Best Duck Waterer: Reviews in 2022 (Recommended)

What bird is funnier, hardier and has a longer life than a backyard chicken? You guessed right if you said ducks! Ducks also require a slightly different management style than other birds. For example, an average duck needs 1-2 liters of water a day to nourish its eyes, feet, bills, and feathers.

If water is so important to ducks, you can't assume that pouring water in an old dish will be sufficient. Your ducks need a smarter, more customized water drinking system to stay fresh and hydrated. Getting a duck waterer for your birds is essential whether you need a residential or commercial solution.

Many troughs, jar or can type waterers designed for turkeys and chickens will work for ducks too. The only thing you need to consider is the size of your duck's bills. To be sufficient, all of such waterers, including cup and automatic through models, should have a drinking area at least 4cm wide. Nipple waterers will also work if you adjust them to fit the duck's height.

When it comes to duck waterers, we know that one size does not fit all. Your needs, and the needs of your birds, can vary greatly when compared to the next bird owner.

That is why we have provided a variety of duck waterer options for you to choose from. Choose a waterer with the size, material, and capabilities that you require.

top 10 Best Duck Waterer Reviews

1. RentACoop Automatic Nipple Cup Waterer

Looking for a product that can feed your birds with enough water while preventing them from making a mess every time? Then this waterer is an ideal product for you.

This waterer is made by RentACoop and comes with a fitting design that makes it easy for the ducks to have their drink any time and even dip their wattles in when the weather is very hot and unforgiving.

The water flows into the bowl automatically with its built-in auto shut-off feature. This feature ensures the cup is always at a moderate level and prevents spills. This waterer is also ideal for smaller birds and can be lowered to ensure they have an easier drink.

This waterer can be used as a water feeder for birds from a range of water storage containers. You can make use of this product with a barrel, a large-sized bucket, or can even be connected to a PVC pipe with low pressured water supply. This product makes sure your birds have access to clean water all the time.

Highlighted features

  • An auto-filling mechanism for easy watering of birds
  • A cup design ideal for small or big birds
  • Can be used with many storage containers


2.  RentACoop Waterer Kit

This kit is a complete package for your birds and guarantees you value for money. This feeder/waterer kit comes with a 1.5litre waterer for your birds’ hydration. It also comes with a 1litre feeder to make delivery of their daily feeds much easier.

The kit also has a very innovative design which makes it difficult for your birds to roost on the top of the feeders.

The design of the chick feeder is something you're sure going to like. This feeder is designed to have enough space for the chicks to get access to the feeds but makes it difficult for them to make a mess of the feed.

The feeder also comes with a sturdy design which makes it suitable for use with a lot of chicks.

If you have been bought over by the design of the feeder, the waterer also has a lot of eye-catching features. The waterer is fitted with a handle making it easy to transport within the poultry. The waterer also has an advanced lock design that makes it difficult for the birds to spill the content of the waterer.

Highlighted features

  • Very easy for feeding/watering birds
  • Lock design prevents birds from wasting feeds


3. Backyard Barnyard No Peck Duck Waterer

This drinker is designed to give your birds the good amount of water they desire. If you’ve been searching for a drinker that is easy to use and doesn’t require any special training for your birds, then this is the product for you. When you make use of this product, your birds don’t have to push or pull on anything to get their water supply.

It has a simple design that works with a float regulator to make water available to the ducks automatically.

It is built with very durable materials making it a most valuable feature in your poultry. This drinker does not require any special instructions to be used and can function with many storage containers.

This product is also easy to use with PVC piping if you desire to feed your bird's water from a fixed supply source.

It is easy to install and provides a full cup of water for your chicks regularly. You’ll also be more elated to know that this drinker is very affordable.

Highlighted features

  • Has a float regulator system for automatic water supply
  • Has a simple system that delivers waters to the ducks with ease
  • Compatible with many water storage containers and pipes
  • The supply connector prevents leakages


4. Royal Rooster Automatic Valve Twin Waterer

Do you wish to treat your birds like royalty by giving them the service they need? Then you have to consider the Royal Rooster Automatic waterer. This product is regarded as one of the best innovations that ensure your birds have their drink constantly.

It is designed to come along with a storage container capable of holding up to 1 gallon of water. This makes it easier to get the water to the birds when they need it. The lid on the watering container also ensures that the water remains free from contamination. This makes it safer for your birds to take a drink.

The large storage container makes it easier to serve water to your birds for longer. The manufacturer claims that the 1 gallon-capacity container can feed 3 ducks for a week.

