14 Best Elongated Toilet Seat: Reviews 2023 (Recommended!)

Being comfortable on the toilet is one of the most underrated things out there. It helps to get it all out more efficiently while improving your posture and preventing any discomfort you may feel.

That’s why you must install the best elongated toilet seat on your toilet.

Whether you want to replace a broken or cracked seat, give your toilet a new look, or just enjoy the comfort level one of these seats offer – you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best elongated seats, how you can pick the right one, and a little more. So, are you ready to learn? Below we have everything you need.

Top 14 Best Elongated Toilet Seats Reviews

We had to test hundreds of models. Several ones came like decent choices but not good enough. Others were utterly disappointing.

And a few were genuinely worth thinking about. We decided to bring these last ones into this article.

After learning all about them, we summarized their best and worst features so you could have a better idea of what they offer before picking. Here’s what we found about them:

1. KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated Toilet Seat

Key Features:

  • Polypropylene build
  • Grip-tight bumpers
  • Soft-closing lid

The K-4636-0 Cachet is the best slow close elongated toilet seat by far. From the ability to close super-softly not to produce any unwanted noise, to the high-end build it offers – there’s nothing to hate about it.

You can make it work on almost any elongated or two-piece toilet without problems. At the same time, they come with grip-tight bumpers, preventing shifting and increasing stability. You’ll be able to sit comfortably for several hours.

But that’s only in terms of comfort. When it comes to convenience, this seat also stands out. You get a quick-release hinge design so you can take it off without tools and clean it.

Even then, the quick-attach hardware allows you to install in seconds the first time. So you’ll have nothing to complain about.

On top of all that, the seat boasts an excellent polypropylene construction. For people who struggle to keep their seats unbroken, this build will come to save them.

And last but not least, the Kohler Cachet is a subtle but stylish seat to have. You can make it work on almost any toilet for a pretty decent cost.


  • Long-lasting & hygienic build
  • Stable and shift-free design
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • A no-brainer to install
  • Cons

  • The raised edge may be uncomfortable for some people
  • 2. Delta Faucet 801903-WH Morgan Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • No-Slip bumpers
    • Slow-Close system
    • Glossy finish

    In the world of toilet seats, few brands deliver the quality of Delta Faucet is capable of. That’s why the 801903-WH Morgan is such an excellent piece and made it to our second position. It’s simply outstanding.

    It boasts an excellent slow-close feature. You won’t have to worry about the seat slamming into the porcelain and cracking it. Instead, it closes softly and quietly into the bowl.

    This feature pairs really well with the No-Slip system. The seat comes with seat bumpers that prevent it from shifting when you’re on. Nothing will interfere with the course of nature.

    On top of all that, it comes with quality construction. A durable finish prevents any type of fading or peeling, staining, and chipping. And sure enough, breaks and cracks are also out of the way.

    Because we also know that setting it up needs to be easy, we also picked the Delta Faucet Morgan for its super-practical installation system. You won’t have to waste too much time on the process. And it fits almost any elongated toilet out there.

    The simple design with a low price will make sure you’re enjoying a quality product in its entirety.


  • Delivers excellent comfort
  • Withstands a lot of weight
  • Doesn’t slip or move while using
  • Makes little to no noise at closing
  • Cons

  • Lacks a cut out for lifting the seat
  • 3. Bath Royale BR620-00 Round Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • 400 pounds weight capacity
    • Polypropylene construction
    • 4 non-slip bumpers

    Want a super-handy toilet seat that feels comfy but also lasts a lifetime? Then you’re looking for the BR620-00 from Bath Royale.

    First of all, the material on this seat is outstanding. It can handle over 400 pounds of weight without problems. And it’s all thanks to the high-end stainless steel hardware. This ensures it won’t break or loosen up too fast.

    Similarly, it comes with 4 seat bumpers that distribute the weight effectively. Along with the high-quality finish that prevents any type of peeling or fading, it becomes a go-to choice for most users.

    The polypropylene construction has other advantages. One of them is the ability to not absorb any liquid or smell. Thanks to its high-gloss finish, it will always look amazing, safe, and healthy to tackle any use.

    Sure enough, the finish also makes it easy to clean, so you’ll have no problem taking it off when needed. And with the soft-closing design and features, it prevents the usual seat-slamming sound that everyone hates.

    The best about this toilet seat is the ability to fit almost any toilet brand. Whether it is Delta, Crane, Caroma, or Gerber – this seat will fit perfectly. Getting the BR620-00 from Bath Royale as your new toilet seat will be an enjoyable experience.


