Machine by ChocoVision

Our first pick is the Revolation Delta chocolate tempering machine by ChocoVision. This model is the most popular and sophisticated machine from the manufacturer built for tempering chocolate.

It is designed to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding confectionery and pastry chefs. Revolation Delta has all the features and capacity of the modern-day tempering machine with advanced software displays and systems.

We loved that the machine can melt and temper a maximum of seventeen and a minimum of three pounds of chocolate within an hour.

This feature makes it perfect for top professionals with large-scale businesses such as chocolate shops, chocolate fountains, restaurants, and bakeries.

Being a machine with stainless steel body construction, it is durable enough to stand the test of time. Apart from that, the stainless steel build offers superior rust-resistance to last longer.

Concerning its design, this unit features the latest microprocessor technology that makes it work better and faster.

This 17-pound-capacity model offers fully automatic tempering with extended tempering mode. Since it’s an NSF-certified machine, it is ideal for home or commercial use.

What’s more? Revolution Delta can stay in-temper for more than 18 hours, thanks to its extended temper mode.

It also features a manual temperature adjustment that allows it to maintain 100° F in temper mode and up to 120° F in the melting cycle. It is user-friendly and easy to clean.

You don’t need to have previous experience before operating the machine. Furthermore, this unit has a quiet working operation, making it environmentally friendly.

Highlighted Features

  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Extended tempering mode
  • Fully automatic tempering
  • 17-pound-capacity
  • Rust-free
  • Sleek design
  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Latest microprocessor technology
  • Advance software display


  • Ease of use, user-friendly
  • Quiet working operation
  • The manual control mode makes it ideal for many setups
  • Comes with a sturdy build that lasts long
  • NSF-certified
  • Cons

  • Very expensive
  • 2. CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker by Cuisinart

    The next on our list is the Cuisinart CFO-3SS electric fondue maker suitable for oil, chocolate, broth, and cheese. It is an affordable option with amazing benefits and performance.

    If you want to make real quality chocolate that is crispy and creamy, then this is for you.

    This Fondue maker comes with a brushed stainless steel bowl of 3 quarts capacity. The bowl has a non-stick interior that keeps the chocolate from sticking, and it’s effortless to clean up.

    When the fondue maker is assembled, it measures 6-1/4 inches high with a bowl of 8-1/4 inches in diameter at the opening. If you’re looking for a family chocolate maker, this is the perfect machine to have.

    Since the machine is versatile, it can be used as a double boiler that offers control over the heat. Also, the device has multi-purpose functions; you can use it to make candy, cheese, chocolate, and broth.

    We loved that this unit has a quick heating process of about 10-15 minutes to reach 375°F.

    You can easily regulate the temperatures for premium quality chocolate, thanks to its adjustable temperature probe with eight settings. The only downside is that the machine consumes more electric power, weighing up your electric bills.

    Highlighted Features

    • Adjustable temperature probe with eight settings
    • Multi-purpose functions
    • Measures 6-1/4 inches high
    • 3 quarts capacity
    • Nonstick bowl interior
    • Eight fondue forks
    • Dishwasher-safe fondue pot
    • Brushed stainless steel bowl


  • Comes with multi-purpose functions
  • Reasonable price for top quality
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Quite easy to use
  • Ideal for home and commercial setups
  • Cons

  • A high-power rating consumes more electricity
  • 3. KSM1CMT Heat Mixing Bowl for Tilt-Head Stand Mixer by KitchenAid

    If you’re looking for a heated mixing bowl to knead the dough, temper chocolate, make soup, fondue, and yogurts, then this top-performing KitchenAid unit is the best choice.

    The first thing we noticed was its versatility. This bowl will work correctly with your tilt-head stand mixer. It can also function as a stand-alone unit.

    We loved that the unit features precision temperature technology that offers you the option to select from 70°F to 220°F. Being a 3-quart capacity bowl, it will deliver enough chocolate for a whole family.

    The unit also features a digital display timer that shows temperature ranges for up to 10 hours. Besides, you can monitor tempering progress while in process with the help of its easy view glass lid.

