10 Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms: Reviews 2023

Everyone wants to take baths in style and comfort. But when the bathroom is limited in space, it can be tricky to find products that make it so.

Luckily, you can start by using one of the best shower doors for small bathrooms. It doesn’t have to be a gigantic or super-practical door. But it needs to be perfect for your bathroom size.

That’s why we assembled a list of small shower doors that were impossible to dismiss. Then we brought each one to this article, reviewed and explained to their last detail.

Apart from that, we also brought a brief buying guide with all the info you should consider before making the last choice.

So, want to learn everything we’ve prepared for you? Then keep scrolling!

10 Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms

There were tons of different shower doors to think about. But only a few met our standards. Even less so were good enough to bring to this article.

We ended with only 10 of these shower doors. They were the best among the best, offering every single feature necessary to get your shower up and working with no drawbacks.

Here’s what we found about them:

1. VIGO VG6041STCL6074 Elan Sliding Shower Door

Brands should care about durability and looks. Vigo does both expertly well. That’s why it is also behind some of the best frameless shower doors out there. This includes the Elan sliding model.

With just one look, you’ll realize this is among the highest-quality shower doors out there. The 304 stainless steel hardware will make it durable and astonishingly stylish.

You won’t hate the tempered glass either. It will boost your bathroom appeal exponentially, achieving a modern but appealing touch that even traditionalists will love.

And sure enough, you also get a rust-free and easy-to-clean door. Even after several years of use, the door will look like new.

When it comes to opening and closing, you get a sliding system. With the use of roller disks, the Vigo’s Elan shower doors will move super-smoothly and easily every time.

And with a reversible door, you can open your shower either to the right or left as needed.

You will probably want to know the height. In that case, this door offers a total of 74 inches. That’s enough to fit most showers.

Apart from that, its tempered glass is extra thick, at 3/8 inches. That ensures maximum durability.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy a Flex-Sizing technology. This means you can install the door with little effort.

You get 4-inch adjustability (it can be 56 or 60 inches wide) and a super-straightforward setup process—no need to be an expert to set it up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-tall design at 74 inches
  • Available in 4 different color options
  • A smooth and quiet sliding mechanism
  • Gorgeous frameless design
  • Thick and resilient tempered glass

2. WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-MBL Frameless Sliding Shower

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about the best glass shower doors without mentioning a Woodbridge model. That’s why the MBSDC6076-MBL is our second choice.

We didn’t add this one because we love the brand. It’s all because it is a fantastic choice all around, perfect to set up even the smallest bathroom with a gorgeous door.

You get a frameless design. It boasts a 3/8-inch thick tempered glass and a spotless construction all around.

This includes the stainless steel hardware that’s designed not only to add durability but also to make it super attractive in every way.

Sure enough, you can forget about rusts, spots, spills, and much more with this model.

Even shattering is out of the question, it boasts a bonded safety film that prevents it from scattering around if it breaks. So you have double the safety.

All of that works in a 56 to 60 inches wide door. It is adjustable so you can make it work however you prefer.

And with its 76-inch of height, it is more than perfect for most tiny bathrooms.

Don’t forget it also offers a 3/10-inch of adjustability so you can set them up more easily. Along with a reversible door design, there’s almost no chance this door will let you down.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-tall and private design
  • Handy reversible doors
  • Super-resistant tempered glass
  • Water won’t splash or drip out
  • Available in different widths

3. Delta Shower Doors SD3172 Contemporary Sliding Door

Available in different handle designs as well as tempered glass surfaces, the SD3172 from Delta Shower Doors will match your bathroom without a problem.

You get the chance to choose from a Clear, Frosted, Rain, or Transition glass style. Each one offers a unique look to match with your privacy needs.

You will also need to consider the Trinsic or Windemere handles, so you can match it with your bathroom style even more easily.

Trinsic offers a modern touch while Windemere is more classical, each one available in Chrome, Nickle, and Bronze tones.

