Top 10 Best Kitchen TV Reviews in 2023 (Recommended!)

When you work long hours in the kitchen, busy preparing delicious meals for your family, you need something to keep yourself entertained.

Decades ago, you could only have the company of a radio, but now, there are different sizes for television just for your kitchens. Whether you have a massive open kitchen or a rather small one, there’s a TV for every kind of home. 

Whereas you can install a massive 72” TV in your living room, study or bedrooms, the best kitchen TVs are always somewhat under 43”. They may be compact, but with the right resolution, features and picture quality, your kitchen TV can be the best friend you have in the kitchen. 

Need a quick short list? Check these top 3 picks!

Top 8 Best Kitchen TV Reviews 2023

We all love a large 60”  TV in the living room, but kitchen TVs are usually smaller and more compact. Televisions under 43” are especially made for the kitchen; they may be small, but they have all the features you need in a television, especially one to pass the time in the kitchen.

Here are 12 of the best TVs you can get for your kitchen, with their special features and specifications. 

1. Pyle 15.6-inch 1080p LED TV 

If you have a relatively smaller kitchen, this 15.6-inch LED TV can be the perfect model you need for a good time. It’s smaller than all the televisions you see in the market these days, not much bigger than a handheld tablet. Being so compact, it can stand neatly on any of your kitchen counters and even your kitchen shelves. You can also mount it on your walls if needed. 

You can use this kitchen TV not just for watching your favorite shows and movies, but also for music. You can stream any audio from your favorite streaming sites, as well as from your personal collection from your laptop/computer.

The Pyle LED TV is compatible with both MACs and PCs. The visual display of this TV is quite updated and impressive, with a 1080p high-resolution visual that gives you a clear picture. 

With this TV, you get a few other special features such as a close-caption option, control buttons on the top, sleep timer and a fully-functioning LED remote. There are full-range stereo speakers built into this television, but HDMI and RCA cables are also included if you want to add additional speakers. 


  • 15.6-inch compact size and design 

  • 1080p high-resolution display 

  • Allows streaming music and videos 

  • Compatible with both MAC and PC 

  • Can be mounted to wall or stood on counters 

  • Comes with fully functional LED remote control 

  • Closed captioning option 

  • Control buttons on top

  • Comes with full range stereo speakers 

  • Free 60-day tech support 

  • Comes with audio headphones 

2. Small Flat Screen TV 

Another miniature television perfect for your compact kitchen, 13.3-inches in size and fully HD. This television truly is small enough to put anywhere, on your counters, shelves or to be mounted on the wall. It’s not much bigger than a handheld tablet but has more features to it than on any tablet or similar gadgets. 

This is a TV where you can get your local channels for free; all you need is to connect your TV To an RF antenna and you can get all your favorite channels. You can connect almost everything to this TV, making it perfect not just for your kitchen, but also for your study, bedrooms and kids’ rooms.

Try connecting it to your home entertainment system, game console, PC, cable box, or anything else via VGA, HDMI, RCA or RF ports. You can even put your favorite music and videos on a USB drive and play it on this TV. 


  • 13.3-inch TV 

  • 1366 x 768 max screen resolution 

  • Comes with bottom base for standing 

  • Comes with input terminals for HDMI, AV, RCA, VGA and RF ports 

  • Gets local channels for free by connecting RF antenna 

  • Comes with fully functional LED remote 

  • Comes with a headphone 

  • Can be mounted on walls 

  • Can fit into everything 

  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee 

3. Vizio D-series 24” Class 

A relatively larger television for your kitchen - a 24” Smart TV that measures 23.80” diagonally. The TV itself has a 1080p resolution that gives you perfect details and clarity. You can watch Blu-ray movies and videos on this TV and never miss a single detail.

There’s a built-in Wi-Fi inside this television, which means you can connect it to the Internet to gain access to your favorite streaming platforms. 