    What’s more? Concerning its maintenance, its removable cooking bowl and lid are easy to clean and maintain since they’re dishwasher safe. You can easily wipe the base with a cloth.

    It comes with other accessories like the flex edge beater, dough hook, and wire whip. Cleaning them is also easy. All you need to do is wash them by hand in soapy, hot water.

    Highlighted Features

    • Dishwasher safe
    • Removable cooking bowl
    • Digital display timer
    • Easy view glass lid
    • Highly versatile
    • 3-quart capacity
    • Precision temperature technology
    • Sleek design


  • Despite its multi-purpose functions, it is easy to operate
  • Removable cooking bowl and glass lid are easy to clean and maintain
  • The price is very reasonable for its high-end performance
  • Manufactured by a reputable company, quality is guaranteed!
  • Cons

  • Its durability is questionable
  • 4. ChocoVision Revolation V Chocolate Tempering Machine

    Revolution V is another outstanding model for chocolate tempering from ChocoVision. If you’re looking for tempered chocolate decorations, this is a perfect choice. It is user-friendly, and you don't need to have the technical skills to operate it.

    This machine boasts of high-quality stainless steel body construction and other top features. Being a large capacity unit, it is an excellent option for a professional chocolatier.

    Concerning its capacity, it provides 5 pounds and 9 pounds with a holey baffle. You can prepare a large batch of chocolate efficiently without any hassle. Besides, you can produce up to 50 pounds of tempered chocolate within a day.

    ChocoVision Revolation V machine comes with a temperature control knob that can be adjusted up to 120° F in the melting cycle and 100° F in tempering mode.

    Furthermore, the LCD helps to show the temperature ranges during the chocolate tempering.

    This unit helps to ensure even tempering of chocolate, thanks to its automatic microprocessor used to force hot air. With this model, be assured that your chocolate will come out with the best quality and appearance.

    Considering all these outstanding benefits, this heavy-duty unit is our best tempering machine for chocolate.

    That’s not all. The machine has a quiet working operation, and it does not produce any fumes or chemicals.

    Your chocolate will remain healthy and safe. The only thing we disliked about this product was its heavyweight. It might be challenging to move around in your kitchen.

    Highlighted Features

    • Noise-free
    • Heavy-duty construction
    • Automatic microprocessor
    • LCD
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • 9 pounds capacity
    • User-friendly
    • Stainless steel body construction


  • Durable body construction
  • Rust-free frame
  • Quiet noise operation
  • Accurate, easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Compatible with a tilt-head stand mixer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • Cons

  • Expensive
  • It's heavyweight, might be difficult to move
  • 5. Electric Chocolate Melting Pot Machine by Vevor

    This chocolate melting pot machine comes with a solid stainless steel body construction. This promotes a rust-resistant performance, ensuring your health is safe.

    It is one of the highly-rated devices, thanks to its smaller footprint and exceptional craftsmanship design.

    Two large tanks ensure bulk results with little effort. For portability and lightweight, it boasts a little weight of 22 pounds that makes it easy to carry around.

    Being a 1KW electric pot with a working temperature of 86-176°F minimizes your power bill.

    It has a smooth operation as it comes with a drainage system and exhaust stream. Vevor melting pot delivers high-end performance, making it ideal for small setups.

    We loved that the machine comes automated, so it’s easy to operate. You don’t need to have technical skills or training to use it. You can also attend to other things while melting chocolate as it comes with a digital device.

    Another unique feature of this unit is its water-barrier heating design that is used with easy temperature control to meet personal needs without destroying the chocolate's ingredients.

    Also, the humanized design ensures that your chocolate is melted more evenly, quickly, and without smearing.

    That’s not all. The electric chocolate heater does not only melt chocolate; it can also be used to heat milk, cream, soaps, and candles.

    This melting pot is commonly used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, chocolate fountains, fast food shops, teahouse, bakeries, etc. What’s more? Its U-shaped heating tube is 20% more efficient than any other model on our list.

    This unit has a lot of amazing benefits. But we were surprised that some end users complained about its weak power cord. Apart from that, the melting pot is a must-have for all chocolatiers.

