Best Solid Wood TV Stand: Know Before Buying

Building up a new living room? Or simply remodeling it? Then you need to get the best solid wood TV stand.

When it comes to giving your entertainment room a new look – nothing compares to a solid wood stand. From the appearance they offer to the durability and the overall comfort – they are simply unbeatable.

But there’s a lot more about them to enjoy. They are also practical, easy to install and combine seamlessly with most interiors. There’s almost no reason to avoid one of these.

That’s why we want to show you a few models that you can’t overlook. If you’re genuinely interested in getting a new TV stand for your living room – then you won’t hesitate to read what we have to teach you. So keep scrolling!

TOP 10 Best Solid Wood TV Stand Reviews

Next, you’ll find a list of 10 quality solid wood TV stands that we thought were fantastic. Each one comes with its own set of advantages, so it is super important that you go over each one to learn exactly what you need about them. So, what are you waiting for? Get on it!

1. Simpli Home AXCHOL005 Artisan TV Wood Stand

The first model in our list comes from a highly reliable brand on the furniture market: Simpli Home.

This Artisan model is totally handcrafted with solid wood, adding small details to its build that makes it super durable. Yet, it is the Medium Auburn Brown tone that stands out the most, especially with the NC lacquer that highlights its beauty and makes it more long-lasting.

But it is not only beautiful and resilient, this stand is also extra-practical. You get 2 central drawers with metal gliders as well as 2 adjustable shelves with side-tempered glass doors. Then you find 2 central space shelves with cord-management, so you can place whatever you want – including media devices.

On top of that, it is large enough to accommodate 55-inches TVs. The feet are totally stable so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Last but not least, you get the chance to choose a wide array of colors. If Medium Auburn Brown doesn’t seem ideal, you can go for Black, Distressed Gray, Farmhouse Gray, Honey Brown, Tobacco Brown, or Russet Brown.

With bronze handles, unique tempered windows, and stylish temporary design – there’s nothing about it to hate.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality solid wood construction
  • Wide design for TVs of up to 55 inches
  • A broad array of beautiful color options
  • Plenty of storage space & convenient places
  • Sturdy & stable feet for excellent weight capacity

2. Leick Furniture 87360 TV Stand

In case you’re looking for a 60 inch wood TV stand – then you’ll find no better choice than the Leick Furniture 87360. This is a high-quality, good-looking, and super-handy stand.

The wide 60-inches design can withstand up to 260 pounds of total weight. That’s enough for handling even the largest and most sophisticated TVs nowadays. Yet, you can also add extra electronics with the adjustable shelves, including the center one with windows – and the closed side ones.

Each shelf comes with a perforation so you can pass cables through. This will add more convenience to avoid wire messes all around.

The best of all is the solid wood construction with wood veneers. It stands a lot of weight, time, and other indoor factors. Despite all that, it is still beautiful with a Westwood Cherry finish.

You won’t have to worry about stability either, you get wide & thick feet. And with the straightforward installation process – you waste little to no time setting it up.

Finally, it comes in various sizes going from 46-inches corner model to 50-inches, 60-inches, and the 60-inches corner design. Each one offers a unique advantage depending on your available space – which makes it an even better stand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstanding weight capacity at 260 pounds
  • Adjustable center shelves for convenience
  • Hugely attractive Westwood Cherry finish
  • Various size options for practicality
  • Super sturdy & reliable solid wood build

3. Sauder Palladia Entertainment Credenza

Want a gorgeous solid oak TV stand for your living room? Then the Sauder Palladia Entertainment Credenza is ideal for you.

What makes it stand out so much? Well, it all starts with the capacity to support 60-inches TVs of up to 70-pound of weight with no problem. It is pretty strong and comes with an engineered wood construction that lasts a long time.

There’s also a lot more to consider – going from the 2 adjustable shelves with tempered-glass windows and beveled edges on the doors. This adds up to the beauty of the piece, as well as the overall convenience it offers.

The central shelves add even more practicality, where you can place any kind of media console or device with ease. Along with perforated holes where you can place cables through for extra convenience.

You can get it in a Vintage Oak finish, making it rustically beautiful. But you can also pick the Select Cherry finish for a more stylish and classical touch.

From its storage spaces to its exceptional finish and its well-made design – this TV stand will easily surpass your expectations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Good-looking finishes fit any style
  • Highly practical central shelves
  • Convenient side shelves with tempered glass
  • High-quality engineered wood build
  • Exceptional stability & reliability

4. Home Styles Modern Craftsman Entertainment Center

For those who want the best array of practical features – few models will match their needs like the Home Styles 3-Piece Craftsman Entertainment Center.

This distressed wood TV stand comes with an oak finish that looks fantastic. Yet, it is not the appearance that stands out the most – but the superb design with 4 storage drawers, 6 large shelves, and spacious stand.