You can use your smartphone as a remote control to control this television. Whatever you have on your phone screen, you can transfer to your TV with a simple touch. The television is slim and compact, perfect for your kitchen counters, walls and also for your living room, bedrooms and study rooms. 


  • 24-inch kitchen television

  • Perfect for other rooms of the house 

  • Measures 23.8” diagonally 

  • Built-in Wi-Fi 

  • 1080p high-resolution visual 

  • LED screen performs same in all lighting 

  • Can be controlled with a smartphone 

  • Allows access to streaming devices 


Undoubtedly, Samsung is the world’s leading manufacturer of smart and digital televisions, with sizes ranging from small to large. This particular model is a 32-inch smart LED television, a model from 2017. Although a relatively small model, it has twice the details and clarity of an ordinary television from a regular brand. 

You can enjoy flawless picture in this television at a motion rate of 60, with a high resolution that will make every single thing you see lifelike and vibrant. This is a smart TV too, and gives you the option to access your favorite shows, live TV, on demand videos and some of the most popular apps for TV - Netflix, Youtube, etc.

You can even access your social media sites, a.k.a. Facebook, from it. Switching between apps and streaming devices are easy and fast; you can use a simple browser to look for information or view recipes from different sites right in your kitchen. 

The TV itself is small and compact, fit to be wall mounted or kept standing on a stand. 


  • 32-inch smart TV 

  • 720p LED television 

  • Twice the clarity and details of regular TV 

  • Can be wall mounted or stood on counter

  • Allows access to favorite streaming sites and program choices 

  • Allows access to live TV 

  • Has important and popular free apps 

  • Resolution at Motion rate 60 

  • Fast switching between apps 

  • Allows access to social media sites, i.e. Facebook

5. LG Electronics 22LJ4540  

After Samsung, LG is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality televisions. This is a 22-inch television that measures 20-inch x 2.1-inch x 12.5-inch without the stand. This is not exactly a smart TV and doesn’t have provisions to connect to the Internet, but has a 1080p full HD resolution that gives you clarity and details. 

A direct lit LED Screen gives you the same bright picture quality in all kinds of light, from all directions. It comes with an HDMI input port and has a refresh rate of 75 Hz. With LED backlighting, you can even see the deeper and richer colors at all times of the day. 



  • 22-inch screen 

  • Measures 20” x 12.5” x 2.1” from all sides 

  • Comes with an HDMI audio/video port 

  • LED backlighting gives you the perfect view from all angles 

  • Full HD IPS display in all lights 

  • 1080p full HD resolution 

  • 75 Hz refresh rate 

  • Pixel pitch: 0.24795 x 0.24795 

  • 60-day free tech support 

6. Insignia NS-24DF310NA19  

Amazon Fire TV edition, certified by Amazon with Alexa built-in - a television not just for your kitchen, but everywhere else in the house. With a 720p picture quality, you can get the perfect picture quality every time you turn the TV on.

This is a smart TV with the Fire TV experience built into it so that you can enjoy the dozens of streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO, Starz, ShowTimes and many more. 

This TV comes with a Voice Remote, so that you can use your voice commands to control your Television. This television has a 21.9” x 13.5” x 2.7” dimension at all sides, with the stand it comes with.

You can mount this television on your walls or even keep it standing on your counters and tables. It comes with 3 HDMI inputs, a USB input, ARC input, antenna/cable input, digital output and an Ethernet cable. 


  • Amazon Fire TV Edition 

  • Alexa built-in 

  • Allows you access to streaming devices like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more 

  • Wi-Fi enabled Internet TV 

  • Live over-the-air TV 

  • Access to more than 500,000 movies and TV program episodes 

  • 21.9” x 13.5” x 2.7” dimension 

  • 22-inch television 

  • Voice Remote gives you voice command option 

  • Comes with 3 HDMI inputs, a USB input, ARC input

  • Comes with antenna/cable input, digital output and an Ethernet cable

7. Spectre E246BD-F 24” 1080p 

A big 24” kitchen television with all the basic features you need for your daily entertainment. It comes with a built-in DVD player which comes in handy if you have a large video library of your own. Even without DVDs, you can watch your favorite channels and programs on this TV. 