  • Can handle a lot of weight
  • Scratch and crack-free build
  • Super-glossy and easy-to-clean finish
  • Doesn’t slam when closing
  • Cons

  • The seat sags with heavy people
  • 4. Centoco 900-001 Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • High-gloss plastic
    • Wooden core
    • Polypropylene cover

    Looking to renovate your toilet seat for a few bucks? Then you’ll love everything the 900-001 toilet seat from Centoco has to offer.

    It boasts a wooden core construction. This increases the durability of the seat, especially with the polypropylene shell cover. Together, they prevent cracking, breaking, peeling, and chipping. You can use it for years without issues.

    Another similar feature to love is the high-gloss surface. It won’t discolor easily while still holding the gloss for years. Along with the smooth and easy-to-clean surface, you can enjoy this seat for years without drawbacks.

    This design offers another advantage, it feels amazingly comfortable. It boasts an excellent contour and shape that prevents usual pressure points and keeps you comfy when sitting.

    All of that matches well with the high-quality hinges. They can handle a lot of use and will last a lifetime without corroding.

    Combining thick polypropylene, gorgeous finish, non-porous surface, and excellent hardware, it stands out as the best value for your money.


  • Lasts a lifetime with ease
  • Doesn’t discolor or stain
  • Incredibly affordable for the quality
  • Available in 4 exciting colors
  • Cons

  • May slide a bit
  • 5. Bemis 1500TTT 000 Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • Top-Tite STA Tite installation
    • Non-corrosive hardware
    • Color-matched bumpers

    We had to bring a Bemis elongated toilet seat to the list. And the 1500TTT 000 was our first option. As an elongated model, it offers everything you need plus a few extra features to love.

    One exceptional feature that takes it apart from the competition is the Top-Tite STA-TITE hinge system.

    This hinge system is entirely made of plastic, which is unusual for this type of seat. But when you take an in-depth look into the plastic, you realize it is actually one of the sturdiest models out there.

    Because it is made of plastic, it is also immune to usual problems like rust.

    And because it boasts a Precision Seat Fit design, you won’t have to bend to install it. Instead, you can set it up, standing up to save you tons of time and effort. It also works on a wide array of toilets.

    Another feature to love is the classic-looking design. Along with a high-gloss white finish, you can pair it up with most toilets with ease.

    The hinges and ring bumpers also match well with most toilets. That’s enough to consider it as a go-to choice for most people.

    Lastly, remember this is a wooden seat. That prevents scratching and chipping, so you can use it for years without drawbacks.


  • Good-looking & easy-to-clean finish
  • Sturdy & comfy wooden construction
  • Demands little effort to install
  • Doesn’t chip, scratch, or slip
  • Cons

  • Lacks a soft-closing feature
  • 6. MAYFAIR 1844EC 000 Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • Easy-Clean & Change hinges
    • High-gloss surface
    • Multi-brand compatibility

    Cheap toilet seats are not always bad. That’s what the 1844EC 000 elongated seat from Mayfair stands up for.

    It is a simple but magnificently practical alternative. You can clean it with total ease, replace it in seconds, and set it up super-fast if needed. And it offers the whole package for half the price of other models.

    This is possible thanks to the Easy-Clean & Change hinges. They look like the typical hinges, but they’re actually other-worldly. And for such a premium cost, they make this seat a must-have option.

    Similarly, you can enjoy the high-gloss surface. With enamel coating, the seat looks super glossy and resistant. Not only does this add up to the looks, but it also helps to clean quickly and increase durability.

    The construction doesn’t disappoint either. It is made of entirely recycled materials, so the quality is on another level. You get both the resilience and environmentally-friendly build.

    To make it even better, you can enjoy the highly compatible design. You can install the seat on a wide array of toilets, going from TOTO to American Standard, Kohler, and many others.

    Considering that every single feature we just mentioned comes at the lowest price in the whole list, it quickly becomes a go-to choice for budget users.


  • Amazingly cheap for its quality
  • A piece of cake to set up
  • Easy-to-clean & glossy enamel finish
  • Works well with any toilet brand

  • Cons

  • Tends to move too much
  • 7. Carex Elongated Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

    Key Features:

    • 3.5-inch raised design
    • 300-pound weight capacity
    • Molded plastic build

    Not everyone can bend and crouch easily to the toilet bowl. If the toilet is too short and makes it impossible, then an elongated toilet seat riser is the best option.