    Highlights Features

    • U-shaped heating tube
    • Humanized design
    • Easy temperature control
    • Water-barrier heating design
    • Two large tanks
    • The drainage system and the exhaust stream
    • Lightweight of 22 pounds
    • Working temperature of 86-176°F
    • Stainless steel body construction
    • Rust-resistant
    • Max power is 1000W
    • 17.6 pounds capacity


  • Power-saving functions
  • Widely applicable
  • Very efficient
  • Quiet working operation
  • Fair price for top quality
  • Easy to use, it does not require technical training to operate
  • Rapid and even heat distribution
  • Cons

  • The power cord is weak
  • 6. ChocoVision Revolation 2B Chocolate Tempering Machine

    It is almost impossible to talk about the best chocolate tempering machine, and don’t mention Revolation 2B. ChocoVision is one of the most popular brands of DIY chocolate tempering machines.

    Revolation 2B is the best small chocolate tempering machine suitable for home-made chocolate and small-scale business.

    The first thing we noticed was its durable stainless steel body construction that lasts long. This machine has a flexible heat controlling system. Since it is adjustable, it offers maximum performance.

    We loved that Rev 2B is a fully automatic tempering machine with an overnight standby mode. This unit gives you full control over the tempering process, thanks to its 90-second bowl pause facility.

    Being a space-saving tabletop tempering machine with only 1-pound capacity, it is compact, and it will not consume much space in your kitchen. You can take it with you while traveling; it will fit perfectly in your car’s boot.

    Furthermore, Rev 2B is easy to operate; even an amateur chocolate maker will handle it correctly. We also loved that the machine is environmentally friendly; it does not release any fumes or make loud noises while working.

    What’s more? There's an LCD that shows temperature ranges during the tempering process.

    Its fully automatic microprocessor forces hot air to ensure even tempering of your chocolate. We hated that this model is only ideal for home setups but not for multi-commercial use.

    Highlighted Features

    • Compact design
    • Lightweight
    • 1-pound capacity
    • Fully automatic microprocessor
    • Adjustable heat control
    • Stainless steel body construction
    • Low-noise
    • Overnight standby mode
    • 90-second bowl pause facility


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for home use
  • Durable body construction
  • Quiet working operation
  • Easy to use, maintain, and clean
  • Highly portable, fits into small spaces
  • Moderate heat rating offers optimal safety for home setups
  • Cons

  • Ideal for home setups but not for commercial use
  • Slow to perform satisfactorily in a busy setup
  • 7. Electric Chocolate Melting/ Warming Machine by NutriChef

    Our penultimate pick is this Electric Chocolate Melting/Warming Machine by NutriChef. It is manufactured by one of the most experienced and popular chocolate tempering machine manufacturers with over ten years of experience.

    The very first thing we noticed upon purchase was the several accessories included in the package.

    These include dipping utensils, melting pot, draining rack, heating hotplate, and six fun-shaped casting molds.

    Its heating hotplate has a maximum power of 25 watts with a high-powered heating element that helps to melt your chocolate easily and quickly, heating up to 140°F melting temperature and 109°F warming temperature.

    A spatula also makes its way with this machine to aid your measuring functions. This chocolate warming machine also comes with a draining rack to help your drainage during chocolate tempering.

    These additional accessories were included to improve the performance of the chocolate tempering machine. This one is a professional grade machine with a plastic build, making it durable and lightweight.

    Although, the unit should not be placed close to expose flames because fire melts plastics and toxic fumes will be produced in the process.

    NutriChef warming machine is so versatile and can perform various functions. Also, the unit has a low power consumption that makes it ideal for home setups to save electricity bills.

    That's not all; it's environmentally friendly since it dissipates less heat. With a 0.55 pounds chocolate melting capacity, it only weighs 1.11 pounds, which offers you easy maneuverability in the kitchen. Moreover, it will fit perfectly with your kitchen table and countertops.

    Lastly, it features a temperature control knob that helps you keep the melted chocolate warm in the melting pot. The only setback to this beautiful machine is that it has a small capacity, which is not ideal for large scale business.