The sound level has a bar of 1 to 100 - great sound quality for your rooms. It comes with a remote so you can use this remote from a large distance. The visual quality, at 1080p resolution, gives you clear video under any kind of light. Using a MHL cable, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to this Spectre television an enjoy the various streaming platforms available in your region.

Besides, you can put photos, audio or video in a USB drive and play them on your television. 

You can also use an HDMI cable, VGA cable, Components and composite inputs on this TV. 


  • 24” kitchen television

  • Built-in DVD player 

  • High sound quality 

  • 1080p high-resolution visual 

  • Can be connected to smartphone or tablet 

  • Allows streaming platforms 

  • Comes with USB port 

  • HDMI, VGA cable input included 

8. Echo Show (2nd Gen) 

The 2nd generation Echo Show isn’t actually a TV, but more of a tablet for your kitchen. Amazon’s very own product, the Echo Show is Alexa-enabled and extremely efficient.

You don’t need a remote or even your fingers to give it commands or control it. Your voice is enough for Alexa to obey your orders and show you anything you want to see. 

Unlike a television, the Echo Show isn’t just for watching your favorite shows, but anything you want to. The 2nd generation Echo Show is 10.1” in size and you can listen to music in it, watch TV shows and movies, go through complicated recipes, make video calls and even make your “To-Do” list on them.

The Alexa-enabled Echo Show is more like a virtual assistant in the kitchen that can help you with timers, alarms, news and recipes. Just ask Alexa what you want to know and Alexa will reply. 

If you have other smart gadgets and devices in your home, your Echo Show can be used to control and maintain them, as well. For example,

if you have a Smart Security Doorbell or Smart Lock on your doors, you can see who’s ringing your bell outside without having to actually walk to the door. Alexa has hundreds of skills that you can access and use through the Echo Show. 

Your Echo Show can make video calls to anyone else who also has an Echo Show, or any other Alexa-enabled Echo devices in their home.

If you have other Echo Show devices at your home, in different rooms, you can even ask Alexa to drop-in on the other devices to check out your other family members who are in other rooms, without leaving the kitchen.

When you are cooking in your kitchen, there’s a lot that you can do with your Echo Show without having to set your feet outside the kitchen. 


  • Alexa-enabled device 

  • Works on both voice command and touch screen 

  • 10.1” device 

  • Can play music, videos, news and weather forecast 

  • Can answer any kind of queries 

  • Can make video calls to other Echo devices and Skype 

  • Can drop in and take videos/photos of other Echo devices in the same house 

  • Can be asked to keep a timer or set an alarm 

  • Can show lyrics to music playing 

  • Works with other smart gadgets 

  • Can be connected to Smart Security systems and security cameras 

  • Built-in multiple layers of protection 

  • Hundreds of other skills and features 

  • Can show programs and movies from streaming platforms 

  • Can help with recipes for cooking 

9. Tyler TTV0705-14 14” Portable Battery Powered TV 

A small, compact television that is only 14” in size, perfect for your kitchen tables, walls or counters. Although small, this TV has a high quality 1080p resolution that gives you perfect picture even from far away. It also has dual turners: ATSC and NTSC. Even when you don’t have electricity, this television can provide up to 4 hours of use with a built-in battery. 

There are good quality built-in stereo speakers for perfect sound no matter how big the room is, as well as a headphone jack with the remote for private listening. Although not a Smart TV, it is compatible with all the popular viewing devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Slingbox and Amazon Firestick. 

Besides, this TV supports all kinds of files via a USB input: MOV, AVI, MPEG 1, 2, 3 and 4, XVID, HEVCH, FLV, RMVB, JPEG and everything else. 