This waterer ensures that your birds don’t spill water and prevents them from making the water dirty. The small size of the drinker on this product makes it suitable for their drinking only.

The height of the storage container also makes it difficult for the birds to roost on the lid. It is also easy to fit this container onto a wall with the use of wall brackets.

Highlighted features

  • UV resistant design
  • Easy drinkers for your birds
  • Can hold a large volume of water for sustained birds’ water supply


5. Lil’ Clucker Automatic Filling Water Feeder Kit

With this assorted watering bowl, certainly, those moments where your birds had to scramble for a drink will immediately become a thing of the past. This large-size bowl can feed a good number of ducks, geese, chickens and other birds with ease.

One other fascinating feature of this product is the large bowl. The bowl can easily double as a feeder ensuring you get more value for money.

The assorted waterer also makes it easier for birds to have a constant drink with its automatic-filling mechanism. This ensures your birds don’t have to go through a lot of stress to get their drink.

The birds will find it difficult to damage the bowl because of its durable design.

To make it less-stressful to ID your birds, this watering device is sold along with 20 three-quarter inch leg bands which clip to their legs with ease.

The waterer is also ideal for placement above ground to make it easier for the birds to have a drink and keeps them from spilling the content of the watering bowl.

Highlighted features

  • Large watering bowl making it ideal for all poultry
  • Easy to install fittings
  • Comes with leg bands for easy identification of birds
  • Automatic refilling system


6. RentACoop Two Gallon Waterer

This waterer is made for the poultry owners/handlers that need to supply water to many birds at once. This waterer makes it easier to supply water to chicks with its easy distribution system. This waterer can be placed in any part of the coop and can supply water from multiple watering bowls.

The design of the lid for the two-gallon storage container makes it difficult for roosting by mature chicks. This makes the waterer a very clean supplier of water.

The waterer can be placed at a corner of the coop to give water supply from at least three sides of the storage container. It can also be hung in the middle of the coop to provide a steady water supply to the birds.

The waterer comes with a chain that enables easy hanging around the coop for improved water supply. This waterer also makes it easier to get added features installed for better water provision to birds. It can be fitted with waterer nipples instead of watering bowls if the owner intends to use a different supply system. 

This waterer is also designed with an automatic filling mechanism making it easy for watering all birds.

Highlighted features

  • Auto-filling mechanism
  • Anti-roost lid
  • Large water storage container
  • Metal chain for easy placement


7.  Little Giant Fence Feeder

Many poultry owners prefer fence feeders due to their permanent fixtures. This fence feeder ensures that the birds have all the refreshment and nourishment needed to grow healthy.

With an 11-inch bowl, this fence feeder by Little Giant can provide an all-purpose function in your poultry. This feeder can contain multiple quarts of liquid and dry feeds and makes it easy to use for large-size poultries.

The feeder bowl is designed to prevent spillage and poultry will find it difficult to waste its contents.

The clips on the fence feeder are bent inward, making it easy to fit on the wire fence of your coop for the birds’ enjoyment.

If you are worried that the feeder may get destroyed by the chicks, Little Giant has that covered. The feeder is made from a highly-durable thermoplastic, making it easy to use for birds of all sizes.

It can be used to serve any kind of feed to birds and can be used outdoors with relative ease.

Highlighted features

  • Durable thermoplastic build
  • Large capacity feeder bowl suitable for use with birds and animals
  • Fence fitting makes it ideal for outdoor use
  • Metal clips for easy mounting and movement of the feeder


8. Premier No Mess Automatic Duck Waterer

If you like your poultry neat every time and need to get your birds watered regularly, you should take a look at this automatic waterer.

The product is designed with a no-mess drinker which makes it easy for the birds to have their drink while preventing them from messing up the water supply.

The waterer comes with an automatic watering system that makes sure the bowl is always half-full and prevents overflowing.

This product is ideal for you if you already own a garden hose. You can connect the hose to the waterer and the auto-floating system will regulate the water supply. You can also connect the automatic waterer to a gravity-fed water bucket for a continuous supply of water for your birds. 

This automatic waterer is suitable for supplying water to birds of all sizes and has an elevated design that keeps the water clean and free from contaminants.

Highlighted features

  • Auto-floater system for easy regulation of water supply
  • Easy to connect to many water sources
  • No-mess drinker with large access holes for increased hygiene of the coop
  • Advanced design that prevents contamination of the drinking water
  • Easy to install


9.  Harris Farms Hanging Duck Feeder

If you require a feeder that has a lot to offer with little operational effort, then you need the hanging feeders from Harris Farms. This product is made from galvanized steel, so you don’t have to worry about the birds damaging your investment.