    Highlighted Features

    • Plastic body construction
    • 0.55 pounds capacity
    • Lightweight, weighs only 1.11 pounds
    • High-powered heating element
    • Six fun-shaped casting molds
    • Temperature control knob
    • Highly versatile


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low power consumption helps to save electricity bills
  • Electronic plug-in operation
  • Ideal for making cakes, chocolate, fondue, biscuit, cookies, and cupcakes
  • Easy to maintain and clean up
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Cons

  • Not for large scale business
  • Too pricey for its quality
  • 8. ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot

    The ALD Chocolate Melting Machine is a simplistic unit that melts the chocolate through your manual input. It is suitable for making chocolate confectionery.

    ALDKitchen ensured that they crafted the machine well, which makes quality chocolate outputs to meet your daily needs.

    This manual machine produces 110V at 60Hz to create delicious and fresh chocolates. The process requires adjusting the temperature in a straightforward way.

    Also, the heat generated by this chocolate melting pot rapidly spreads uniformly through the conduction method to the aluminum non-stick pans on the machine. Thanks to the reinforced thermostat; the electricity consumption is minimized.

    A beautiful compact red switch is placed at the machine's surface that allows you to switch on or off the tempering machine in a convenient manner.

    There is also a knob next to the switch, which helps to adjust the temperature while the tempering process is ongoing. This melting pot's smart design does not allow dry burning, and it’s meant for versatile usage.

    Highlighted Features

    • The material used is stainless steel
    • 100V 60Hz voltage machine
    • 40W usage power
    • Weighs 7.2 pounds
    • Control knob
    • Has two tanks
    • Aluminum non-stick pans


  • Easy to maintain
  • Quiet working operation
  • Durable body construction
  • The tempering process is efficient
  • User-friendly features
  • Allows flexible adjustment of the heat
  • Cons

  • Lacks dial on/off switches
  • Does not have an automatic stir feature
  • Heavyweight
  • What to Look for While Buying a Chocolate Tempering Machine?

    If you're planning to make real chocolate, you will have to make sure that you get yourself a chocolate tempering machine that does the right job.

    Tempering devices function ensures the crystallization process of your melted chocolate to successfully turn to chocolate butter.

    When you are at home, you can use the machine to help you achieve professional results in the comfort of the kitchen. An improperly tempered chocolate’s outcome will be jagged, crumby, and lusterless.

    Here is a guide on what to look for before purchasing the tempering equipment that will give you the desired results.

    • Production Capacity

    There is no one-dimension-fits-all tempering machine in the market. The capacities are somehow different, so you should consider the goal of your project first.

    Check out the amount of chocolate that you want the equipment to temper and if it can hold it for some period. If you're going to buy a standard tempering machine, they usually come in 1-pound minimum capacity and 25-pound at maximum.

    To get a larger capacity chocolate tempering machine in the market, you will have to spend more from your pocket.

    • Temperature Control and Display

    The right temperature is relative to a good tempering chocolate machine. The temperature control features ensure that the settings and regulations can be made easily during the tempering process.

    A display panel is also necessary to display the temperature levels because it's essential for you to closely monitor your chocolate's tempering to get the best results.

    • Performance

    Precise timing, constant movement, and optimal temperature are what determine the perfection of chocolate during tempering.

    Some machines come with manual control, while others have a pre-programmed setting that allows you to temper certain types of chocolate.

    The programmable device has an auto and manual temperature control feature, a pause and overnight setting, a sturdy coupler bowl, and a scraper or baffler for constant and consistent stirring during the addition of chocolate in tempering.

    • User Feedback

    Review from users about the chocolate tempering machines that offer high value should be among your considerations. Know which model performs better than the other and which lasts longer.

    • Durability

    It is good to consider your budget when shopping for a new chocolate tempering machine, but you also need to consider the machine's durability.

    A durable device should also function for a long time. Firstly, you need to check for its body construction. Know the kind of materials used for its build. Check if it is plastics, aluminum, cast iron, or stainless steel.

    A durable machine should be sturdy and rust-resistant. It’ll be a great investment to purchase a durable machine as it will serve you for a long time.

    • Interface Features

    The integration of unique features in the tempering machine interface is designed differently by each brand. Some brands design tempering machines with ease of control to produce the best chocolate ever.