You can accommodate TVs of up to 60 inches without problems. And with its sturdy poplar solid & oak veneer construction, you can expect one of the most stable and reliable builds out there.

The distressed oak finish provides a unique appearance. Yet, its unconventional design with 94-inches of width and 72-inches of height makes it totally unique – especially with the black metal frame. And let’s not forget about the brown metal accents, which add a touch of classical style to the piece.

Something that truly makes it unique is the set of media towers. You get the chance to add extra devices or decorations to the piece and still enjoy a stable product. For a very affordable cost, you can get one of the most practical yet beautiful pieces in the market – the Home Style Modern Craftsman TV Stand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-notch poplar & veneer construction
  • The unconventional media tower design
  • Super convenient drawers & shelves
  • Wide & spacious design for 60-inches TVs
  • Unmatched appearance with oak finish

5. Pamari Wrangler TV Stand

Convenience comes in all shapes and sizes – that’s what the Pamari Wrangler TV stand shows us. With a uniquely practical and beautiful design, this model is set to surpass your expectations.

The first thing you’ll notice is a wide enough design to handle 60-inches TVs with no problem. Yet, it is the set of barn-style sliding doors that set it apart – making it highly convenient so you can place media devices in the center shelves, or instead hide components on the sides.

Each shelf and cabinet comes with its own Cable Management System (CMS), making the whole piece way more convenient & practical. You won’t ever experience huge messes with cables and/or attachments.

The cabinets and shelves are also super wide. So you can use them to place media devices or all kinds of stuff – working both as a TV stand and a piece of furniture for storage.

Apart from all that, it looks fantastic. Not only the barn-style doors are handy to use, but they’re also somewhat good-looking. And when you add the different colors and styles, then it gets even better. You can pick the Sawcut Espresso, Ashland Pine, Sargent Oak, or Off-White tones – ideal for all interiors.

When it comes to convenience & results – few models match the Pamari Wrangler TV stand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-practical barn-style doors
  • Enticing appearance with different finishes
  • Well-made cabinets & shelves with CMS
  • Wide & spacious top surface
  • Sturdy & reliable solid wood construction

6. Martin Svensson Home Cassandra TV Stand

As soon as you take a first look at this solid wood media console, you’ll realize it is not like any other model out there. The Martin Svensson Cassandra TV Stand is a highly stylish, durable, and practical choice.

With a classical style design, you can pair it up with traditional interior decoration. It is elegant and attractive, boasting trellis details, cast-door pulls, architectural moldings, and turned bun feet. You can increase the appeal of your living with this TV stand – without even trying.

But the real advantage comes from the 2 large cabinets with tempered glass doors. You will get two shelves for each cabinet, adding the extra convenience you need on a media console. Place your favorite media devices and consoles inside – enjoy an easy-to-organize piece with this one.

There’s also a wire management system with cutouts, so you won’t have to leave a mess in the living room. And to make it even better, you can use it with TVs of up to 65-inches in size. With its MDF construction – it can stand a lot of weight too. In short, you can use it for whatever purpose you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hugely attractive classical design
  • Durable & sturdy MDF construction
  • Super stylish design patterns & glass doors
  • Various color options for convenience
  • The handy set of cabinets and shelves

7. Leick Laurent TV Stand

The Leick Laurent is a series of furniture pieces that not only look amazing but also provide tons of different organization advantages. And within this series of furniture, you can find the 50-inches TV stand.

The first thing you’ll notice is a Chocolate Cherry Finish. It looks outstanding with a hand-rubbed finish that glistens and feels super soft on your hands. Along with the beaded edge details, the pewter cup pulls and the heavy leg posts – it undoubtedly stands out as one of the most enticing out there.

Its reddish-brown color comes from birch veneer – hardwood grain. That means it is not only beautiful but one of the most durable models out there. This goes well with the nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat. It will keep the TV stand working for long, with no scratches or color loss.

The drawer boxes are also amazing. Paired up with a large shelf in the middle and two small shelves for devices on top – this TV stand has almost everything.

You will not only improve how your living room looks but also add a touch of organization that makes it more enjoyable to watch a movie at home. Or just do anything you want without any problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super attractive Chocolate Cherry finish
  • Ultra-practical drawers and shelves design
  • Durable topcoat with nitrocellulose
  • Sturdy birch veneer construction
  • Stable and reliable 50-inches build

8. Simpli Home AXWSH004-GR Warm Shaker Rustic TV Stand

Simpli Home makes it truly difficult to ignore the quality it offers. With its white washed wood TV stand as well as its other color options – it is set to stand out and make your living room way more appealing.

Once you see it, you’ll realize this is not just another TV stand. The rustic appearance with NC lacquer highlights the grain and ensures maximum durability. This style increases its appeal in wooden houses with rustic decorations so you can enjoy maximum beauty at home.

