Best Pan for Risotto: Reviews in 2023

Risotto is not a fancy restaurant meal anymore. Anyone can make it. In fact, it is one of the most popular Italian dishes around the world. And those who learn how to prepare it eventually get to enjoy its superb juicy flavor.

But to prepare for it you will need more than just knowledge. That’s where the best pan for risotto enters into play.

Once you get the ideal technique and the nicest ingredients, then you’re ready to get the rice cooking. Without the perfect pan, though, it won’t be easy.

That’s why we want you to stop cooking on Dutch ovens, Instant pots, soup pots, and pressure pans. Instead, you need something specially made for risotto – that can handle the cooking but also maintain the flavor.

In that case, you won’t find a better option than the models we have here. Want to know more about them? Then come in!

Need a quick choice? Here you go:

Top 8 Best Pans for Risotto Rice

There are hundreds of different pans you can use to cook risotto. But few of them are really worth trying, as they will deliver the exact results you’re looking for. Those were the ones we chose and reviewed – here’s what we found about each:

1. Anolon Nouvelle Copper Nonstick Sauce Pan

Available in 5 different sizes going from 2 Quart to 5.5 Quart – this is one of the most durable and efficient models you’ll find.

What makes it so durable? Well, it all starts with a thick layer of copper in its 5-layer construction. This allows maximum heat distribution, which ensures your risotto will cook fast and consistently.

The build, despite being made mainly from copper, still manages to work for induction cooktops. You won’t have to get it working on regular stoves only – making it a super-versatile model to consider.

All this goes well with the oven-safe construction, capable of withstanding up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. Along with the comfortable and resilient handles and seamless interior, this pan is designed to surpass even the highest expectations.

Let’s not forget you also get a high-end non-stick surface. You can use practically any utensil without worrying. And it will never get food stuck or grow annoying build-up after cooking. To make it even better, you get a risotto spoon alongside the pan – made of beechwood for resilience and looks.

The Nouvelle saucepan from Anolon is easily among the most versatile & well-made options. And for its cost, it is a no-brainer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Various sizes available for all needs
  • High-quality five-layer construction for durability
  • Exceptional heat-distribution with copper
  • Top-notch non-stick surface for easy cleaning
  • Practical risotto spoon for easy preparation

2. Tramontina 80116/068DS Gourmet Universal Pan

Tramontina never stays behind when it comes to quality pans, and the 80116/068DS Gourmet pan model is not an exception.

Boasting a tri-ply construction with stainless steel, aluminum, and magnetic steel – it will deliver next-level heat distribution and durability. The aluminum core allows lightness, so handling is a piece of cake. And with the magnetic steel, you can get it working on induction cooktops with ease.

As a universal pan, it is also totally oven safe – capable of cooking food at up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. This goes well with the sturdy riveted handles made of polished stainless steel – making the whole pan super handy but also utterly resilient.

The lid is another feature we can’t dismiss. Also made of stainless steel entirely, it boasts a riveted handle on top, which makes operation a piece of cake. You can prepare the most delicious risotto without making much of an effort.

Considering how easy & versatile it is to use, the superb heat distribution it offers, and the overall durability – this is a pan you don’t want to overlook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb tri-ply build for resilience
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Well-made handles & lid for convenience
  • Versatile build works on all stoves & ovens
  • Beautiful polished finish

3. Lagostina Q5510174 La Risottiera Risotto Pan

We couldn’t talk about cookware for making risotto without mentioning the Lagostina risotto pan. Starting from its attractive design and ending on its exceptional cooking performance – it delivers nothing short of amazing results.

It comes from the Heritage range that Lagostina offers. This series is designed to provide specific results for Italian recipes, and the La Risottiera Risotto Pan is the ideal one for this excellent meal.

Boasting a 4-quart design boasts a low-profile casserole shape, perfect for making stirring a piece of cake. Along with an 18/10 stainless steel surface, you can enjoy excellent cooking from the first try – maintaining the flavors and searing food like no other.

You can operate the pan with ease as well, thanks to the cast stainless steel handles on the sides. And with a wooden lid that also works as a trivet, you can keep food warm and serve when needed.

Last but not least, you will enjoy the Lagoplan 5-layer bonded base with 3-layer walls. Together, they ensure maximum heat distribution, so you never have to stir, overcook, or burn your food.