    An interface may possess a control panel with bottoms, temperature control knobs, an LED with light.

    How Does a Chocolate Tempering Machine Work?

    A continuous tempering machine has two to three zones. For two-zone equipment, the temperature gets set to the working bowl and that of the cooling pipe.

    The working bowl temperature gets set to be higher so that all the crystals get melted. Concerning the cooling pipe, it generates crystals before getting well-tempered to chocolate during the spout exit.

    The stage involves the change of 2-3 temperature gauges. Unused chocolates go back to the working bowl where they get melted before re-entering the cooling pipe. The cycle is uninterrupted hence the name continuous tempering.

    Also, the actual temperatures differ between the continuous and batch tempering process. The manufacturer gets to recommend the level of heat you are to use, either low or high, at the starting point, but they aren't right all the time.

    Experiment first before processing a more significant amount of chocolate. The power of a compressor, the viscosity of chocolate, and the capacity of the machine will determine the complexity of the tempering process.

    Keep the temperatures between the working bowl and the tempering pipe at the narrowest range to reduce the overall energy consumption. It’ll also minimize the load on the compressor.

    How to Use a Chocolate Tempering Machine?

    Tempering chocolate involves the pre-crystallization of cocoa butter. The process is essential because good chocolate gets produced when the crystalline form is stable, and it has a perfect hard snap and satin gloss. Contraction takes place during cooling to make the product easy to unmold.

    The suitable working temperatures are between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit and after the process, leave the chocolate to cool.

    Here are some of the steps that you will need to use the chocolate tempering machine. Before you proceed, get informed that poorly crystallized or crystallized chocolate will have an outcome that is grey.

    • Turn the thermostat up to 45 degrees Celsius when using the machine, then lower it below or at 31 degrees Celsius for the production of darker chocolate or 29 degrees Celsius for the white and milk chocolate production.
    • At the ambient temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius, add 5% of Callets.
    • Let the machine mix the Callets in the melted chocolate while it distributes the crystals evenly and thoroughly. The Callets do lower the temperature of the equipment while stirring continues.
    • The machine then provides an output when the chocolate is slightly thicker, smooth, and ready for use. Let the vicious chocolate liquid cool down into the desired shape.

    Frequently Asked Question

    We know you'll have some questions that need answers. To solve that problem, we've gathered some frequently asked questions with answers.

    If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

    1. What does the standby mode do?

    The standby mode helps to keep your chocolate melted even while you are busy with other duties. Once the machine is in standby mode, it will keep the chocolate in a liquid state between 80°F to 115°F.

    Although the chocolate is melted, it’ll not be tempered. You will have to run it through a tempering cycle to get the best quality results.

    2. How do I know that my chocolate is ready?

    Most of the tempering machines on our list have light indicators. The green light indicators will beep three times to let you know when the tempering cycle is finished.

    3. What machine size do I need?

    It all depends on the number of chocolate batches you want to temper at a time. If you’re a professional chocolatier with a large-scale business, then you should go for a machine with bigger tanks or pots capacity.

    However, if you are a chocolate junky that wants home-made chocolate, you should probably go for a small-sized tempering machine.

    4. Do I need to go for training before operating these machines?

    No! You don’t need to. As a matter of fact, all the chocolate tempering machines on our list are easy to operate. Following the simple manual will guide you through the process of running it.

    You don’t need to be an expert before using these machines. They are user-friendly, even to a first-timer.

    5. Are tempering machines harmful?

    No! They are not. All the machines that we picked are food safe and healthy. They do not produce any fumes or chemicals. They are environmentally friendly with quiet working operations.

    However, you must be careful while dealing with electrically powered machines.

    It’s advised that you keep your kids away from operating the machine to avoid electrical shocks. You should contact an electrician as soon as you notice an exposed cable of the device.

    Closing Thoughts

    This article talks about the best chocolate tempering machine to help you make the best out of your next chocolate preparations.

    Making your own chocolate is better, as some of the commercial chocolate makers add additives to their chocolates. Hence, reducing its pure-grade quality.

    Why don’t you get one of these chocolate tempering machines today and start making your chocolate with premium quality results?

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