Another feature you’ll love is the anodized aluminum handle no matter the style you pick.

It prevents any kind of corrosion while delivering maximum strength. The likelihood of the handles breaking over time is almost zero.

For those who want ease of use, this door also meets their standards. A set of anodized aluminum rollers ensure maximum smoothness while sliding the doors.

There’s also a center-guide door system with an aluminum bottom track below, providing a super-smooth operation in every use.

As for the measurements, you get a 3/8-inch thick tempered glass.

This goes well with the 50.12 to 58.5 inches of total width (adjustable) and a 71 inches of total height. So you get a decently large and broad model.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tons of hardware colors to pick
  • Different glass tints for any purpose
  • Easy-to-clean hardware and glass
  • Looks gorgeous in any style
  • Decently affordable for its quality

4. DreamLine Infinity-Z 44-48 Sliding Shower Door

For anyone who wants maximum durability, tons of style, and maximum practicality, Dreamline shower doors will be among their best options.

In contrast with other models, this one boasts a gorgeous framed design. That means you get the glass within the metal. The result is maximum durability and resilience, plus a highly stylish touch.

The tempered glass is fantastic. At 1/4 inches of thickness, it is one of the thinnest in the list. That means the door will look super-sleek.

Don’t forget, you also get a reversible door. It can open up to 19 inches or as little as 15 inches as necessary.

And with the 44-to-48 inches of width, it is ideal for most small bathrooms. Don’t forget, it is only 72 inches tall, so it works in almost every place.

As for the frame construction, you get Brushed Nickel, Chrome, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Either way, the shower door will look fantastic and last a lifetime.

You won’t get the SlimLine shower base, though. But that also means you’ll have a lot more freedom at setting the door up. So you won’t have to worry about aligning or anything of the like, making the installation decently easy.

And for those who want even more than this, they’ll be getting this model for a super-modest cost. So there’s almost nothing to worry about when getting this piece.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-cheap for its quality
  • Comes in 3 beautiful colors
  • Lasts a lifetime with its sturdy glass
  • Requires no effort to clean
  • Fits most bathrooms & showers

5. Basco Classic Sliding Glass Shower Door

Affordable but long-lasting, stylish, and perfectly designed for small showers – the Classic Sliding Door from Basco will not let you down.

The most exciting part about this door at first is the super-large 23.8 entrance width. It is large enough to meet any person, making it an excitingly practical model for its size.

And that is counting that every panel is 29.25 inches wide, large enough to complete 60 inches in total width.

So setting it up in tiny showers won’t be a problem. Along with the different hardware styles available like Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Silver, the door will be highly compatible no matter where you take it.

The 70-inch height also helps. It works well with both short and tall people. And with the high-quality construction, it lasts a lifetime no matter the use.

There’s an excellent part we can’t dismiss. You can pick between Clear Glass, Obscure Glass, Rain Glass, or AquaGlideXP Clear Glass.

The last one comes with a protective film that prevents any soap or filth from sticking to the glass, making it a lot easier to clean.

Last but not least, you get a Sta-Kleen track. It smooths out the sliding and adds up extra strength to the product. A door sliding out of its track won’t happen with this door.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique array of glass tints
  • Fantastic hardware color options
  • Opens smoothly & quietly
  • Amazingly affordable
  • Super-thin and good-looking glass

6. SUNNY SHOWER Sliding Glass Shower Door

Don’t want the fragility of a frameless but also don’t want a bulky framed door? Then the Sunny Shower Sliding model will meet all your demands.

It all starts with a 1/4-inch tempered glass. Enough sturdiness to last a lifetime without breaking, but also thin enough to look gorgeous, this door has it all.

This matches well with the stainless steel hardware. The horizontal handle and the two internal knobs will add a touch of simplicity to the piece. Sure enough, they also work wonders at helping you slide the door smoothly.

That’s something else this door does amazingly well. Both doors slide to both sides. So it doesn’t matter how you open it, you can still get in and out quickly.