  • Small 14” compact television 

  • Comes with a stand and a remote 

  • Has 4 hours of backup battery 

  • 1080p high-resolution visual 

  • Good quality built-in stereo speakers 

  • Supports all viewing devices 

  • Supports all kinds of file formats 

10. 10-inch Portable Digital ATSC TFT HD Screen 

A small, compact 10” portable device that you can use as a viewing screen in your kitchen. It is a portable device that comes with a built-in battery that you can use to watch for hours even when there’s no electricity. 

The 16:9 screen has a 1024 x 600 SD resolution that you can watch your local channels in, especially in the ATSC countries. The LED panel has a long life and supports all kinds of files, including AVI, MP3, JPEG, MKV, M4V, MP4, VOB, RMVP, etc. You can play any kinds of video and audio by placing them in a USB device. 

A built-in 3200 mAh Li-polymer battery inside this portable viewing device makes it perfect for camping, travelling and outdoor viewing. The battery is rechargeable and will last long.

This portable TV player is lightweight and compact, and can be carried with you anywhere, inside your luggage or backpack. The small screen is perfect for your kitchen counters or for your study table, or in the kids’ bedrooms.  


  • 10” portable TV players 

  • Lightweight and travel friendly

  • 16:9 screen with 1024 x 600 SD resolution 

  • Super slim features with touchscreen 

  • Earphone sockets 

  • Built-in 3200 mAh Rechargeable battery 

  • Supports all kinds of file formats 

  • Comes with car mount 

  • Long life LED panel 

  • Comes with built-in SD card, HDMI -input and USB port

  • High quality stereo speakers 

11. Supersonic SC-1311 White 13.3” LED 

A simple 13.3” LED TV with built-in dual tuners, and gives you perfect 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i resolution, as per your choice.

This television will play all your favorite local channels in a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, with a 1366 x 768 resolution. The response time with this impressive but compact TV Set is 8ms, with a viewing angle of 90-degree (H) x 50-degree (V). 

You can both mount this TV on your walls or keep it standing on your kitchen counters. It’s so small, you can fit this LED TV anywhere. 


  • 13.3” LED TV 
  • Built-in dual tuners 
  • Gives you a perfect 1366 x 768 resolution
  • 8ms response time 
  • 90-degree (H) x 50-degree (V) viewing angle 
  • Wall mountable
  • Comes with a remote control 
  • Comes with HDMI input 
  • 16:9 widescreen view 

Things to consider before buying a Kitchen TV

Your kitchen TV needs to be a little different from the other televisions you have around the house. This is not a TV you’ll be actively watching, but something to help you pass the time when you are busy cooking. 

Your kitchen TV needs some special features that you should look for when choosing a brand/model. 

  • Size 

The size for your kitchen TV depends on the space you have in your kitchen. If you have an empty wall, you can buy a relatively large television to mount your walls. The size of the television you buy will directly depend on your empty wall in that case. 

If you don’t have a wall to spare, you need to invest in a smaller set that can easily sit on your counters. Some television sets are roughly the size of a handheld tablet; you can easily put them back into a drawer or a cupboard after you’re done watching.

The Pyle 15.6-inch 1080p LED TV and the Echo Show (2nd Gen) look like tablets but can do everything a TV can. Therefore, the primary concern in buying a television for your kitchen would be it’s size. 

  • Brand

If budget isn’t an issue, it is always best to get a television from a reputed brand. Both the Samsung Electronics 32-inch, the LG Electronics 22LJ4540 and the Insignia NS-24DF310NA19  are all from reputed brands all over the world.

There’s not much risk in buying televisions from these brands as they have always proved themselves over the last few decades. With Samsung and LG, you can get a choice of television sizes and features, if you have limited space on your walls and counters. 

  • Option between Smart/Regular television 

With a smart TV, you can connect your television to the Internet and enjoy some of the most popular streaming networks, YouTube or even connect your TV to your smartphone/tablet to watch movies, TV programs and music of your choice.

With a regular TV, like the LG Electronics 22LJ4540, you can only watch your local TV channels through an RF antenna. With such a regular TV, you can also put any kind of audio and video on a USB port and attach it to your TV. 

