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Best Saw For Hardwood Flooring: Reviews in 2022 (Updated!)

If you’re preparing for a wood project and haven't bought a saw yet, your tools are incomplete. Every wood-work professional must have a saw tucked somewhere in their toolbox. However, if your project has to do with the floor, you need the best Saw for hardwood flooring.

Please don’t say your old one can still do it. When it comes to flooring with hardwood, you need a saw with the right features for the best result. Don’t forget! Many options have come and gone, but hardwood floors remain the champion in durability. So, let's help you get it right with a tool that'll ensure precision, speed, and efficiency. 

We’re going to be exploring different brands of saws suitable for your project. You’ll also learn the important factors to consider before selecting any brand and lots more.

So, go ahead and nail it once. 

What is a Saw For Hardwood Flooring? 

There are many types of saw out there, but for your hardwood flooring, you'll need a power saw instead of a hand saw. When you're carrying out a simple sawing job, you can use the hand saw. But when it comes to working with hardwood, look for options such as band saws, circular saws, or reciprocating saws.

Circular saw requires electricity to run its blade for straight cuts on hardwood, plywood, tile, softwood, and masonry. Band saws use a very long blade for high-production cuts. Then, the reciprocating saw features a straight blade that can cut in one direction.

Other types of saws for hardwood flooring include miter saws, jamb saws, or routers.

Top 7 Best Saw for hardwood flooring REVIEWS

1. Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw

This brand made our list of the best saw for hardwood flooring due to its efficiency, complete features, and cutting depth. So, if you want something compact yet powerful for your hardwood flooring, this brand nails it perfectly.

Looking at the size, you may expect a low output, but it's not the case. The motor of this circular saw packs a total of 5 amperages and delivers 3,500 revolutions per minute (RPM)

The next feature you'll love is the design of this Saw. The blade is a left-handed design that ensures a cut-visibility. Also, the grip design is inline and very slim to promote a user's comfort, ensure control, and proper balance. Moreover, this design also allows users to maneuver the Saw for overhead cuts. 

We love the bevel capacity, which comes 45 degrees and the 90-degree cutting depth capacity. Also, the saw is very light at a weight of 5 lbs. But it slashes through a 2 by 4 wood in one single pass. You can attest to the fact that it weighs lesser than most conventional circular saws but performs better than many brands.

 Don't hesitate to pick this brand for optimal weightless performance. You can complete your tasks without strain since it only requires one hand to hold and operate the Saw. Also, you can use it for many things such as plywood, pegboard, hardwood flooring, dowels, etc. 

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful motor using 5 amperages for 3,500 RPM
  • Weighs 5 lbs. for maximum comfort
  • Left-handed blade provides cut-line visibility
  • Slim grip design promotes control, balance 
  • Promotes maneuverability for overhead cuts
  • Ensures 90 degrees cutting depth 
  • 45 degrees bevel capacity 


 This is another best Saw for hardwood flooring from Rockwell. This model is a tabletop design that can cut many things apart from wood. You can use this powerful tool to cut hardwood, tile, plastic, metal, and aluminum. Also, any function you need, such as inside cuts, rip, miter and scroll, etc. this model is capable.

Another aspect of this Saw that you'll appreciate is that it doesn't weigh much. At 15 pounds, you can use it anywhere you want since there's a handle to hold and lift. Also, the no-load speed is 3000 per minute, and with the right blade, you can cut every material with ease.

All you need is to alternate the blade types for any project you're handling but use this single machine for all. Yes, this special Rockwell Saw comes with 5 different t-shank blades that allow for versatility. With these blades, it is easier to cut metal, ceramic tile, wood, and aluminum in only three seconds tops.

We also love the hold-down guards & Splitter plus the rip fence. These features enhance your capacity to control the machine and also achieve wider cuts. They also enable you to cut your measurements accurately, thereby saving time and costs.

Moreover, there are other features you'll like, such as the ¾ inches stroke length, the 5.5 amperages of power input, the available miter gauge, and the 5-piece blade set.