There are several color options still. You can pick the Distressed Grey finish, the Tobacco Brown, Black, Honey Brown, Farmhouse Grey, or the simple White model. That will be enough to match all kinds of decorations with ease.

What truly sets it apart from the competition is the set of shaker-style doors & drawers. They look rusty, but they actually provide smoothness and organization at home. Along with the adjustable shelves in the middle, 2 shelves on the bottom, and 2 cabinets on the sides – it will surpass your expectations.

Considering the solid wood construction, the unique rustic style, and the superb size that fits 52-inches TVs – this stand is set to change your living room experience completely.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful shaker style with a rustic appearance
  • Quality solid wood build with lacquer finish
  • Extra-appealing color options for all styles
  • Practical design with drawers, cabinets & shelves
  • The huge design fits TVs of up  to 52 inches in width

9. Martin Svensson Home Omaha TV Stand

Coming back with yet another Martin Svensson model – we now present the Omaha TV Stand. It is one of the most beautiful yet hugely practical models you can find.

There’s no doubt about how gorgeous it is. You get a pine construction with pine veneers in several different finishes – going from Honey Tobacco, to Gray, Espresso, All-Antique White, and two Distressed Pine versions with either Black or Antique White. Whatever you’re looking for – this TV stand matches it.

But it is not its appearance that stands out so much. It is an outstandingly convenient design with center shelves, sliding doors, and two cabinets on the sides that genuinely matter. This way, you can use it both as a TV stand along with your media devices or consoles, as well as a storage piece.

The overall width of the piece at 65-inches and its sturdy build makes it possible to place a 70-inches flat TV on. You won’t have any problem getting it working with the largest TVs in the market.

And lastly, it is a piece of cake to assemble. Despite its superb rigidity, beauty, and convenience – it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up. That’s enough to make it one of the best on the list.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gorgeous finishes with pine veneer
  • Super durable pine construction overall
  • The ultra-wide design fits 70-inches TVs with ease
  • Highly practical design with cabinets & shelves
  • Effortless assembly and setup

10. Simpli Home 3AXCCOS72 Cosmopolitan TV Media Stand

The simplicity and overall handiness of Simpli Home furniture are always worth considering for your living room. That’s why you mustn’t overlook the Cosmopolitan TV media stand – a good-looking and practical model in its entirety.

This stand uses quality solid wood that stands the weight of time. Along with nitrocellulose lacquer finish, it prevents scratches and looks outstanding. You can actually pick between different color choices, including Distressed Grey, Farmhouse Grey, Light Golden Brown, Mahogany Brown, and Coffee Brown. 

Thanks to its contemporary design and different color options, you can pair it up with practically any house decoration. It is eye-catching without being overdone.

Apart from its looks, the TV stand is super wide. It is so broad that you can place all kinds of TVs – going from 20-inches up to 80-inches models with no problems. And that super spacious design also adds tons of storage with flip-down drawers, two shelves, and 4 cabinets.

Last but not least, you get bronze hardware like the handles, ideal for smooth operation yet still adding to its looks. And with the tapered legs and tempered glass – it looks even better. Don’t forget about the cutouts – perfect to prevent cable management problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-end finishes with NC lacquer
  • Super-wide design for 80-inches TVs
  • Tons of storage with cabinets, drawers, and shelves
  • Reliable & long-lasting solid wood construction
  • Eye-catching choices of color finishes

Solid Wood TV Stand Buying Guide: Things to Consider!

Now that you’ve gone through our best wooden TV stands reviews – then it is time to go further and learn how to pick the right model.

Here are some of the factors we think you should think about before making a final choice:

Wood Type & Build

Even though every model in this list comes with a solid wood build – there are several alternatives to consider.

For example, most wood in the list can be ultra-sturdy, but others can only include veneers and similar kinds of constructions.

That’s why you must make sure that the TV stand indeed comes with something solid and reliable. The sturdier the construction, the more likely it is to stand the weight of time and feel stable even with the largest TV.

Apart from that, it is essential to think about the design and/or construction. Some models come with more stable builds than others, so don’t hesitate and pick the one that best matches your stability needs.

TV Size & Weight Capacity

Even though the construction and wood choice of the TV stand will be pretty significant, you’ll have to first know whether the piece works well with your TV.

That’s why you must consider the total width and length of the piece. Usually, it is not really that important unless you have a huge TV. In that case, you’ll want to make sure that it can work well for it.

For example, if you have a 40-inches TV – you may not have any problem fitting it on most TV stands. But if your TV is over 50-inches, then you’ll have to make sure that your stand is wide enough.

It is not only about the width, though. You must also pay attention to the weight. A large TV can reach up to 80 pounds in some cases. So you’ll want to make sure that your TV stand can support it.