  • Resolution 

Any TV that has resolution less than 1080p is not comfortable to watch. Your kitchen TV will, ideally, be placed at quite a distance from you. This means that you need your television to have a clear and detailed picture quality, especially if this TV is a small one.

The Pyle 15.6-inch 1080p LED TV, the Vizio D-series 24” Class and the  LG Electronics 22LJ4540 has a 1080p resolution that is quite standard for televisions these days, whereas the Samsung Electronics 32-inch and the Insignia NS-24DF310NA19 has a 720p display.  

  • Remote Control 

Even the remote controls of TVs these days are smarter than they were before. The Pyle 15.6-inch 1080p LED TV and the Small Flat Screen TV has a fully functioning LED remote, with audio jacks on the remote control for putting in headphones, if you don’t want to disturb others with your television.

The Vizio D-series 24” Class, on the other hand, can be also controlled with an App on your phone or tablet.

  • Voice Control 

Of all the TV sets and handheld devices mentioned and discussed above, only the Echo Show (2nd Gen) can be controlled with your voice commands. Although this is not a feature that is present in most televisions yet, a voice controlled device can be quite useful in the kitchen.

Since it is a possibility that your hands can be dirty while cooking or preparing food, you can use your voice to change your music, program or video. 

Besides, with the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Show, you can go through recipes in real time, and use voice commands to ask Alexa for the next step in the recipe. 

  • Supports all File Types 

When your TV supports all file types, you can put anything in a USB drive and play it on your TV - movies, TV programs, audio files, music, even home movies and photos. This feature is present in most of the television sets from reputed brands, namely the Small Flat Screen TV, the  Spectre E246BD-F 24” 1080p and the Tyler TTV0705-14 14” Portable Battery Powered TV.  

  • Input/Output Options 

The more input/output options your TV has, the more devices you can attach to it. For example, with an audio out jack, you can connect an external speaker to your TV, increasing the sound quality.

With an RF antenna, you can watch your local channels on your television set, like in the Small Flat Screen TV. With an HDMI cable, which is present in most TV sets, you can connect other external devices like a DVD player, a Blu-ray player or even a projector screen to your TV. 

Other important input ports that can be present in your TV are a component input, a composite input, an Ethernet cable port and a memory card slot.

Output options are limited in a TV, but there could be a TOSLINK or a digital audio out, or a HDMI with CEC. Most people don’t use these options beside the USB port, the HDMI port and occasionally the RF antenna input. 

Other Features:

Other important but optional important features include: 

  • Tech support 
  • Compatibility with PCs and MAC
  • Same display from all sides, under all light 
  • Full range stereo speakers 
  • Access to popular apps (smart TVs)
  • Access to social media sites (smart TVs) 
  • Easy to reach Control buttons on the TV
  • High refresh rate 

These are the important features that will make your TV an efficient one, and give you all the entertainment you need in your kitchen. All of these features might not be present in the same TV, but you’ll know the important ones, and can decide on a brand and model based on your personal requirements. 

What is the right size for kitchen tv?

The size for your kitchen TVs should be directly proportional to the space you have in your kitchen. The more space you have to spare, the bigger your television can be! 

If you have a relatively large kitchen, or if you have an open kitchen, or if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you’d probably want a big television set, almost the size you have in your living room or bedroom.

If your family likes to watch television while eating dinner, or if you prefer to watch the news while having breakfast, the largest TV in your house should ideally be in the kitchen/dining area. The television that’s most watched in your house should be the largest one, the one with the most features, and that can be in your open kitchen or dining room area. 

Also, we deem televisions between 24-inch to 32-inch to be the small ones, and these are most seen in kitchens.

If you have a wall to spare, you can easily mount a 24-inch to a 32-inch television on your wall, provided that the wall happens to be far away from your oven and stove, or any other kitchen tool that emits a lot of heat.