Highlighted Features

  • 5.5 amps of power input and ¾ stroke length
  • Rip Fence, Hold-down guard & Splitter 
  • 5-piece blade set for different materials
  • Vacuum port and miter gauge
  • No-load speed of 3000 per minute
  • 15 pounds weight and durable handle
  • Cuts metal, wood, plastic, aluminum, and tile
  • Handles inside cuts, rip, miter, and scroll.

3. WEN 3921 16-inch Variable Speed Saw

If you’re more interested in versatility, this brand is a great option to consider. It offers every user the option to choose the speed level that suits their project. This means that you can buy this wood saw and use for many projects. It doesn't have to end on a hardwood flooring, but you can use it on lighter materials as well.

The design of this WEN saw is worthy of note. You can achieve the optimal ripping capacity since the saw is a double-directional machine. It accepts the saw blade in the standard direction and a 90-degree direction. Another aspect we love is the variable speed. It offers from 400 strokes to 1600 strokes every minute. 

You can also enjoy the thumb screw adapter that allows you to change the blades without any tool. There's also the dust port that collects all specs of dust to ensure optimal performance.

You can't help but appreciate other features such as the flex light, onboard storage, air pump, and lock clamp. Apart from these features, this WEN saw also boasts of a cast-iron base and three different blades.

Highlighted Features

  • Two-directional blade capacity for 90 degrees and standard
  • 400-1600 strokes/minute for variable speed
  • 45 degrees table beveling for angled-cuts 
  • 16 inches throat depth for cutting 2’’ wood
  • Three interchangeable blades for diverse applications
  •  Dust port for extraction during operation
  • Onboard storage and flex lights
  • Thumb-screw adapter for saw blades
  • Air pump, foot lock clamp and solid cast-iron base 

4. SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw plus Single Beam Laser

If you’re a professional who wants to up his/her game, we recommend this circular saw from SKIL. Yes, it has impressive features that are enhanced for optimal performance. One of the features that make this brand a winner is that single-beam laser guide. With this technology, every cut you target comes out accurately without a miss.

Also, we couldn’t help but notice that the machine is powerful with a 15 amperage motor that facilitates speed while cutting hardwoods or others. It's not surprising that this saw is for experts because the dust blower works efficiently in eliminating dust from the line that the blade follows.

That way, you don't need to stop for such encumbrances. Instead, the machine continues to cut until the last hardwood is in the appropriate shape.

Two other features that facilitate speed are the on-tool wrench and the spindle lock. With these tools, you can change blades as quickly as necessary to get your work done. Also, there is the 51 degrees bevel with 45 degrees positive stop that allows for many cut options. 

We can fail to mention two of the safety features present in the SKIL saw. The first one is the indicator light that tells you when to start using the saw. The next feature is the guarded trigger that reduces the risks of an accidental start-up. With these two, users can operate without fear.

Highlighted Features

  • Single-beam laser for straight cuts
  • 15-amps motor ensures adequate power input
  • Dust blower keeps blade cut line very clear
  • On-tool wrench and spindle lock for faster blade change
  • 51 degrees bevel provide cut options
  • Indicator light and guarded trigger for user protection

5. SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw Plus 36T Contractor Blade

According to flooring experts and DIY enthusiasts, this model of SKIL saws can simplify your hardwood flooring project. Also, they're impressed with the lightweight nature and the portable design, as well.

So, if you're looking for a durable and effective hardwood saw, look at this model closely. At least you can carry it to every project location without stress.

Another impressive feature is the multiple cut options. You can use this Saw for rip cuts, cross and miter cuts on your hardwood. Instead of doing these things on separate saws, use this SKIL model to complete every cut requirement of your project. 

To ensure that users enjoy optimal performance, the manufacturers added a contractor blade that has 36 carbide-tipped teeth. There is also an aluminum fence and a workpiece clamp. Moreover, this model also features a dust bag to ensure that the cut line remains clear for accurate cuts.

