Best Kitchen Rugs: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

You wouldn’t typically think to put an area rug in your kitchen. But considering that a kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas in your house, it often feels less decorated than any other room. Therefore, it deserves more attention.

The best kitchen rugs can cover a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively. Not only will it make the place cozier and lived-in, but it will also punch up the décor of that area. Besides, a good rug will keep your feet comfortable while you prepare the food.

So, if you want to try a new look in your own kitchen, pick the right rug which would look good and feel great. Not to mention, it must also be durable enough to withstand the great amount of footfall it will receive throughout the day.

Need a quick decision? Here you go:

Top 8 Best Kitchen Rugs Reviews

It becomes confusing for many homeowners to buy the perfect kitchen rug. Getting a nice kitchen rug requires a well thought out plan. So, we have shortlisted some of the top kitchen rugs to make your life easier.

1. Kangaroo Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

We have all experienced fatigue, back pain, and sore legs after hours of standing and cooking in the kitchen. We can’t stop cooking to get rid of these problems, right? But we sure can take measures so that we can cook without the fear of being fatigued so soon.

This anti-fatigue kitchen mat is a fan favorite not just because of its comfort but also for its style too. The variety of color pallets it provides can perfectly be coordinated with your kitchen décor. Besides, its many sized options suit all kitchen sizes too.

This standing mat has outstanding durability, which makes it suitable for use in any high traffic area. It has been made with commercial-grade foam so that it doesn't get bottomed out over time.

Besides, the mat weighs a lot less than any other same sized kitchen rugs in the market, making it easier to move around the house.

It also has extra padding and advanced beveled no-curl edges so that nobody trips over it. Its waterproof surface prevents it from slipping if there is any spill on the ground.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Impressive design
  • Stain-resistant
  • Waterproof material
  • Highly durable


  • Falls short on traction

2. RUGPADUSA Dual Surface Rug Pad

A good rug pad not only makes your kitchen rug last longer, but it also keeps you safe from having any undue accidents. Besides, if you have hardwood flooring in your kitchen, there is no better way of saving it from scratches and stains than using a rug pad.

RUGPADUSA has been safeguarding rugs as well as hardwood floors for years. This dual surface rug pad from RUGPADUSA beats a great many alternatives in terms of grip, cushioning, and many other features.

This pad has a strong grip on the floor due to the natural rubber backing. It prevents the rug from slipping or sliding, keeping everything on it firmly in place. Made with 22oz recycled felt, it has been needle-punched to prevent any moisture from getting buildup inside.

Both sound and heat resistant due to heat pressed formation, the RUGPADUSA dual surface pad is also odorless and hypoallergenic. No matter what type of flooring you have, this rug pad is suitable for all.

All in all, this rug pad will give your feet extra comfort on the rug with no extra bulking.


  • Chemical and adhesive-free
  • Odorless and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Natural rubber backing


  • Not too thick to provide enough cushioning

3. Striped Luxury Chenille Rug

If you want a versatile rug that will suit any room décor, then this Chenille made luxury rug is the one for you. This soft looking rug can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and in all high and low traffic areas.

Made with ultra-thick and soft plush Chenille, this rug’s quality is nearly unbeatable. Its amazingly soft and cozy nature makes your feet relaxed. You can say goodbye to sore legs even if you have to cook while standing for a long time.

What makes this rug usable in both bathrooms and kitchens is its extra-absorbent capability, which is able to soak up a great amount of water, leaving the floor dry. Its slip-resistant SBE/Hot melt spray backing also makes it one of the best non-skid kitchen rugs too. You don't need a rug pad under this one!

Its hot melt adhesive keeps the rug in place, making it more durable amid being machine washable. You can wash it as many times as needed without using any chlorine bleach. The fluff gets restored with just a simple shake after drying!


  • Highly versatile rug runner
  • Non-skid due to adhesive backing
  • Doesn’t need a rug pad underneath
  • Extremely soft and plush
  • Amazing water absorption capability


  • Adhesive wears off easily

4. Safavieh Madison Collection MAD611B Runner

On the first look, you might think this runner looks too good to be placed inside a kitchen. But there is no better alternative to change the entire décor of a kitchen for the better than this vintage Madison Collection from Safavieh.

The colorful medallion patterns this rug provides stand out in the room. It has a distressed appearance that makes it elegant looking and classic. Similar rugs can be a bit heavy on the background, but this one screams ‘vintage’ at the first look.

Made with mixed content of polypropylene, jute and cotton fiber, and polyester, this mosaic designed rug brings out the best in a room. One great thing about this rug is that, even after a bit of wear and tear, it looks good as new.