    It is the perfect choice for those who struggle sitting on short bowls, like obese and old people. Yet, it is also an excellent way to add up to super-low toilets. For a decent cost, you can bring it up and enjoy a more comfortable experience.

    This riser is 3.5 inches in height, so that’s enough to bring any toilet sufficiently up for extra comfort. But it can still handle over 300 pounds of weight. So you won’t have a thing to worry about.

    Other features to consider are high-quality hinges. It lets the riser go up and down with ease, so you can enjoy easy opening and closing of the toilet.

    Moreover, installing it won’t be a problem. Despite its seemingly complicated design, the hinge system is simple.

    And because it comes with its own nut holes, you can install the toilet lid on it for an even more practical piece.

    In short, Carex makes it possible for people who need an elongated riser sit comfortably. If that fits your demands, then you’ll love it.


  • Rises the toilet for extra comfort
  • Decently comfy for its design
  • Easy to clean & lift
  • Installs in a breeze
  • Cons

  • Won’t fit in some toilets
  • 8. CHURCH 585EC 000 Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • Available in 9 colors
    • Non-corrosion metal hardware
    • Plastic-twist hinges

    A Church elongated toilet seat comes like an excellent choice if you’re looking for superior quality without emptying your wallet.

    It offers all the features you could need. This includes a high-quality molded wood construction with enamel finish. You won’t have to worry about scratching or chipping. And sure enough, it makes cleaning easy as well.

    The hardware doesn’t stay behind. You get non-corrosive wing nuts and bolts. They make installation easy but can also last a long time so you won’t have to worry in the slightest.

    At the same time, the seat is utterly compatible with most toilets. From TOTO to Kohler, American Standard, and many others – this seat works with almost any brand you can think of.

    Apart from all that, it is a beautiful piece. You get the enamel finish in 9 different colors, going from White to Almond, Silverado, Fawn Beige, and others.

    Setting it up with your toilet color won’t be a problem. And of course, the bumpers and hinges also match this color.

    Last but not least, you get a quick-release system that makes it a piece of cake to clean. You won’t have to worry about a thing with this toilet from Church.


  • Attractive design & finish options
  • Won’t rust or corrode over time
  • Works well with different toilet brands
  • High-quality enamel for fewer scratches & stains
  • Cons

  • Doesn’t close softly
  • 9. Ginsey Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • 6 unique colors available
    • Resin construction
    • Heavy-duty chrome hinges

    You don’t need to stick with simple-looking toilet seats when the Ginsey elongated model is available. It boasts a transparent frame with several unique details, making it stand out from the competition.

    This clear frame looks superb, adding a shiny touch to the toilet. Yet, it is the addition of silver foil flakes that really stand out. You’ll get a highly stylish piece that adds up to the bathroom style.

    The toilet seat is wholly made of resin. This resin is super-sturdy and is attached to heavy-duty chrome hinges. Together, they add the resilience necessary to last a lifetime. Even then, the toilet won’t wiggle, break, crack, or shift while using it.

    Installing the seat won’t be much of a problem either. It boasts a nut and bolt system that you can install in a few minutes. This goes well with the universal size that fits almost any elongated toilet out there, from any brand.

    Last but not least, cleaning this seat will be a total piece of cake. Thanks to the smooth resin finish, you can get rid of any stain and residue behind with little to no effort.

    Super stylish, practical, and durable – this toilet seat from Ginsey won’t let you down.


  • Looks outstandingly attractive
  • Cleans in a breeze
  • Won’t scratch, crack or stain
  • Boasts super-resilient hardware
  • Cons

  • Shiny design is not for everyone
  • 10. Hibbent Premium Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • One-piece hinge system
    • 400-pound weight capacity
    • Pure polypropylene build

    You don’t need the most expensive seat to make your elongated toilet more comfortable. In fact, the Premium model from Hibbent will suffice.

    This is not the cheapest model out there, but it comes at a decent cost still so you can get the most out of it. And it will easily surpass your expectations.

    The first thing you’ll notice is the quick-release system. When it comes to setting it up and taking it off, the toilet seat is probably the easiest.

    Just lift the seat off the toilet, and it will come out right away. And to put it on, just click it into the bolts, and it will stay in place.

    This is all possible thanks to the quality hinges. Along with the polypropylene seat build, you can expect the whole piece to support up to 400 pounds of weight. That’s enough to hold any person with ease.

    But this polypropylene build has another advantage: it makes the whole piece super-easy to clean. No stain, no residues, and not a single absorbed smell – you can expect it to last a lifetime neatly.