That’s not all to commend! Check the miter gauge that SKIL 3601-02 offers. This feature ensures that the saw can be flexible enough to accommodate every kind of cut a user needs for a project. Also, it allows the saw to handle different projects such as solid hardwood flooring, laminate, and engineered flooring.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Capacity for miter, rip and cross cuts
  • Die-cast aluminum rip fence & miter
  • Versatile for laminate, engineered and solid flooring
  • 0, 22.5 & 45 degrees miter detents 
  • Dust bag for a cleaner blade line cut
  • 36 Carbide-tipped teeth saw blade
  • Aluminum fence and vertical clamp

6. DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel

This is one exciting and optimally performing saw from the grandmasters of power tools. If you've been in this industry, you'll attest that DEWALT power tools are always high-quality, durable, and high performers. From the design down to the features, this saw represents the unique products of the company. 

It offers an enhanced innovative belt drive and gearbox design that ensures smooth-riding vertical cutting for users. Works with the powerful motor that uses 15 amperages to deliver 3,800 revolutions per minute (RPM). Also, these power input and output assures you of durability and continuous operation without breakdown.

Another commendable feature of the DEWALT 12-inch saw is the XPS cross-cut positioning system. This integrated functionality ensures ease for cut-line indication. You don't need to adjust the wood, but the system handles it.

We also commend the dust extraction system that collects more than 75 percent of the dust that accrues as you work. There is a stainless steel miter plate that ensures accuracy and more productivity. Also, this brand's wood saw can be used for cross-cut and miter cut.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity for 45 degrees miter cut 
  • 90 degrees C-cut capacity
  • 75% Dust extraction system
  • Adjustable Detent plate made from stainless steel 
  • 90 degrees cuts on 2X6 dimensional lumber
  • 45 degrees cut capacity on 2 X 12 lumber
  • Belt drive and gearbox for vertical cutting
  • 15 amperage motor delivers 3,800 rpm
  • XPS cross-cut positioning system for the cut-line specification

7. DEWALT DWS716XPS Double Bevel Miter Saw

This is the second model we love from the iconic power tools company. It has all the features you require and more. So, how about working with a powerful and durable hardwood saw that would ensure ease of use and optimal performance? Here you have it in this model from DEWALT. The 15 amp motor delivers 3,800 revolutions per minute.

It features a miter detent saw plate that makes your cuts to be accurate and enable you to work more. This miter plate is also adjustable to utilize the 14 positive stops. Also, there’s an override technology that helps you control the stops and apply the setting you want. 

Not only that, this model has a commendable design that allows for bevel cuts and cross-cut. The double-bevel design enables you to flip your saw and not the wood.

It offers various positives stops ranging from 0 to 48 degrees. You’ll also like the LED light present in this best saw for hardwood. It enables you to see the cut-line clearly without adjustments for accuracy. 

There is also miter lock technology and the dust duct that works together for optimal performance. While the former ensures durability, the latter promotes accuracy and efficiency.

Moreover, you will enjoy the portable and lightweight design of this saw. It’s not cumbersome so, you can carry it around to every location.  

Highlighted Features 

  • 15 amps motor delivers 3,800 RPM
  • LED light facilitates visibility for  accurate cuts 
  • Double bevel miter for easy flipping 
  • Capacity for bevel and cross cuts
  • Override system for miter detents allows adjustability
  • XPS cut-line system facilitates easy positioning
  • Efficient dust duct extract at the cut point
  • Miter lock technology facilitates easy adjustments

Things to consider before buying a Saw For Hardwood Flooring 

There are many factors worth considering if you aim to buy the best saw for hardwood flooring. Already, the market is flooded with assorted types and capacity of saws. But you must choose the appropriate one that can cut cleanly and precisely on the hardwood for a smoother outcome. So, let’s explore some of them.

Stroke length 

While using a saw, you’ll notice that the blade determines the preciseness and ease at which you divide the woods. Now, as the blade goes up and comes down to complete the task, the distance between the two locations is the stroke length.

To ease your work, experts recommend that you invest in a saw with a longer stroke length. That way, you’ll be sure that the number of its teeth hitting the hardwood will be adequate for better results. 

Strokes amount per minute

This is another important factor because it determines if your machine will cut efficiently and faster. You have to buy a hardwood saw with a higher amount of strokes. Check it to determine how many times the saw blade moves up and down the wood every minute. This will help your project a lot and ensure that you complete it faster. 