This multi-colored rug has a rectangular shape that suits best on narrower kitchens. Both kid and pet-friendly, the Safavieh MAD611B has a 0.375-inch pile height, which helps you to place it anywhere you like.


  • Stunning vintage look
  • Non-shredding premium fibers
  • Can be placed in any room
  • Low pile height


  • Needs to be used with a rug pad

5. Mohawk Home New Wave Caffe Latte Rug

Mohawk has been a manufacturer of carpets and area rugs for over a hundred years. They have numerous designs and styles of rugs which caters to all types of needs and space.

The primary concerns of area rugs like durability, stain resistance, and style are all addressed by Mohawk in all their New Wave Caffe Latte rug. Coffee lovers rejoice as this rug will provide them cushion while they make their latte.

Extremely durable and vibrant, this rug has been made with advanced print technology for the truest color clarity. Crafted with premium nylon yarn to create a soft texture, this rug also packs a punch with reliable stain protection and resistance to wear and tear.

Its consistent construction and latex backing help this rug stay put in place and add strength to it. That is why it is ideal for all high traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

This New Wave rug has a design to tempt every taste. If you are a coffee lover, then hint your love of it by protecting the kitchen with this coffee latte rug.


  • Premium quality nylon yarn crafted
  • Latex backing removes the need for a pad
  • Stain and wear and tear protection
  • Ideal for kitchen and bathroom


  • The rug is too thin

6. Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Kitchen Rugs

If you are a fan of traditional oriental style rugs, then this vintage looking kitchen rug from Maples will catch your eyes for sure. Its modern floral background with a dual-colored design will be a perfect addition to your home.

This rug's detailed design has an eye-catching appeal to it. Besides, the two-color options of Grey and Blue blend perfectly with any existing kitchen décor. Made in the USA, the rug has a timeless design. It has been crafted with a 100% nylon pile, which gives it added durability and resistance to fade.

Safety is an important consideration for all area rugs, which has been prioritized in this Maples rug too. It has a skid-resistant latex backing that removes the need to place any additional rug pad underneath.

Its 0.44-inch pile height makes it low profile. So, you can place it in any setting. The rug suits best with big sized kitchens where the place is packed with cabinets, desk, kitchen tv stand etc, bedrooms, and living rooms.


  • Traditional oriental design
  • Crafted with 100% nylon pile
  • Skid-resistant latex backing
  • Very low pile height


  • Not very plush

7. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Rug

We highly recommend this contemporary rug as you won’t have a single regret after buying this. Ottomanson provides the best-looking area rugs with a contemporary design with minimal patterns.

The Ottohome Collection has a definite brown border, which gives it a nice edge in terms of visual. One problem most rug users face is the stain of dirt and moisture on their hardwood floor under the area rug. This contemporary Ottohome rug has the ability to resist stain because of its premium nylon material.

Prolonged usage of rugs tends to fade its color. You can rest assured that this rug won't fade that easily as it has also been made fade resistant. Its non-slip rubber backing offers a strong grip onto floors, giving you optimal skid resistance too.

There is also no fear of shedding as its non-shedding threads keep the rug looking good as new even after years of heavy usage. The rug is tightly bound all over, giving it a clean look. This rug also offers a fuss-free cleaning and thus is an ideal choice for all types of homes with kids and pets.


  • Simple and elegant looking
  • Anti-fade and anti-stain
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Easy and no-fuss cleaning
  • Non-shedding threads


  • Cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned

8. Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Cordova Collection

One of the top-class flooring manufacturers in the world is the Bungalow Flooring. They produce the best quality commercial and home doormats, as well as accent flooring.

The Waterhog doormat was made with ‘Water Dam’ technology and built-in high-quality craftsmanship to produce an authentic Cordova designed doormat flooring. Apart from being just a doormat, it can also be used as a kitchen and bathroom rug.

This rug is stylish and made to perform a top-class function. It absorbs a lot of water, 1.5 gallons per square yard, to be precise. But this much water absorption doesn't hinder it from drying quickly either! So, it doesn't harm the floor with stains.

Certified as skid-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), it provides the ultimate safety in terms of non-slipping. The ridged and abstract design it has along with the rubber border helps keep water and debris on the mat and the floor clean.

This mat has been made with 94% post-consumer plastic materials that are rot-resistant too. Its durable rubber backing made out of 20% recycled SBR rubber makes the whole rug survive against extreme conditions. Only shaking the mat or vacuuming will do the job of a thorough cleaning.


