Best Toilet Auger: Reviews in 2022 (Recommended!)

When a toilet plunger doesn’t work, you will feel the need to use the best toilet auger. It’s the most effective and easy-to-use tool for getting rid of clogs in your toilet.

With a plumbing snake or closet auger – you can get rid of those annoying toilet clogs that won’t let you flush the waste away.

We know how frustrating toilet clogs can be, and how much time they can make you waste.

That’s why augers exist. It uses a long spring-coil cable that goes through clogs (whatever they are) and pushes them out of the way. Because no other tool can do the same, they’re an almost essential product to have in every household.

Here, we’re going to tell you all about some of the best models in the market. And you’ll also learn how to pick the ideal one according to your needs.

Are you ready to learn more about toilet augers? Then read up!

Top 7 Best Toilet Augers On the Market

We wanted to review as many augers as we could. But we wanted to review only models that were worth it in their entirety. That’s why we ended up with 7 toilet augers only. Here’s what we found:

1. RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger

We couldn’t overlook the quality of the 59802 auger from Ridgid. It boasts a K6 DH Closet system, making it one of the most practical out there.

What makes it such an excellent choice? Well, it all starts with a vinyl guard that prevents any chipping on your toilet. You can use this auger on the most fragile of WCs, and it will prevent even the smallest scratch on the surface.

At the same time, it boasts a zinc-plated tubing build. Even if you use it every day, the auger will stand the test of time and never rust.

This goes well with the heavy-duty Tri-Wrap cable system. It is strong enough to go through the sturdiest clogs without bending or breaking. Just crank until it breaks through.

Similarly, you can adjust the 6-feet cable however you prefer with the quick-lock system. Along with a snap-on system, it will attach to other cables if necessary for extra length.

Whatever you’re looking for in an auger, this one offers it all. Convenient, resilient, and sturdy – there’s nothing else to ask for.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality zinc-plated tubing for rust-resistance
  • Tri-Wrap cable provides extra strength
  • Adjustable quick-lock system
  • Snap-on feature for attaching other cables
  • Vinyl guard prevents scratches on porcelain

2. Cobra Products 670398 Toilet Auger

What better brand name for a plumbing snake toilet than Cobra? That’s why the 670398 Toilet Auger from Cobra Products delivers such an excellent experience from the time you get it.

It is a 3-feet model that can help you clean the entire toilet drain system with ease. And it all comes down to its 3/8-inches thickness, so it goes through super-clogged drains with total ease.

Made of carbon spring wire, this cable is strong enough to handle super thick clogs without making much of an effort. And it won’t rust or corrode over time.

The auger is still easy to use. You can use the molded-plastic handle to crank the piece and enjoy maximum reach whenever needed. And with the anti-slip grip, it gets even better. This will increase the overall speed and strength of the auger.

At the same time, you will enjoy a polyethylene safety tube on the piece. It delivers a softer surface, so you don’t scratch the porcelain of your toilet. Even with the most fragile toilets, you won’t have to worry much about it.

This auger will set your standards for quality higher. And that’s a lot to say for a market with so many competitors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decently long 3-feet long design
  • Polyethylene safety tube to prevent damage
  • Sturdy carbon spring wire at 3/8-inches
  • Practical plastic-molded handle for better cranking
  • Excellent anti-slip grip for comfort

3. General Wire Spring I-T6FL-DH Auger

Quality over anything else – the General Wire Spring I-T6L-DH auger will unclog even your trickiest toilet in seconds.

It all comes down to a super-sturdy construction using spring-steel and a 49-strand wire rope. The spring steel uses two layers that cover the wire rope completely. This will deliver the necessary resistance to get rid of the most stubborn clog in your toilet.

Another exciting part is the flexible down head. It is flexible enough to prevent scratching the toilet surfaces and still go through difficult places without a problem.

It boasts a vinyl bowl guard, so it doesn’t harm surfaces and 6-feet in length, so it reaches far into the drain.

Lastly, you can enjoy the 3 feet telescoped wire for extra convenience – so you can get even more out of it. Simply crank the piece with the vinyl handle and the die-cast aluminum turning grip. Then it will extend and get rid of the clog more easily if necessary.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb wire with two-layered steel
  • Excellent 49-strand wire rope for resilience
  • The flexible down head bends easily
  • Vinyl bowl guard for convenience
  • Practical design with vinyl handle

4. Drainsoon Professional Drain Auger

Want a super-long auger for your toilet? Then the Drainsoon Professional Drain Auger may be your best bet.

It boasts up to 25-feet of total cable length. That’s enough to get rid of even the deepest clogs in your drain pipes.

Still, it manages to be ultra-flexible. You won’t have to worry about the wire getting stuck inside the drain. Instead, it will go through smoothly even if you have complicated drain systems.

At the same time, you won’t have to waste any time using it. Alongside a comfy crank knob and a straightforward mechanism, you can push the wire further with little effort.