Typically, though, flat TVs are about 50 to 70 pounds in weight. Some can be even lighter. So you must consider all that before making your final choice.

Otherwise, you will end with a TV that doesn’t look well on your stand or eventually fits in an unstable way – which can lead to accidents.

Style & Appearance

Most stands usually go on places where you want them to stand out. Or at least combine with the interior of your house in a nice way.

That’s why you should always consider the overall style and appearance of the piece. You don’t want an orange TV stand in a gray living room.

Apart from that, consider the style. Some models boast a classical style that makes them ideal for vintage living rooms. But others come with a more contemporary design, so you can make them work with a broader array of interiors.

Last but not least, make sure you’re getting something that looks beautiful enough. That doesn’t mean only getting a TV stand that matches with your interior decorations, but also something that is objectively good-looking.

There’s a lot to choose from still. So don’t rush out when picking, and always go for something that indeed feels ideal for your living room demands.

Storage & Organization

Lastly, you will find that most TV stands also come with several useful cabinets and/or shelves to enjoy. And these help with storage as well as organization.

We recommend going for the highest number of shelves and/or cabinets you can. Some TV stands can offer up to 6 drawers as well as 6 shelves or even more. That will be enough to place all kinds of entertainment stuff from consoles to media players as well as decorations, books, and other devices.

At the same time, don’t overlook unique features that help with organization. Cable cutouts, for example, are an excellent example of these features you can enjoy a lot. They will make organizing your living room way easier, and prevent the most common messes around the TV.

Finally, think about whether you prefer a TV stand with doors, drawers, or open shelves. In some cases, you may even find detachable or sliding doors, and sometimes you can find all of these types of storages at the same time.

Go for something that matches exactly what you need in terms of storage & organization. That will make the overall TV stand way more helpful.

Why Should You Buy a Solid Wood TV stand?

There are many different reasons why getting a solid wood TV stand can be hugely beneficial to have at home. Here are some of these reasons:

More Media Options

Not only does a solid wood TV stand give space for your TV to be installed. It will also help you set up any type of media device, game consoles, and more.

Finding a place to install a flat-screen TV is not easy. Especially if you have other devices to install alongside it – then this can become a massive headache. Luckily, you can organize everything in one place if you have a TV stand.

You can easily set up an entire entertainment system with a TV stand. And that’s something not many other pieces of furniture can offer.

Extra Storage

Do you know why you can add other media devices to your TV stand? Well, it’s because the size – stands are usually large enough to fit all kinds of devices. But the real advantage comes from the storage options.

Even the smallest and simplest stand will offer one or two shelves. That’s enough to add whatever you want to the TV or living room – including other electronic devices like Blu-Ray, DVD, a media receiver, speaker system, and more.

But you won’t find shelves only. Some models also come with cabinets where you can store all kinds of stuff and decorative items. And with some of them, you can even find drawers. That will provide even more space to store valuables, electronic devices, or just whatever.

Look Beautiful & Stylish

A solid wood stand doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, most of them are gorgeous.

That’s yet another superb advantage of getting a solid wood stand. You can place your TV and store all kinds of stuff in it – yet the stand will still manage to look amazing on your home.

Most of these stands come with unique finishes that match different house decorations. Along with the nitrocellulose lacquer that most of them come with, you can also find shiny & scratch-free finishes.

But it is not only about their finishes. You may also find other exciting features that will add to the overall style of the piece. Some of them come with unique handles and accents, adding a touch of contemporary style to the piece. Others boast tempered-glass windows – making them elegant.

Thanks to how gorgeous some of these wood TV stands are – you can easily set up an enticing environment at home. And that’s enough to say a solid wood TV stand is always worth considering.

Convenience & Results

You may think that there’s nothing else to consider about TV stands that’s worth mentioning. But in fact, there is – they also make your entire experience at home more convenient.

Not only from the fact that you can store things on them. Or that you can install all kinds of media devices close to your TV. It is also because they save a lot of space at home that would otherwise make it more disorganized.

You can hide cables inside/behind the TV stand, organize decorations and other items, manage other furniture pieces more comfortably, and still enjoy something that matches your house’s style.

Apart from that, most TV stands have the ideal height to let you watch whatever you want in the perfect position. And with the usual long & wide design – they also put a lot of space at home into good use.


Now that you’ve learned all you need to eventually pick the best solid wood TV stand for your needs – it is time to put your knowledge into work,

There’s a lot to gain from having one of these at home. And there are many options to pick from, with the ideal model waiting for you. If you choose the right one – then you’re set to enjoy a perfect TV stand for years.

What are you waiting for then? Don’t let your TV sit on a fragile piece of furniture or damage your wall by installing an adapter. Instead, get one of these and change how you watch TV once and for all!

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