    And if you’re still not convinced, this seat doesn’t make any sound. You can enjoy the soft-closing system that saves you the annoyance of a loud seat slam.


  • Fast & easy installation
  • Quick-release design for effortless cleaning
  • Sturdy build withstands tons of use
  • Closes softly and quietly
  • Cons

  • Not as stable as expected
  • 11. BEMIS 1500EC 000 Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • Available in 11 colors
    • Easy-Clean & Change feature
    • Wooden construction

    Among the many brands to consider, few stand out like Bemis. And with the 1500EC 000 elongated seat, they make it clear why.

    This seat offers a classical design that makes your traditional toilet look better. You won’t have to worry about matching it at all, as it comes in several colors to pick from.

    The surface of the seat is super-shiny. Thanks to the high-gloss finish, you can expect it to look outstanding, especially with the 11 colors available.

    You get another advantage with this seat, it is made of wood entirely. This adds up to its comfort level, keeping the toilet a lot warmer in cold places.

    At the same time, this wooden build pairs up with the Easy-Clean & Change feature, so you can prevent stains and smells. You won’t have to worry about chipping or scratching either.

    Thanks to its excellent elongated design, this seat matches almost any toilet out there, going from Kohler to Toto, Delta, American Standard, and other brands.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, you still get non-corrosive hardware and color-matching bumpers. Whether you want a toilet seat that looks or looks neat, this one won’t disappoint you.


  • Outstandingly cheap for the quality
  • Goes well with most toilet brands
  • Doesn’t crack or scratch easily
  • Pretty stable and comfy to use
  • Cons

  • A bit tricky to install
  • 12. SANIWISE Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • Multi-nozzle bidet design
    • Retractable nozzles
    • Slow-closing system

    Are you a bidet user? Then don’t worry – we also have a seat for you. This Saniwise model is the best elongated bidet toilet seat that you will find.

    You’ll get every single feature that makes a bidet seat an excellent choice, starting with the adjustable water pressure. The spray goes powerful, so it cleans wide and effectively. But you can also make it slow and soft, for a more gentle clean.

    This happens thanks to the multi-nozzle system. One nozzle is located in the rear, perfect for cleaning your back parts.

    And another is located at the front, ideal for the front sections. These nozzles are always hidden until necessary, so you can keep them clean.

    Another massive advantage of these nozzles is antibacterial plastic construction. You won’t have to worry about them being unsafe or damaging.

    Despite its exceptional nozzle system, you also get a superb seat overall. It is a thin, comfortable, and good-looking piece. You even get a slow-closing system to prevent any slam that could damage either the seat or the toilet.

    Considering how easy it is to install, there’s no doubt this is one of the best elongated seats you can go for.


  • Quality construction makes it last
  • Super-hygienic bidet design
  • Highly compatible & easy to set up
  • A practical array of nozzles
  • Cons

  • Not the best spray adjustments
  • 13. Hibbent Elongated Dual-Layer Bidet Seat

    Key Features:

    • Double-layer build
    • Dual-spray button
    • Double-nozzle bidet

    We have yet another bidet seat, this time from Hibbent. This is a high-quality model for people who love effectiveness. It cleans, feels comfortable, and demands little to no effort to operate.

    The first thing you’ll notice is a dual-nozzle system. One nozzle is perfect for washing while the other does the job of a typical bidet. Together, they make it easy to clean after using the toilet.

    Operating it is also a no-brainer with its button system. Anyone from the elderly to children and even pregnant women can use this bidet with little to no effort. You can choose whether you want rear or front bidet spray, making it super handy.

    The nozzles also conceal and self-clean. You won’t have to take care of them because the system is practical enough by itself.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, the bidet seat still looks neat. You get a luxury design with a high-end build that lasts. Along with the soft-closing system that prevents loud and damaging slams, this seat is designed to last a lifetime.

    Last but not least, setting it up will be a piece of cake. It fits almost any elongated toilet, making it super practical overall.


  • Highly hygienic and safe to use
  • Super-handy dual-nozzle design
  • Good-looking & easy-to-clean design
  • Highly comfortable seat
  • Cons

  • Slide a bit with heavy people
  • 14. Dalmo DBTS01S Elongated Toilet Seat

    Key Features:

    • Non-slip seats
    • Stainless steel washers
    • Polypropylene build

    The last seat in our list comes from Dalmo, one of the cheapest yet most reliable brands in the market. That’s why the DBTS01S made it into the list as a go-to choice for budget users.