This feeder can contain up to fifteen pounds of feed which can feed many birds for a very long period.

The product comes with rolled edges that make it easier for the birds to feed on the trough beneath the feeder. This ensures that your birds can get their tasty feeds from all angles of the feeder without actually getting hurt or damaging the trough.

The hanging feeder comes with an easy-to-mount handle, making it easier for placement in any part of your farm.

The hanging feeder is designed to have three spring-loaded clips. These clips make it easier for setting-up the feed supply from the container and also help in adjusting the feed supply. 

Another very interesting feature about the hanging feeder is its ability to reduce waste. The feeder gradually supplies feed to the trough beneath while keeping the contents within the bucket safe from overflowing.

Highlighted features

  • Spring-loaded clips for proper management of feed supply
  • The large bucket can hold up to 15lbs of bird feed
  • Rolled edges safeguard your poultry


10.  K&H Thermo Duck Waterer

The poultry owners with a love for smart, state-of-the-art equipment will love this product. The Thermo duck waterer makes it very easy for ducks to get their fill of water but doesn't give them the satisfaction they want from messing up the water. 

The drinkers on this waterer are designed to make it easy for beaks to get into. These drinker cups are designed to have removable filters to ensure the water the birds consume is always clean.

If you also hate it when your birds perch on your flat top waterers, then you’re surely going to love this product. With its oval-shaped design, the thermo-duck waterer is designed to prevent birds from perching on the lid of the waterer, equally preventing them from making a mess.

With a very durable design, it is increasingly difficult for birds to turn the waterer over, keeping your coop clean always.

This waterer is also ideal for cold conditions with the heated version of the product keeping the water warm for your birds.

So while you're having a nice cup of tea in the winter, you can rest assured that the thermo-duck waterer is providing your birds with the warmth they desire.

Highlighted features

  • Advanced watering cup design
  • Perch-proof watering lid
  • Water heating feature

Things to Consider before Buying a Duck Waterer

What type of waterer you need to purchase depends on the following:

  • How many birds you have
  • Weather conditions
  • The type of birds you have
  • The supply system for the waterer
  • The location of your birds
  • The height of the birds

How many birds you have:

The number of birds in your coop should be something you should keep in mind when selecting a duck waterer. Ideally, you have a separate waterer for every 7-9 birds you have.

It is also a fact that some of the birds may be a bit weaker than the others. This is why you should have an extra waterer for those timid birds to have their needed drink.

Weather conditions:

If you have to care for your birds in very hot conditions, then you have to make provisions for more waterers, or for waterers that have more storage/feeding capacity. In the hot season, your birds will consume more water. This means that you may have to fill the containers too many times in a single day.

In the hot weather, the water consumption per bird doubles. This means that a dozen ducks that only drank 6 quarts of water per day in cooler seasons will drink 12 quarts of water daily in the hot season. This is why you have to ensure your waterer meets this capacity at least.

On the flip side, if you intend to give your birds water in the cold seasons, you may need to select a waterer that has an inbuilt heating system.

This is because, during the cold season, the water in the watering bowl may become too cold or frozen, but with a heater for the water, your birds are guaranteed a good drink all year round.

The type of birds you have:

If you have birds that are a bit mature, then you’ll need to get a much larger waterer for your coop. If your birds happen to be a lot smaller, they’ll drink lesser water per day. This is why you should have this in mind when getting a waterer for your birds.

Also, if you have birds that are fond of messing up the waterer and its contents, you may have to buy a perch and mud-proof duck waterer. When you get a waterer that isn’t easy for the birds to mess up, the hygiene of your coop increases and the birds will be healthier.

The supply system for the waterer:

If you desire to use a nipple system to feed water to your birds, then you have to consider the type of waterer that will be adequate for your coop. The cup system releases more water than the nipple system, so the capacity of the container should be considered when purchasing a duck waterer for the coop.

Some gravity-fed waterers can be used with large storage containers if you require some traditional methods infused with some of the latest advancements in duck watering.

The location of your birds:

If you have all your birds in one coop, you may need fewer waterers than if the birds are housed in different coops. With birds in separate places, you may need waterers that have different functions.

If you have your standard chicks and bantam chicks in separate coops, you may need a much larger waterer for the standard birds and a much smaller waterer for the bantam chicks.

If the birds are together, a multi-purpose waterer that can feed many birds for longer might be your best choice.

The height of the birds:

Some waterers are designed to be mud and dirt-proof and are placed a bit high above ground level. This prevents the birds from contaminating the water while they have their drinks. Some of these waterers are not ideal for smaller birds because they may not be able to drink from the water troughs.