No-load Speed

Don’t forget to check the speed of the power saw motor when the blade is not cutting through the wood. How many times does the blade go up then come down every minute? This is when the blade is idle, not when it is working because the number will significantly decrease as it works. 

Maximum cutting strength

Before you select any saw for your hardwood flooring, check what the manufacturer said about it. We often neglect this, but it will guide your decision to buy or not.

If the capabilities are high, go for it, but if low, leave it for another brand to avoid unnecessary delays. Cutting hardwood requires the best saw out there, and that should be your focus.  

Adjustable speed setting

 How would you like to buy a one-machine-for-all saw? It’s better to select a brand that offers variable settings for different speed levels. That way, you can use it for hardwood and other lighter materials, as well.

Universal clamp 

Always be on the lookout for a brand that can accept the T shank & U shank saw blades. Many brands can only take either one of them. That's why you have to search thoroughly for that particular power saw that can accept both fitments.

Wattage Requirements

Since the saw blade, you will use electrical power, check the power input. This is another way to determine its speed while operating. If the wattage requirement of the motor is high, you can invest in it because it's performing optimally on your hardwood flooring project.

The diameter of the Blade bore

This factor is mostly applicable to circular saws. This bore is that hole you see at the center of your saw blade. Many brands of saws have different blade bores, but you have to check carefully to get the right size for your project.

Shoe plate, keyless blade replacement, and dust extraction

These three are also important to consider before selecting any saw. The shoe plate will ensure that you cut the wood at angles. The blade replacement option will enable you to change the saw's blade whenever necessary and faster too. Lastly, dust extraction is to keep things clean by collecting the dust that accrues while working.

What saw blade to use for cutting hardwood flooring? 

There are many types of saw blade out there. However, you must get the right one to ensure a perfect outcome. Some of the blade types include:

  • Fine tooth saw blade
  • Pointed tooth saw blade
  • Ripsaw blade
  • Carbide-tipped universal saw blade
  • Chisel tooth saw blade. 

You can use the ripsaw blade, carbide-tipped blade and chisel tooth saw blade to cut hardwood. The ripsaw is very versatile, so it cuts both soft and hardwood. The carbide-tipped blade has a wider application because it cuts soft, hard, laminates, and other materials. Finally, the chisel tooth saw blade can also cut your hardwood material.

However, before you select any type of blade, check the following:

  • The diameter of the saw. Make sure you choose the right one to avoid disappointments 
  • Accurate bore size; this varies and can be 30mm, 12.7mm or 20 mm but it depends on the one you need
  • Appropriate number and size of blade teeth. This will ensure a faster and more efficient result. How?

Blades come with different numbers and sizes of teeth. It all depends on your project and its unique requirement. For instance, a blade that has many small and flat teeth in trapezoid shapes will deliver a very clean cut. Using a blade with lots of alternately offset teeth will deliver fine or medium cut. 

If you buy a blade that features a few flat teeth but large in size, you can be sure to achieve coarse cuts very fast. 

Blade Recommendation for Hardwood Flooring

So, for your hardwood flooring, you can consider the following: 

  • All-purpose Steel Saw Blade; you can use this blade to cut hardwoods as well as other types of materials. It has up to 40 teeth and doesn’t cost that much. 
  • Plywood Saw Blade; many professionals use this blade because it features up to 100 fine teeth. You can use it for engineered flooring, clean cutting paneling, and moldings.
  • Cut-Off Saw Blade; this type features 60 & 80 spaced-teeth. It also offers 10 degrees of angle or hook. You can use this blade for rough cutting
  • Combination blade; you can count from 80 teeth to 100 teeth on this blade. It is very versatile and works fast on every type of material. Experts recommend it for precision miter cutting, laminates, and exotic hardwood.

How to use a Saw for Hardwood flooring? 

Hardwood remains a premium flooring material even though it is becoming less common in recent times. A hardwood floor can go with any décor such as a country, traditional and modern. Hardwood flooring looks amazing, and they are good alternatives to other forms of flooring such as tile, timber, laminate cork, and lots more.