    The first thing you’ll notice is how well-made it is. Thanks to a polypropylene construction, this seat is super-tough and environmentally friendly.

    Yet, the true advantage comes from its antibacterial surface, preventing stains, chemicals, and other harmful impurities from sticking.

    People who don’t want to hear their seat slamming into the bowl will also love this model.

    The soft-closing system works with almost any elongated toilet so you can enjoy excellent compatibility with most toilets out there.

    This goes super-well with the soft-closing system. You won’t have to worry about cracked or broken toilet bowls because the seat slammed into the porcelain.

    Similarly, the seat boasts bumpers that prevent the seat from shifting and scratching the bowl.

    Apart from all that, this seat is amazingly easy to set up. It also comes with a glossy finish that makes cleaning easy and prevents fading.

    Plus, it boasts rust-resistant nuts that keep it tightly installed on the bowl. For people who want excellent results for a very low price, this Dalmo seat will come like a charm.


  • Doesn’t slam or slide
  • Decently attractive for the cost
  • Super-glossy and easy-to-clean finish
  • Completely resilient construction
  • Cons

  • Tends to slip a bit
  • Factors to Consider While Buying an Elongated Toilet Seat

    Getting the best elongated toilet seat doesn’t have to be a guessing game. As long as you know what you’re looking for, this will take less effort, time, and doubt. But for that, you’ll have to learn exactly what you need.

    Below, you’ll find the most important factors to consider before making your last pick:


    Want an elongated toilet seat that lasts? Then be sure it is made with the right materials.

    Luckily, there aren’t many to choose from. Most seats are either made of polypropylene or wood. These are the only two materials that you’ll find consistently, and they usually work together as well.

    For example, a wooden core seat may also come with an exterior polypropylene layer. This is perfect for giving the wood an extra touch of resistance and making the seat more long-lasting. Similarly, it makes the design a lot easier to clean.

    If you don’t want this combination, then a wood-only seat may do the job. These are light, durable enough, and warm to sit on. Yet, these wooden seats may be a little harder to clean.

    For those who want maximum convenience, then polypropylene seats enter as a great choice. They are super-smooth and easy to clean, plus last a long time. Sadly, this plastic tends to get cold and uncomfortable.

    Comfort & Design

    An elongated toilet seat is more comfortable than a round one by design. But there are still several features you can consider to raise the comfort level.

    The first thing is the material. A wooden seat, for example, tends to be a lot warmer than a plastic seat. This is important when considering comfort.

    An ergonomic design also helps. Proper shape and contour can reduce discomfort when sitting exponentially.

    And lastly, a stable and resistant construction also helps. If you can sit on the toilet without rocking or moving too much, then that will make you feel a lot more comfortable.

    Style & Colors

    A good-looking toilet seat may not change your experience too much, but will probably add up to your bathroom style. And that can be an excellent idea if you’re looking for looks over anything else.

    Here, you will find classic and traditional designs. These can be an excellent choice if you want a regular white seat that gets the job done.

    But you may also find slightly more modern seats. These can be perfect for contemporary bathroom styles.

    And if you want to take it to another level, go for seats with wooden colors like mahogany or beech. You may also consider those with black or transparent colors for a more appealing style.


    An elongated toilet seat needs to come with high-quality hinges. If you want something that withstands the weight of time but also makes the opening and closing of the toilet smooth, then quality hinges are a must-have feature.

    Consider metal hinges for the highest durability. Yet, you may also go for plastic hinges if you want something that doesn’t corrode.

    There are also two types of hinges to consider in terms of installation. The first is bottom-fixed hinges. These go through the top and are tightened on the bottom.

    The second is top-fixed hinges, with bolts that go into the toilet directly without extra tightening.

    You’ll have to pick the right type of hinges depending on the toilet you have. Otherwise, you may end up with a seat that doesn’t match.

    At the same time, you don’t want a toilet seat that eventually becomes a huge issue with setting up. Instead, you want something practical and easy to put on and take off when needed.

    That’s why we recommend bolt and nut mounts. With a bit elbow grease and a few turns of a nut wrench, you can set up this type of toilet seat.

    Otherwise, you may have to spend a few extra minutes setting it up.

    Ease of Cleaning

    A toilet seat that makes cleaning a hideous activity will probably become a hated seat. So you want to make sure it is easy to clean, or you may end up hating it.

    For that, we recommend going for plastic toilet seats over wooden ones. While wood adds a touch of warmth, it is harder to clean and eventually absorbs smells and stains more easily.