Some waterers can be adjusted for easier watering of smaller birds, but the health of the birds should be in mind when choosing as some waterers have smaller cups to prevent smaller chicks from messing up the water supply.

An Overall Guide to Using a Duck Waterer

When a beginner purchases a duck waterer, it may be an uphill task to get the product functioning properly. This is why I’ve brought you a guide to get the duck waterer of your choice meeting all your poultry’s needs.

Tips for setting up/cleaning a duck waterer

Preparing the duck waterer for first use:

If your duck waterer doesn't come with a storage container, you have to construct one yourself. Firstly, you need to drill the required amount of holes you need the watering bowl to feed from.

Secondly, you need to fit the drilled holes with the watering pumps, and then you should seal the lid of the watering container with a sealant. Without sealing the lid, the water will easily overflow from the container.

When the installation goes smoothly and there are no leakages or overflow, the duck waterer is ready for use.

Adding vinegar to the duck waterer:

Vinegar has some special properties that make the inner layer of the duck waterer free from viruses and other harmful micro-organisms that may be very harmful to the ducks.

You can make use of white vinegar or other variants of the product. No matter the choice of vinegar for sanitizing your waterer, the results are identical.

Vinegar also helps your birds by ensuring better respiratory health. Adding two to three spoons of vinegar to the ducks’ drinking water for your ducks helps as an anti-inflammatory aid for the stomach of your ducks. Vinegar also fights indigestion and promotes better hydration for your ducks and other birds.

Vinegar is also good for the maintenance of the watering container. When vinegar is added to a rusty waterer and left to act for a few minutes before washing with a soap solution, rust and calcium remnants in the container are wiped away.

Mistakes to avoid

Not placing the duck waterer on a flat surface:

When the waterer isn’t properly placed in the coop, its contents may leak through the watering containers and spread onto the surrounding floors. This may make the coop messy and increase the chances of diseases occurring among the flock.

The waterer should be placed on a surface that is perfectly flat and not leaning over on any side. If the waterer needs to be elevated to make it easier for larger birds to have a drink, then the base the waterer would sit on should be flat and adequate to hold the waterer. 

Taking too long to refill the waterer:

If the water in the duck waterer stays too long, it may become contaminated and cause health issues for your birds. It is important to refill your waterer at regular intervals (two to three times per week) to ensure that the water isn’t contaminated.

Keeping the waterer in very wet/muddy areas:

The water supply for your ducks can be a source of diseases for the entire coop if the waterer isn’t placed on dry earth. If the waterer is placed in muddy areas, it may become very easy for the water to be contaminated. This may devastate the entire coop and kill off many of your birds.

This is why you have to place your waterer above ground if possible, or in a position where it is not easy for the birds to spill the water in the container.

Improper installation:

Installing a waterer a wrong way may result in leakages and overflow of the coop floor. When installing a duck waterer, ensure you follow the instructions to the letter to make sure your selected product performs to specs.

Drilling wide holes into the watering container:

You should be mindful of the size of holes you drill into the edges of your watering containers. Most watering containers that come from the manufacturer already have pre-drilled holes.

If you need a larger container, follow the size of the holes that came with the manufacturer’s watering container or you may make a big mess of things.

Using metal containers for too long without maintenance:

There are a lot of waterers made of metal. Metal waterers are very durable and can last for several years. One thing that you must note is that despite the durability of the metal watering container, inadequate maintenance may cause the metal container to rust and clog some calcium remnants around its rims.

Rust and other particles in the ducks’ drinking water can cause health complications and you may lose some of your ducks if urgent care isn’t made available.

When making use of a metal waterer, it is better to regularly maintain your waterer to keep your ducks safe. Vinegar is touted as one of the most potent substances capable of removing rust and other stubborn particles from the inner part of your water storage container.


Are you looking for the best duck waterer right now? Have you encountered a selection headache because of the huge number of products on sale? With the products above, you are sure to find and have the best experience watering your ducks and other poultry.

This selection contains the most affordable and durable waterers you can find on the market. We have your best interest at heart, that’s why we have selected the best duck waterers to make your purchase easier and more satisfying. These waterers are of high quality and will ensure your ducks have the right amount of water every day.

Make sure you select the product that meets your specific needs as we have provided a variety of great options. Some waterers can be used in all weather conditions, while some can be used for watering plus feeding combined.

If you have a proper maintenance culture, any product you select will deliver the best service. These duck waterers have a lot of benefits for the poultry owner, and one interesting feature of all these products is that they are long-lasting.

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