Another exciting part to consider is the adjustable range it offers. Whether your shower is 58.5 or 60 inches, this door will fit perfectly with little adjustment.

Don’t forget the sealing strip. If you hate when water splashes or drips out the shower, then you’ll love how this door prevents that.

And for an even more stylish product, you can enjoy both the Brushed Nickel and Chrome finishes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in different size options
  • Elegant semi-frameless design
  • Good-looking hardware color options
  • Super-resilient construction
  • Highly accessible for most people

7. DreamLine Aqua Fold Frameless Bi-Fold Shower Door

Within the best shower doors for small bathrooms, we find another Dreamline model. This one is the Aqua Fold door – a bi-fold alternative for people who want proper space efficiency and ease of use.

One of the main benefits of the bi-fold door is not only how easy it is to use but also the wide entrance it offers.

In contrast with sliding doors, it doesn’t limit the space you have to get out. And at the same time, it doesn’t take much space when opened, so you kill two birds with one stone.

The glass style is still wholly frameless. With a European touch, Dreamlines manages to deliver one of the most attractive options in the list, especially with chrome hardware on the handle and base.

Sure, the door is also large enough for most people. You get 33.5 inches of width plus 72 inches of height. Together, they make it a super-tiny model for minimalistic showers.

Even then, the opening goes from 45 to 57 inches if necessary. So you get double the advantage, with a small door and a wide gap.

Lastly, the 1/4 inches thick glass adds an extra touch of sturdiness. It goes well with the anodized aluminum profile, making it super stable and reliable to use for long.

Highlighted Features:             

  • Gorgeous curved edges
  • Thin and narrow design
  • Super-handy bi-fold mechanism
  • Incredibly cheap for its quality
  • Has a gorgeous blue tint

8. WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-C Sliding Glass Shower Door

Another Woodbridge shower door is never a bad addition. The MBSDC6076-C sliding model gets the job done while ensuring maximum appeal.

Let’s start with its frameless design. It will make your shower a lot more enticing, as well as massively bright, thanks to the clear glass design.

At 3/8 inches of thickness, it is sturdy enough to handle several years of use. And what’s even better, it is entirely shatter-resistant.

Also, at 56 to 60 inches of total width plus a super-tall 76-inch height – it is a practical door all around. You can also open it at up to 26 inches, offering enough space to get in and out without problems.

Another factor that sets it apart is the stainless steel build. It doesn’t rust, scratch, or chip easily. So you won’t have to worry much about it either. And even cleaning will be super-easy, especially with its high-gloss finish.

The hardware is available in Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and even Matte black finishes as well. So you’ll have a gorgeous product in almost every way.

Despite all that, installing the door doesn’t take much of an effort. It offers 3/10 inches of total adjustability, so you can set them almost in any shower with little effort.

Lastly, you get a waterproof design. Even if you open the shower at full pressure, the water won’t get out. You can forget about splashes and spills with this model.

Highlighted Features:

  • Looks fantastic in any of its 3 colors
  • Comes in several sizes
  • Super-simple frameless design
  • Opens and closes quietly and smoothly
  • Good-looking hardware pieces

9. ELEGANT Showers Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Available in three different widths, the Semi-Frameless shower door from Elegant Showers won’t let you down.

You get a 60-inch, 54-inch, and 48-inch width options depending on what you need. Either way, you get 72 inches of total height, making it perfect for most people.

This side matches well with the super-thin 1/4-inch tempered glass. With a completely clear set of panels and a polished finish, they are super-easy to clean and gorgeous all around.

You can add the stainless steel clamp and hardware. Everything looks superb, either on Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish. So you get the chance to add outstanding style to your bathroom.

The sliding mechanism is also super-smooth. A set of copper rollers will also make it super-quiet, so you can take a bath without making much noise.

And with the 1.5-inch of adjustment, you can make the doors open as far as you need with no drawback.