    If you can go for a wooden core but a plastic exterior seat, then that’s a huge plus.

    The finish will also make a huge difference. High-gloss and smooth finishes are way easier to clean than porous ones (which are not common).

    Similarly, white colors are a lot faster to clean as you won’t have to guess where there’s a stain. So choose wisely.

    Extra Features to Consider

    If you want the best elongated seat possible, then you need to consider those additional features that may set it apart from the competition. Here are some of them:

    Bidet System

    You don’t have to buy an entire bidet when you can get a seat that does the job instead. Just like a bidet, these will spray water from behind while costing a lot less.


    Most toilet seats nowadays come with this feature. The whole focus is to prevent the usual slam of the toilet seat and lid hitting the bowl.

    Along with avoiding the noise, this also helps to increase durability and to prevent finger accidents.

    Quick Release

    A quick-release system helps to clean fast and easy. You won’t have to clean the toilet with the seat on top. Instead, a simple click will suffice to get the seat off and clean more effectively.

    Heating System

    Want to be utterly comfortable in those cold nights when sitting on the toilet? Then choose a seat with a heating system. These will make it less uncomfortable to use the toilet in cold places.


    Lastly, consider toilet seats with deodorizers. These will reduce the unpleasant smell of residues.

    And sure enough, it also keeps the bathroom aromatized and a lot less disgusting to be in.

    Are elongated toilet seats more comfortable?

    There’s a lot of discussion about whether elongated toilet seats are truly comfier than other types. And sure enough, the debate always ends similarly: they are indeed more comfortable, most of the time.

    But sure, this depends on the person. Tall and heavy people will prefer elongated toilets almost always. But short people and children may eventually feel comfier on a round one.

    Which is better round or elongated toilet seat?

    There’s really no way to tell which one is better. Between round vs elongated toilet seats, it’s mostly a thing of preference.

    However, an elongated toilet seat tends to be more comfortable and easier to sit on. So not only can it help big people, but also those who struggle sitting down.

    As long as you have enough space in your bathroom, this type of toilet and seat will be your best bet.

    Is wood or plastic better for toilet seats?

    This depends on what you’re looking for. Below, we’re going to explain some factors between wooden and plastic toilet seats and how they affect the experience:


    Between wood and plastic, it is wood that stands out because of its ability to not scratch or break easily.

    Still, plastic is not weak, it just doesn’t last as much as wood. Typically, however, the difference is in the hinges and hardware.


    Nothing more important than staying clean while not using it. Here, plastic is the best choice.

    While wooden seats are not unhygienic, they often boast a thin coat that protects from bacteria, stains, and other impurities. This layer, however, wears down over time, which can be a problem.

    Plastic (polypropylene and resin) seats don’t have this problem. Cleaning them is always easy, and they don’t wear down.


    Here, wooden seats get the advantage, by far. Not only the material seems to feel softer on the skin, but it also feels warmer.

    While plastic seats tend to get cold easily and move around, wooden seats tend to be more stable, warmer, and a bit soften – making them more comfortable by a lot.


    Last but not least, there’s how it looks. This factor is a tie, so we can’t really name a winner. Wooden seats tend to be standard-looking with typical white colors on the surface. Yet, you can find some wooden seats with real-wood looks.

    Plastic, on the other hand, looks like plastic and offer a wide array of color you can choose as needed. But some resin models may come with special designs like transparent, flaky, and unique designs.

    So, if you want something modern and multi-colored, then plastic is a great choice. But if something more traditional or simple does the job, then wood seats gets the trophy.

    After considering all these factors, it is safe to say that both wooden and plastic have their own set of benefits and drawbacks – so it’s all up to you.

    If you prefer comfort and durability, go for a wooden seat. But if you prefer looks and hygiene, plastic may be better.

    How often should you change the toilet seat?

    There’s no reason to change a toilet seat unless it breaks, cracks, or scratches. That’s why you mustn’t think too much about this as there’s no specific time to change a toilet seat at.

    Overall, however, toilet seats last between 5 and 10 years. So you may want to change it within that range if necessary.


    There are tons of choices to go for. Elongated toilets come in a wide array of colors, styles, comfort levels, build qualities, and handiness. But only one will meet most of your needs.

    We encourage you to look for the best elongated toilet seat that indeed fits your demands and helps you get the most out of your toilet.

    So, what are you waiting for? Few articles will help you more than this one, so get the most out of it and set up your toilet with the right seat. Don’t hesitate to follow our advice and reviews to pick the next seat for your toilet.

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