Sometimes, with extensive cooking, even your walls can get hot, and it is better that you don’t mount your TV on such a wall. The Samsung Electronics 32-inch, the Vizio D-series 24” Class and the Sceptre E246BD-F24” 1080p are such TV sets. 

On the other hand, if you do most of your preparation and cooking on your Kitchen Island, a better option for you would be a portable TV set like the Tyler TTV0705-14 14” Portable Battery Powered TV or 10-inch Portable Digital ATSC TFT HD Screen.

These portable TV sets are the same size as a handheld tablet, where you can watch your local channels, stream your favorite movies/programs and listen to music. When done using, you can even keep them locked away in a drawer away from harm. 

With a more exclusive device such as the Echo Show (2nd Gen), you can do much more than just watch videos; this is an Alexa-enabled device and you can ask Alexa for answers to any queries.

You can ask for the news, the weather, any trivia, even recipes. Alexa can help you go through your recipes and you can use voice commands when your hands are dirty. 

The distance between you and your television set should also be taken into consideration. With a relatively big TV such as the Samsung Electronics 32-inch, you need to sit about 4.0’ to 6.66’ away from your set. With a smaller, handheld or portable devices, you won’t need to sit or stand so far away.

Therefore, you can buy a large and wide television only if you can place it within a reasonable distance from where you work. Watching TV from a short distance can trigger headaches, hamper your eyesight and make you lose your concentration. 

When it comes to a kitchen TV, it’s not about how big a television set you can afford or how large your house is, but determining the right one for your requirements. It can be a small, portable one or the largest one in your house, but your kitchen TV needs to be a practical one. 

Difference between LCD and LED TV: Which one is better?

First of all, you need to know the full forms of LED and LCD. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode and LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. 

LCD TVs use a special kind of liquid crystals to reveal a particular color on your screen by switching the pixels on and off. A LCD screen TV gives you a vivid, brilliant display because of the pixels inside the screen. These LCD television sets are much more vivid to watch than the regular digital TVs of the past. 

A LED television set can be called a different type of LCD screen TV. As mentioned before, LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode, which means that these screens come with a special backlighting. With LED screen, you can get a deeper contrast for your videos, especially the darker scenes shot at night.

On an LCD TV, the backlighting - usually fluorescent lights which are used in these TVs - can be seen behind the screen. In LED television sets, the lights are usually around the edges of the TV.

This makes the picture quality better and clearer, much more enjoyable than LCD TVs. This is one of the main differences between LED and LCD TVs that has made the latter more popular. 

LED televisions have a better picture quality for two important reasons. First of all, these TVs work with a distinct RGB-color wheel that produces sharper and more realistic colors.

The colors you see in these TVs are just like the colors we see in real life, sometimes even more vivid. Secondly, the picture quality in these LED televisions can be dimmed.

When you dim the screen, it becomes a true black. It doesn’t just make the picture dark, but it darkens the light inside the TV set and blocks light from passing through the TV’s panel. 

On the other hand, LCD televisions have a thinner screen, and there are some viewing issues. These TVs can only be watched perfectly from a particular angle. From any other positions or angles, you will be greeted with a white or a negative picture quality. 

Besides, LED television sets are much thinner than LCD TVs, although LCD TV’s are also catching up on this feature. Thinner sets mean that it is easier to mount these LED TVs on your walls, which is what most owners prefer to do these days. LED televisions also use less electricity than LCD TVs, which also happens to be a positive point. 

So, which one is the better TV: LCD or LED? 

Remember that, LED TVs are LCD TVs with a special kind of backlighting. It is the backlighting in LED TVs, around the edges instead of the background, that makes these televisions give up a better picture quality.

LED televisions can also be called a “LED-installed LCD TV” and it won’t be wrong. From the view of picture quality, of course LED televisions are better than LCD televisions, but apart from the picture quality, there isn’t much difference between them. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Kitchen TV 2019 

You might have a lot of questions regarding the television you are using very frequently in the kitchen, and here are some answers that might help you. 