And of course, it still manages to be durable. Considering the carbon steel wire build and the ABS drum housing, it offers the ideal construction to stand several years of use without problems.

Something that you will also love is the metal head that reduces wear over time, helping to get rid of clogs faster as well. Yet, it is the screwing system that lets you secure the wire when needed – so you can work more effectively to get rid of clogs.

Last but not least, you can enjoy a practical set of gloves that comes with the piece – making it even more convenient from the first use onwards.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 25-feet of total length
  • Handy crank knob for easy enlarging
  • Sturdy build with steel carbon steel
  • Reliable ABS housing on the drum
  • Practical screw system for stopping the wire

5. RIDGID 59787 K-3 Toilet Auger

There’s probably nothing more ideal for unclogging toilets than a Ridgid toilet auger. And the K-3 is a superb option in its entirety.

It all starts with a durable 1/2-inch thick cable with a compression-wrapped system. The core cable is so thick that alongside a bulb head on its end, you can clean the most stubborn clogs without making much of an effort.

You won’t have any problem reaching up to 3-feet to get rid of those deep clogs either. Still, it manages to be a piece of cake when extending thanks to a set of ergonomic handles.

The piece won’t damage your toilet either, as it boasts a vinyl guard that protects the porcelain or china. At the same time, the tube boasts a corrosion-resistant coat, so it can last several years unclogging drains without rusting.

To make it even better, the cranking system is super smooth and delivers the perfect results when extending the wire. You won’t have to make much of an effort when getting rid of clogs – just crank slowly, and it will open up your drain in seconds.

Whatever you’re expecting from a toilet auger, the Ridgid K-3 will offer exactly that.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protective vinyl guard to prevent damage
  • High-quality core cable for strength
  • Corrosion-resistant wire for durability
  • Excellent length at 3-feet
  • Smooth cranking system with vinyl handle

6. TACKLIFE Drain Snake 25Ft Automatic Cordless Auger

Want the best drain snake for toilet? Then you should consider the Automatic Cordless Auger from Tacklife.

We can’t stop saying great things about it. The first thing you’ll love is the 560 RPM and high-torque motor. It is capable of pushing even the stickiest clogs without making much of an effort – especially the deepest ones.

You get 25 feet of total wire length, which works alongside the flexible shape wonderfully. It will bend and move around curves and complicated drain detours without problems.

At the same time, you can enjoy the telescoping function. It will extend automatically to get rid of those clogs deep inside the drain.

The auger also boasts several segments on the wire. If you need to replace the shaft, then this system will make it a total piece of cake.

Another interesting factor would be the rechargeable system with a 20-Volt battery. You can use the piece of several minutes non-stop, for unclogging troublesome drains or several ones at the same time.

The piece even comes with a built-in LED for extra visibility in places with little light. There’s simply no match to its overall convenience & effectiveness.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-torque system for fast unclogging
  • Built-in LED for extra visibility
  • Telescoping capacity for automatic extending
  • Segmented wire for easy replacement
  • Rechargeable battery for convenience

7. Ginour Automatic Drain Auger 

Keeping up with the automatic drain augers, we can find the Ginour Clog Remover. This plumbing snake boasts the same quality as any other model in the list, but with 25-feet of total length.

That doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider the 1/4-inches diameter wire, you can expect a highly resilient product overall. You can get it on the thinnest drainpipes without any problem, and it will clean it all entirely.

At the same time, you get a telescoping function that extends as you stick the wire into the pipe. And a flexible construction, ideal to pass through intricate curves & detours in the drain.

The most interesting part, however, is the automatic performance. You will receive a 560 RPM motor that can get rid of even the most difficult clogs in seconds. At the same time, it lasts several minutes working thanks to its 18-volt 2.0Ah battery capacity. It is also rechargeable for even more convenience.

To make it even better, you can enjoy the LED light – so you can work more comfortably in dark areas. Along with easy-to-use functions and a quality construction overall – this model is set to surpass expectations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional automatic function
  • LED light for extra convenience
  • Simple process for fast & easy use
  • Top-notch battery capacity
  • Superb length at 25 feet

What to Consider While Buying a Toilet Auger? 

So, are you genuinely interested in getting the best toilet snake? Then you’ll want to know everything before making your final choice. Here are a few factors to help you out:

Type of Auger

There are two main types of auger: automatic and manual.

The automatic models are somewhat complicated. They usually boast a large wire (over 10 feet) that extends by itself as you push a button or activate the product.

Of course, automatic augers are electric, so they come with rechargeable batteries. Some of them may offer AC connections, but it is not too common. And they’re also way more expensive than manual ones.

These are pretty useful for clogs deep into the drain that manual models can’t reach.

A manual auger is simpler. It is just a large wire (from 3 to 12 feet typically) that attaches to a base and extends with a handle that you crank manually. Some manual models come with a typical stick design (these tend to be up to 6 feet), or with a drum design (can reach up to 25 feet).