Don’t forget all of this comes for a super-cheap cost. So you won’t have to spend a fortune to get a stylish yet durable shower door.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uniquely practical semi-frameless design
  • Extra-smooth sliding mechanism
  • It is a no-brainer to install
  • Fantastic price for its quality
  • Looks gorgeous in any color

10. Mecor Hinged Shower Door

Looking for the best shower doors for tubs? Nothing will meet your demands like the Mecor Hinged model.

A partial tub door gets the job done without feeling bulky in any way. If you have a small bathroom and still need some kind of protection or a place to hang your towel – this is the way to go.

It is entirely frameless, making it stylish all around. But it is the partial design that truly stands out, offering a rounded angle plus a super-glossy stainless steel handle that can’t go overlooked.

At only 55 inches of total height plus 31 inches in width, it is undoubtedly one of the smallest.

The frameless design adds up to its extra-small design. And with a towel bar, it still manages to feel utterly practical.

The door also comes with a pivoting mechanism. It works just like most doors. But thanks to the ultra-small design, the door still takes little to no space in your bathroom.

So you get double the advantage with its size and no-brainer mechanism.

Last but not least, you get a rubber strip that prevents water from dripping outside.

It works like a charm with a shower seal system, keeping even the squishiest of water drops inside the tub. And with its polished glass, cleaning this door is a total piece of cake.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works on tubs like no other
  • Practical thin & narrow design
  • Pivots quietly and easily
  • It’s a piece of cake to install
  • Super-minimalistic and handy

What Factors to Consider while Buying Shower Doors? 

Taking a shower doesn’t have to be just out of mere habit. You may also want to take one to enjoy it. And with a quality shower door, that’s easier to achieve.

But if you don’t know what type of shower door to go for, then it can be pretty challenging to find the right one. That’s why we want to help you with this section.

We’ll show you everything to know about shower doors and a bit more – so take a look:

Width & Height

First and foremost, be sure you’re getting a door that fits in your bathroom. Especially if it is small, then you’ll want to take special attention to the dimensions of the door.

Here, you will find that most doors go from 36 to about 60 or 70 inches in width. It’s super-important that you know your shower width before going to look for a door.

But don’t worry too much if the door is off by a few inches. With some models, you may have the chance to adjust the width in a few inches (sometimes up to 10 inches of adjustment).

Apart from that, be sure the height is ideal for your needs. If you’re very tall, then you’ll want no less than 70 inches in height. But if you’re short, then 60 inches is probably enough.

Your focus should be on getting something that fits, but also that doesn’t make your bathroom feel too crowded and uncomfortable.

Types of Shower Doors

Want a shower door that matches your style but also your durability, safety, and tidiness needs? Then pick the right kind of door. Here are some of them to consider:

  • Framed 

If you want maximum affordability and sturdiness, then nothing will work like a framed shower door. These look neat, often with stylish frames made of aluminum and with unique metallic tones.

The frame usually adds extra stability and strength to the piece. Apart from that, setting them up is generally painless.

  • Semi-Frameless 

A bit more stylish than a framed model but still offering the strength and durability – a semi-frameless door gets the job done correctly.

The hardware on these doors is usually thinner than a typical framed model. So they’re also a bit more expensive.

  • Frameless

Most frameless glass shower doors are designed to look fantastic and seamless in your bathroom. They’re not only good-looking but also way easier to clean and keep clean than framed or semi-frameless.

If you can spend a few extra hundreds on a shower door, a frameless model is a perfect choice to add more style to your bathroom.

  • Tub Enclosure

You don’t need to stick with a curtain or nothing in your tub. An enclosure door also looks fantastic while adding the safety and splash-free experience in your bathroom.

These are often frameless, so they are somewhat expensive. But they can also last a lifetime.

  • Partial Tub Enclosure

If you don’t want to cover the tub thoroughly, then a partial model also works.

These add a lovely touch to the tub. It works more as a decoration piece where you can hang a towel. But it looks superb and costs little.