Considering how sleek it looks with its cast steel surface, there’s nothing about this pan you will hate. And coming from an Italian brand directly, there aren’t many options to match it.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-end 5-layer build for effective heating & reliability
  • Hugely attract cast stainless steel finish
  • Super handy wooden lid with trivet design
  • Unique low-profile design for easy stirring
  • Well-made handles for effortless operation

4. Calphalon Contemporary Aluminum Shallow Sauce Pan

Few cookware brands will manage to deliver superb results without elevating the cost of its products – and Calphalon is one of them.

While not precisely a pan for risotto, it works wonders nonetheless. The first thing you’ll notice is a smooth non-stick interior with a 3-layer build. This ensures maximum non-stick performance without harming heating capacity or durability.

The coating goes over a heavy-gauge aluminum build. This ensures even heating all across the piece, especially when considering the hard-anodized property for extra resilience.

What truly makes it ideal for risotto, however, is the shorter wall design. This will make it super easy to stir consistently, minimizing exhaustion and preventing burns. Along with a glass lid with a steel handle, you can keep the flavor inside and cook in the juiciest way.

As for convenience, you get a brushed stainless steel handle. It will let you grab the pan with ease and move around without burning your hands even after hours of cooking.

Last but not least, you can enjoy the dishwasher and oven safe construction. This will make cooking a lot more practical and easy – so you can prepare even more exciting dishes with this pan without limits.

Highlighted Features:

  • Practical steel handle with stay-cool capacity
  • Well-made tight-fitting glass lid with handle
  • High-quality non-stick coating for flawless cleaning
  • Super-durable hard-anodized steel construction
  • Unique risotto-friendly design for stirring & cooking

5. All-Clad 4211 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Saucier Pan

If you know about cookware brands, then you’re familiar with the quality All-Clad products offer. So there’s no reason to dismiss an All Clad risotto pan.

The 4211 stainless saucier pan is a 1-quart piece of cookware that makes stirring & whisking an easy thing to do. Thanks to its small walls yet superior non-stick interior, you can expect it to cook your risotto super-fast and effectively.

Its build is based on an aluminum core that absorbs heat fast & effectively. Along with stainless steel that distributes the heat all around – you can achieve excellent results without making much of an effort.

It also works on a wide array of stoves, including induction systems. And it is still super-safe, so you can get it working on ovens and dishwashers.

The interior non-stick capacity is no joke, either. It comes with a starburst finish that prevents even the stickiest of food from getting stuck. And it doesn’t provide the usual metallic taste that other pans do.

When you add the stay-cool handle on the side, with a long design for effortless operation, you will get one of the most practical yet useful options in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Next-level aluminum core for heat absorption
  • Even heat distribution with stainless steel layer
  • Smooth operation with stay-cool handle
  • Low wall design with curved edges for easy cooking
  • Ultra-durable and safe construction overall

6. All-Clad 6212 SS Copper Core Stainless Steel Saucier Pan

If we had to pick the best copper risotto pan, we wouldn’t think twice before choosing the All-Clad 6212 SS Saucier Pan.

Once again, All-Clad makes it easy to enjoy maximum cooking results – now with the 2-quart saucier pan. It delivers one of the most reliable & heat-efficient copper cores with 5-layer construction.

While the core is made of copper, the interior surface is made of stainless steel. Not only it looks super shiny with a starburst finish, but it also promotes maximum non-stick results and perfect heat distribution.

There’s also an aluminum layer, perfect for absorbing heat magnificently well. But it also adds the extra lightness to make the handling easier.

The overall strength of the saucier pan is no joke. You can use it practically anywhere with any food, and it will handle the job without problems.

Even the handling is easy, thanks to stainless steel handles with venting and a highly contoured design. It feels comfortable but also ensures maximum grip. And this is without mentioning its stay-cool capacity.

Finish up with the practical steel lid with easy-to-use handle, and a beautiful polished appearance all around. You won’t believe how amazing it feels to cook your food with such a quality piece.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long-lasting 5-ply build with copper core
  • Aluminum layer ensures a light yet a resilient piece
  • Quality stainless steel surface for non-stick capacity
  • Gorgeous exterior with polished design
  • Highly convenient stay-cool handle & steel lid

7. Farberware High-Performance Nonstick Frying Pan

If you don’t want to spend much of your money and instead get something simple yet effective – the Farberware High-Performance Frying Pan will do the job.

While it boasts a 12-inches design, you can make risotto for an entire family on it. And it won’t get food stuck thanks to the SmartGlide Non-Stick System, a top-quality surface that prevents residues.

Apart from that, the system ensures excellent cooking results. You can cook a wide array of stuff without losing even heat distribution or fast heating.

 All comes down to a heavy-duty aluminum build. It delivers an attractive exterior with an excellent easy-to-clean surface. Along with a double-riveted long handle, you can achieve proper grip and operate it with ease.