  • Water dam border keeps water
  • Rubber surface prevents pile from crushing
  • Can be used outdoors too
  • NFSI certified skid resistance
  • Easy to clean


  • Tend to retain some debris even after vacuuming

What to Look for While Buying a Kitchen Rug?

You’d be wrong to assume that picking best rated kitchen rugs might not need much of a thought. But in reality, a perfect rug makes all the difference between sophisticated and a bland looking room. So, consider these few things before buying your kitchen rug.

Interior Décor

Kitchens sometimes have the propensity to look boring and dull. So, it needs some color to liven the room up by choosing a rug piece that coordinates well with the décor of the room.

Best kitchen area rugs have vibrant colors that brighten the place for the better. One of the ways to transform the look of the room is by placing a solid-color rug beneath the kitchen table or in front of the sink.

Size and Shape

Another important element to consider is the size and shape that would be appropriate for your kitchen space. A rug which is too big will make your kitchen look small. You don't want the rug to overwhelm the place, and neither do you want the rug to look like a tiny island on the floor.

Along with the size, considering the shape is also important as best kitchen floor rugs come in all types of shapes, including square, rectangular, oval, circular, etc. And of course, some of these shapes will suit better with the kitchen you have than others.

The Material

Rugs featuring different materials offer differing comfort and usability. Some offer more stain resistance, and others offer durability. Among the best rugs to use in the kitchen, the most popular materials used are synthetic fiber, wool, cotton, and silk.

Synthetic materials are great for the kitchen as they are not only stain-resistant but also come in numerous hues and patterns. Not to mention, they are cheap too.

On the other hand, natural fiber rugs have an incredible soft pile as well as comfort. Since they also last longer, you don’t have to worry about buying another anytime soon.

Ease of Maintenance

Along with the material, you'll also want a rug that absorbs a lot of moisture and is also easy to clean. Some rugs are able to withstand a lot of water, and others just wick them away.

Then again, the rug will have spills from cooking all the time. So, if you can't remove all those stains from it, within a few weeks, it will ruin the look of your kitchen.

If you want a machine washable rug, flatweave cotton rugs are a practical option. Besides, a natural fiber made rug such as jute or bamboo are easily washable with soap and water. A polyester or synthetic rug is usually stain-resistant and also non-flammable.

So, it is important to have a durable rug that will survive the kitchen catastrophe and will also be easily washable.

Weave Type

All area rugs are either machine-made, hand-knit, flatweave, etc. And each of these types has its very own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Machine-Made

It usually consists of synthetic fibers and is recommended for areas with high traffic. These are designed using power looms to create numerous patterns that suit everyone’s needs. Also, they are easy to maintain and affordable.

  • Hand-Knit

They are long-lasting but very time consuming to make. Made using hands manually, hand-knit rugs are not only ideal for use in the kitchen but also able to withstand the test of time.

  • Flatweave

These are made with different materials like fiber, cotton, and wool. One great thing is that they are double-sided. So, you can flip them if one side becomes dirty.

Think Safety

It is essential to think about safety while buying a kitchen rug. The best non slip kitchen rugs come with padding. If your rug doesn’t come with padding, you’ll have to buy one separately so that the rug stays in place. Rug pads also help minimize wear and tear, add comfort, and reduce noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of rug is best for the kitchen?

The best rugs for the kitchen are those which are coordinated well with the kitchen décor. Good rugs are also dependent on the rug material and how much it can handle the harsh environment. Another important feature that the best rug must have is the non-slip backing for safety.

2. Where should a rug be placed in a kitchen?

The best place to keep the rug in a kitchen is in front of the sink, where most of the spills happen. Besides, if there is hard flooring, then placing the rug in front of the main prep area works best for comfort.

3. What size are kitchen rugs?

The ideal rug sizes are that of traditional runners. But if you have a big kitchen, go for one that compliments the area. And for smaller kitchens, placing a big rug overwhelms the area – making it look like too many things are cramped in a place.

4. Are rugs necessary on hardwood floors?

Area rugs compliment all hardwood floors with their look. Besides, rugs reduce the noise while walking on the floor and also save the floor from getting dirty too soon.

5. How long does a good rug last?

Generally, rugs can last up to 7 years, depending on the material used for making it. But sometimes just normal rugs also can last that long if you maintain it carefully and clean it often. Besides, keeping it in high traffic areas is also another factor.

Final Words

Choosing the right kitchen rug keeps the place safe, clean, and also changes the décor of the room. We hope this article has helped you navigate through the best kitchen rugs and assisted you in making your buying decision.

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