Door Mechanism

Once you’re done with the type or style of the door, then you can proceed to the mechanism it uses to open and close. Here, you will find three to consider:

  • Sliding 

The most popular and straightforward, sliding doors are a piece of cake to use. The advantage is that they take little space. For a small bathroom, this mechanism is fantastic.

  • Pivoting 

Also known as hinge for swinging doors, pivoting models open just like any other door in your house.

This will add a more traditional touch to your bathroom, but it is not the most space-efficient choice.

  • Bi-Fold 

In case you want a combination of a pivoting door with sliding, then a bi-fold model will get the job done.

It has a sliding mechanism on top and a set of doors separated in two. When you open the door, it folds in half.

Glass Quality

The best shower doors are not only practical and beautiful, but they’re also durable. And it all starts with the quality of the glass. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Glass Thickness

First, be sure you get a thick-enough tempered glass construction. The most common is 3/8-inch thick.

This can be ideal for standard bathrooms, where sturdiness is not the focus. But if you have children or guests consistently, then a sturdy 1/2 inch tempered glass should be your best bet.

  • Glass Color

Most shower doors also boast different glass colors or tints. This will change not only how good the door looks but also how private it is.

A clear glass, for example, will make it easy to look through. They don’t offer much privacy, so they’re most ideal for bedroom bathrooms.

Frosted glass has a slightly sanded or etched finish. It adds a bit more privacy to the door, making it hard to look through. They also look fantastic, but less so than clear glass.

Textured and tinted glass are similar. One is designed to add a texture to the glass, which also affects how it looks, adding extra privacy.

A tinted model is similar, but instead of textures, it offers graphics or painting parts for maximum privacy. Both may look excellent.

Hardware Quality

Last but not least, consider the quality of the hardware you’re getting. Even if you get a frameless model, you will at least get a handle or two.

Here, we recommend stainless or anodized aluminum as the best option. It is still essential to get a decently stylized set of hardware with proper shape and looks.

They may vary in colors and designs as well, so you can pick the one that best meets your standards.

What Size Shower Door Do I Need?

Do know what size of shower door you should go for, it is recommended to measure the shower area first. Here’s how to do it:

Start by grabbing a measuring tape. Any measuring tape that offers at least 100 inches in length will work.

Then place one end of the measuring tape on a wall where the shower starts. And then pull the tape from the case until it reaches the other wall or last point of the shower.

Look for the numbers, and be sure you measure well before checking. You’re probably getting anywhere from 50 to 62 inches of width. That’s the usual size of a small shower door.

Once you know the width of the door, then you can decide which model to go for.

Some models are adjustable, meaning you can fix them up from 50 to 60 inches as necessary. Others are not. So be careful when picking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still confused about a thing or two regarding shower doors? Don’t worry, this section may help you get rid of those doubts:

1. Who makes the best shower doors?

With so many exceptional brands in the market, it is difficult to pick.

If you’re going for budget-friendly options, then Dreamline will be your best bet. But if you don’t care spending a few extra bucks, then you’ll love a Vigo shower door.

2. How to install shower door?

The process depends on the style, size, model, and type of shower you have. But generally, you just need to hook the base or profile of the door to the walls and floor.

Then attach the glass panels accordingly, and that should be it.

This process is not as easy as it sounds, so we recommend getting help or hiring an expert installer for the best experience.

3. What is the best way to clean glass shower doors?

A soft-tissue towel with a mix of vinegar and lemon (or an artificial cleaner) should be enough.

In case the soap scum has built-up for a long time, then you may always use a toothbrush with the solution to clean. Try to be as gentle as possible, as most shower doors can be pretty fragile.


After reading through the reviews and learning deeply about them with our buying guide, you’re probably ready to make a final choice.

But first, remember that the best shower doors for small bathrooms are the ones that offer the style without letting behind convenience and durability. So take a pick with care, or else you may regret it.

With the models in this article, however, you’ll have for every need and desire. And all of them are worth their full price in quality. So you can’t be wrong with any of these.

What are you waiting for then? Pick wisely and get your bathroom a proper shower door now!

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