The best of all is the glass lid. It is a shatter-resistant build that ensures maximum cooking inside but also lets you see what’s happening. When cooking risotto, this is a huge advantage to keep your meal in sight.

Last but not least, it is totally dishwasher and oven resistant. You won’t have any problem cooking all kinds of meals, but also no problem when cleaning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decently durable heavy-duty aluminum build
  • Easy-clean & good-looking exterior
  • Practical shatter-resistant glass lid
  • Comfy & reliable double-riveted handle
  • Superb SmartGlide non-stick system

8. Chantal Copper Fusion Risotto Pan

Exclusively made for risotto, the Chantal Copper Fusion Pan is a magnificent addition to your kitchen. Thanks to its multi-ply construction – it can cook the tastiest and well-textured risotto you can think of.

This all starts with a copper plate fused with carbon-steel for the core. Together, they ensure maximum heat distribution and absorption, so you can enjoy exceptional cooking quality from the first use.

But the real advantage comes from the enamel surface. It manages to prevent even the stickiest of food from building up on the interior. And it also provides one of the most beautiful exteriors, boasting a red finish that looks exceptional.

You can use it with all kinds of utensils with ease, and it won’t scratch or break. And with its stay-cool handles that use no rivets at all – then you can enjoy one of the most practical yet reliable pans out there.

With the chance of cooking on the oven, operate it with ease, use all kinds of utensils, and still receive next-level risotto every time – it inevitably becomes one of the best you can get.

Despite all that, this German-made pan for risotto is utterly affordable. So you get double the quality without getting twice the cost. And that’s something g you can dismiss.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heat-efficient build with copper & carbon steel
  • Hugely attractive red enamel finish
  • Ultra-effective non-stick with enamel interior
  • Reliable & comfy rivetless stay-cool handles
  • Unbeatable cost for the overall quality

What to Look For While Buying Pan for Risotto?

Were our reviews enough for you to pick the best pan for making risotto? Well, don’t worry if these reviews didn’t help you – you can still learn a lot more before making your final choice.

Here are a few factors you shouldn’t overlook while looking for a new pan for your risotto recipe:

Materials & Build

First of all, make sure you’re getting the ideal materials for the pan.

There are many different materials you’ll have to consider – going from aluminum to stainless steel, copper, cast-iron, and more.

With a pan boasting a copper base, you can achieve proper heat absorption, distribution, and overall durability.

Aluminum is not a wrong choice, either. It is pretty light and easy to handle while providing the best heat distribution out there.

Stainless steel doesn’t stay behind with its excellent heat absorption and resilience.

But overall, we recommend 3-ply or 5-layer models that have at least two of these materials. You can receive the advantages of each one without losing cooking efficiency. That will make it easy to achieve a tasty & gummy risotto that doesn’t disappoint.


The non-stick of a risotto pan is probably the second most crucial factor to think about. As a juicy food that tends to stick to different surfaces, risotto is not easy to make unless you have proper non-stick.

That’s why we highly recommend going for the smoothest and most effective non-stick surface you can. And there will be many to choose from.

You can find silicone, enamel, and ceramic. For us, the ideal for risotto would be enamel – especially if it comes with a polished surface.

That will ensure you get excellent non-stick even with the stickiest risotto. But you can still go for ceramic, silicone, or Teflon (PTFE). Just make sure you get a non-stick surface without fault – or you may end up regretting your purchase.

Size or Capacity

Another critical feature when looking for the best pan to cook risotto is the size it offers. There will be many different dimensions to consider – some are measured in a quart for quantity, and others are measured in inches for size.

For a regular saucepan for risotto, we recommend at least 2 quarts if you want to make about 3 to 5 servings of risotto. Yet, if you're going to make enough for an entire family of 8 people or over – then pick a pan that offers at least 5 quarts of capacity.

As for the size in inches, 12-inches would be the standard for about 3 portions. But you can go up to 18-inches pans that deliver several portions for a complete family. If you want something small, then an 8-inches pan will do.


Cooking risotto demands a lot of stirring and moving the rice around. For that, you need easy access and a rounded enough surface on the pan.

That’s why it is vital to pick the ideal shape on the pan. We usually go for deep designs and short sides. That will make it easy to access the rice with a utensil, but also way easier to stir and add ingredients when needed.

It is important to note that some of the saucepans and frying pans/skillets look a lot like pots. But instead of having long & high sides, they usually provide shorter ones. Try not to confuse them, and you may end up with a perfect risotto pan.