Q: What is the best place to put in a kitchen TV? 

A: The best place for your kitchen TV set would be a wall or a counter where you can watch it directly. If you prefer to work by standing/sitting at your kitchen island, the television should be directly in front of you, on the opposite wall, so that you can watch it directly while you work, instead of having to turn around. 

However, stoves are usually attached to walls, which means you need to face a wall while actually cooking. Ideally, the TV needs to be far away from the stove, i.e. not anywhere it can directly come in contact with open flames or excessive heat.

In that case, a portable television or a handheld smart device  would be the best choice for you, something you can carry carry around with you and place near (but not too near) the oven/stove. 

If your kitchen island has the stove incorporated into it, you can easily put mount the TV on the wall you’ll be facing while cooking and preparing the food. 

Q: How high should the kitchen TV be mounted? 

A: This is an important question, because the height of your kitchen TV should be different than any of the other television sets you have around the house.

In our living rooms and bedrooms, televisions are mounted on the wall at a height that they would be comfortably watched while you are sitting on the couch or lying on the bed. Kitchen TVs need to be mounted higher, so that you can watch it comfortably while standing

The TV should also be at the height that it can be viewed from anywhere around the room, not just from in front of the stove. If you have a dining table or a breakfast table in your kitchen, the kitchen TV should be visible from there too. 

Q: Can I mount my kitchen TV inside a cabinet? 

A: Yes, you can, but it is very important that the cabinet isn’t too stuffy or cramped, and there’s enough space around your TV. If you stuff your TV inside a cupboard that doesn’t let air pass, the TV might heat up with continuous use.

If you want to put your TV inside a cabinet, use a sliding tray under the television. This way, you can simply pull the tray, with the television set on top of it, slightly out of the counter when watching. In that case, it has be be slightly above your height so that no one bangs their head on the cupboard doors or the tray. 

Instead of mounting your kitchen TV inside a cupboard, a better option is to simply put it on a shelf. If you have a large shelf on your kitchen walls, your TV can simply sit on it.

You just need to make sure there is enough space around the TV; buy a television that’s smaller than the space on your shelf, and you won’t have to worry about the TV heating up at the back. 

Q: Can heat, smoke and humidity from my kitchen hamper the TV? 

A: If your kitchen TV is directly over, beside or very near your stove, the constant heat from your cooking can harm the TV’s screen. Smoke and heat emitted from your dishes, as well as hot splotches of food can result in a permanent spot on your television’s screen too.

For this reason, the kitchen TV should be far away from where your actual cooking is done, preferably on the opposite wall. 

Q: How should I clean my kitchen TV? 

A: Your kitchen TV can be cleaned the same way you clean your other LED and LCD television sets, only more often. Besides dust and dirt, there might be grime building up on your kitchen TV screen because of the different particles floating in the air. 

Use a clean, dry and soft piece of cloth to first wipe out the dust particles accumulated on your TV screen; Next, use another clean piece of cloth soaked in diluted water to wipe the screen.

The mixture should be 1 part mild dishwashing soap with 100 times distilled water, i.e. a drop of dish soap in a bottle of water. Don’t use any kind of spray on your television screen and never directly spray any cleaning agent on the screen. 

The cleaning technique for each brand and model is different. You can find detailed cleaning instructions in the manual that comes with the TV. 


Televisions have seen the most evolution since the first time it reached our homes. Whereas it was just a small box in our living room - a single, small box television for the whole family to enjoy.

Now, you can buy 85-inch television sets for your living room, and similar sizes for every other room in the house. Even your kitchens can get TVs these days, although smaller ones compared to our main televisions. 

With a TV in your kitchen - a big one mounted on the walls or a small one sitting on your counters - can bring you hours of entertainment while you cook for your family.

You won’t have to spend boring hours in the kitchen when you have your TV with you. From listening to your favorite music to watching Netflix, you can do everything in your kitchen while you cook. 

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