You can use hardwood in any room, but they should be avoided in the kitchen and probably basements. They won't last long if they are exposed to water, and they can hide mold growths in their cracks.

Hardwood use is versatile, and they function in a variety of ways. They have been used for many centuries, but they still provide a genuine good look. If you are thinking of putting together a Hardwood wood floor, then choosing the right saw can help you complete your project on time with a professional look.

Considerations for hardwood floor installations

Hardwoods have been used for many centuries, and they don't go out of style despite design shifts and style changes. Despite modernization and technological advancement, they still look amazing and never get outdated. This is partly because of their natural look and feel

When installing hardwoods, there are some considerations to make 


When installing a hardwood floor, you should opt for a unique design. There are varieties of designs you can choose from. You should go for a pattern that has unique colors, rain, and strips.

You can find different varieties of imported or locally made hardwoods in the market today. Going for a unique design would ensure that each of your floor installations would be unique and elegant.

Hardwood Character

Constant movement on the floor would make your hardwood change its colors over time. The floor would acquire subtle shadings and pick up little dents, scratches, and nicks that would create a unique look for your floor.

Trying to analyze what your hardwood floor character would eventually become before installation can help you determine the type of hardwood to purchase.  You cannot buy the character of the hardwood; they come over the years.

The Style of your home

Choose a hardwood partner that goes in sync with your home design. Consider the color of your room, your cabinetry, trim work, and furniture before making your hardwood design selection. Another aspect to consider is a hardwood plank type that would allow you easily change your décor in the future without limiting your selection options.

Choosing the Right Saw for your hardwood flooring

You've selected your hardwood for the flooring, so how do you get a clean straight cut of your hardwood? Without the proper selection of your saw blade, your hardwood cutting might be a mess.

There are different kinds of saw blades for hardwood cutting, which are a table saw, radial-arm saw, chop saw or sliding compound miter saw, and lots more. There is a lot of saw type which can even bewilder an experienced hardwood worker; this is why you need to make a careful selection.

For hardwood flooring, opt for a blade with more teeth because they can give a smoother cut. For straight cuts, go for a miter saw, and for curve or obstruction cuts, opt for a jigsaw for the curve. A table saw is also an excellent alternative in cutting straight cuts. These types of saw can help you achieve a clean-cut and professional cut for your flooring.


During a hardwood floor installation, you fit together end to end to form different rows. But to make a fitting, you would have to cross-cut the last board. While crosscutting, the board keeps the face down on a table saw to reduce chipping to the surface.

You should place the board to align (same orientation) with those already on the floor when you measure for cross-cutting. With this approach, you would not cut off the wrong end. Keeping a chop saw nearby on the floor can also enable you to carry out cross-cutting easily.

Installing the last Rows

Remove the last row of the bottoms of the grooves before laying the last row of your flooring. Ensure that the grooves of the boards in that row are ripped to proper width so that you can drop them in place. The height of the blade should be equal to one-half of the floor thickness when you rip off the bottoms of the grooves.

The grooves should be between the inside of the saw blade and the fence and then push the board through the blade. That’s how you can achieve an accurate cut and proper width for your flooring 

Jigsaw can be used to cut notches around door jambs and cabinets. It can also be used to cut curved ends for your hardwood flooring. Wood floor installers make use of a scribing tool that looks like a protractor to draw circles and curves before cutting with a jigsaw.

However, the jigsaw can splinter the surface of your hardwood flooring boards. If you want to avoid or minimize splinter, then you should measure from the back and also cut from the back. If you are not skilled enough to cut from the back, then use a metal cutting blade.


We've gone far and wide to gather, vet and select seven of the best saw for hardwood flooring. There are thousands out there, but we have the winners in this article. Apart from many competing brands in the market, there are many types of saws.

However, you can’t use an inappropriate tool on any project unless you want a bad outcome.  That’s why we selected these seven for your perusal. 

With household names such as DEWALT in this list, your next hardwood flooring will be a breeze. Take your time, go through them, and choose your best. But we assure you that any brand you choose will serve your woodwork needs.

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