Once you have the shape figured out, then you can start considering the handles. This is mostly about comfort and grip when operating the pan.

For us, there’s nothing more important than getting a stay-cool construction. That means not burning your hands when grabbing the pan by the handles.

Then, you can consider whether you want a long handle to grab with one hand, or dual handles on the sides for a more secure grip.

Also, make sure the handles are well-made. They should come with the same materials as the body of the pan. And if they come with a riveted build, then that’s even better so you can rely on them.

As long as they’re comfortable, won’t burn your hands, and can last for hundreds of cooking sessions – then that’s the ideal set of handles to go for.


Handles are not the only part of the pan that will help you operate it. The cover is also essential.

Lids may be made of metal and the ones made of glass. Both are excellent choices, but you’ll have to consider whether you want something that lets you see through (glass), or a lid that concentrates heats better inside (metal).

Besides, most lids need to come with a stay-cool handle as well. So don’t go for models that come with small and uncomfortable handles. Go for the most practical ones instead.

Oven & Dishwasher Safe

Last but not least, your saucepan for making risotto should be safe to put in the oven but also safe to wash in the dishwasher.

Even though you’re unlikely to cook risotto in the oven, we still recommend a pan that can go there if needed. That will make the piece useful for more than just risotto.

And sure enough, the dishwasher-safe feature will prevent you from doing any unnecessarily tricky cleaning. Just place the pan inside the machine and let it do its job.

How to Use the Best Pan for Making Risotto


There are many ways to cook risotto. So we’re not teaching how to do so, but instead give you a few tips that will help you out in the process.

If you have already have a recipe and want to get the most out of your pan – then follow this advice:

Don’t Rinse Rice

Many people tend to rinse the rice before cooking it for a risotto. But that’s not helpful.

While it can get some of the starch out of the rice, which could make it taste better, it also takes the starch that makes it creamy.

Cook Vegetables Separately

Even if you have the largest sauce pan for risotto, we don’t recommend cooking the vegetables alongside the rice. Instead, cook the veggies on another pan or skillet.

This is better for two reasons:

1.   The oils and liquids coming out of the vegetables could damage the creaminess of the risotto.

2.   It doesn’t let the rice cook correctly.

So what do we recommend? Easy, just cook them separately and add them once the rice and the veggies are done. Simmer them together to combine flavors, and that’s it.

Use Proper Heat

One of the main reasons people don’t get creaminess in their risotto is because they use too much heat. At the same time, if their rice ends up too wet and sticky – then it means they used too little heat.

The perfect temperature should be medium. Simmering the risotto with all its ingredients at medium heat will be ideal for keeping the perfect consistency and preventing any extra wetness or dryness.

Let It in the Pan

Once the risotto is done, and if it has the proper consistency and flavor, then you should let it sit on the pan for several minutes. Do not take it out (unless it is for serving), or refrigerate it. Instead, let it sit for several minutes up to an hour, then you can take it off.

This will make sure you don’t get the awful steam that makes risotto too wet when it is stored in cold pans or pots. Similarly, it prevents the rice from getting too hard or extra-sticky – which damages the consistency. If you have the proper pan, then this will be even better.

How to Use the Pan to Reheat Risotto

While cooking your risotto can take several hours, reheating it should not. But you will still need to do so correctly if you want to keep the consistency and flavor.

For that, follow our next tips:

Only Store in Fridges

Never store an already-done risotto in places like an oven or in bowls outside the fridge. Instead, leave it inside the pan (if possible), and well-refrigerated for it not to spoil and/or lose its consistency.

Even if it is for just a few hours after cooking it, you should make sure it is refrigerated to avoid any of that.

Cook It Once it’s Warm

If you took the risotto out of the fridge, then you should not proceed to cook it right away (unless it’s absolutely necessary).

Instead, you should let it warm up for a few minutes up to an hour outside the fridge – and then you can cook it.

This way, you don’t lose the consistency and/or create the extra steam inside the pan from the cold rice. It will not only harm the texture but the overall flavor – and that can be awful.

Cook At Medium Heat

Just like when you’re cooking it for the first time – you should also reheat it at medium steam. We recommend adding a few more broth or milk to prevent it from burning on the pan interior.

Stir for about 2 or 3 minutes and then let it sit for 1 more. Then you’re ready to eat it.


As you can see, there are several options to go for when it comes to pans for making risotto at home. So there’s a lot to choose from.

Remember, however, that the pans for risotto is not the most expensive or the one with the highest-quality materials – but the pan that best matches your needs.

Before taking any final choice, make sure to follow our advice, and you’ll end up with the right piece. Don’t waste this chance!

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