Most manual augers are strong, especially the smaller ones (up to 6 feet). So they can be pretty handy for simple clogs. A large manual auger is more flexible, so they help get rid of deeper clogs – but they’re often thinner.

Length of the Auger

Following the type of auger, you also need to consider their length. As we explained, most automatic augers can reach up to 25 feet (sometimes more), which can be pretty useful in large drains.

You may also find shorter augers. These are usually manual and reach between 3 to 6 feet in total length. These are typically sturdy and reliable – but don’t reach too far.

You don’t need to pick the largest auger, but you shouldn’t stay with a short one either. Try to find something that meets your needs.

Telescopic Function

Some manual augers boast a telescopic function that you can use to extend the wire when necessary. Especially if the auger is short by default, then you can use this capacity to make it even longer and reach further into the drain.

Automatic augers are telescopic by default as they boast a drum kit that stores the extra wire length. They extend as you turn on the machine.

Head or Tip

The tip/head of the wire should get through the dirt and waste inside the drain. That’s why you need something uniquely capable – such as a pike or thicker wire.

Some models come with interchangeable tips, so you can achieve even better results depending on your needs.

Cable Build & Thickness

The best snake to unclog toilet is not only the longest or the one with the best head – but the and most reliable option.

Here, you’ll have to consider the thickness and materials of the wire.

It should have a sturdy cable core, made of stainless steel or its alternative (carbon, galvanized, etc.) You may also consider unique wire constructions such as extra coils and reinforcements. These will add even more strength, and keep the cable from corroding.

As for thickness, we recommend having at least 1/4-inches of the total diameter. But some models can reach up to 1/2-inches or a little more. Remember, though, that thickness also affect fitting – some drains can be pretty thin so you’ll need something thinner.

Covers & Guards

When you’re choosing an auger, you should also make sure it covers with a cover or guard to prevent damage to the toilet.

This guard or cover is typically located on the end of the auger’s body, in the place where the wire starts to extend. It should be made of polyethylene or vinyl, so it can scratch the toilet without causing any type of physical damage. Other kinds of guards like rounded metal and so on can be useful too.


Finally, consider the cranking system of the auger. If you have a manual model, for example, the crank should be easy to use and smooth. That’s why we recommend plastic handles that you can grab comfortably and smooth mechanisms that make the cranking easy.

This will mostly be useful with drum augers. But standard manual models may also be easier to use if you have a comfy and smooth cranking system.

How to Use a Toilet Auger? 

It is not enough to know what makes an auger useful if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why we’re also teaching you the best way of using a toilet auger so you can get rid of clogs with ease. Follow these steps:

Insert the Auger Cable

First and foremost, put on some plastic gloves and use protective footwear (security boots if possible).

Then you’re ready to pull the auger cable into the cover and place it on the toilet drain hole. Crank if necessary to pull it back in.

Once the cable is inside, you need to place the auger on the toilet drain hole. You can proceed to insert the tip of the auger (if it is manual), into the hole.

Do not crank until the tip of the body is not visible anymore. The plastic cover or guard should keep the auger from causing any damage to the porcelain.

Once you can’t see the tip of the auger, then you’re ready to start cranking.

Crank the Auger

Cranking the auger seems like an easy job, but it’s not.

You need to rotate the cranking handle clockwise for the cable to start going out the auger body again. This will depend heavily on whether you have a drum auger or a stick type.

The cranking of the auger should start extending the cable inside the drain. If the clog is close, then it should feel like something is blocking the way, and the auger won’t crank anymore.

Otherwise, you should keep cranking until you find a blockade. In some cases, the clog is pretty soft, so cranking alone will get rid of it.

Still, try your best to be careful and patient. Do not crank too hard as you may end up bending the cable inside and causing it to get stuck.

Move & Push

Once you find the clog (resistance in the drain), then you’re ready to get rid of it.

While cranking slowly, you should also try to move and push the auger back and forth. Be careful still not to cause damage to the porcelain.

At the same time, try rotating the cable using the cranking system. Do not stop pushing the auger back and forth.

This should clean the blockade as long as it is a typical waste clog and not dirt or worse. Then you should try to clean the whole drain for a few seconds, cranking the auger further (if possible), and moving back and forth while rotating.

Once you feel no more resistance or sediment in the auger, then you’re ready to take it out.

Pull the Cable Out

Pulling the cable out is also easy. You should just pull the auger out while cranking counter-clockwise.

This will pull the cable inside the auger while taking it out of the drain. Again, be careful not to cause a mess in the toilet as some waste clogs tend to get stuck in the cable – if you pull too fast and hard – then you may end up causing a huge mess.

After the cable is entirely out and inside the auger, then you need to flush the toilet at least 3 times. Make sure it flushes correctly and all the clog waste goes down the drain. Some of it may come back into the bowl, flush as many times as necessary until it’s all cleared.

Clean the Auger

After successfully using a toilet snake and cleaning drain clogs, then you’re ready to store it. But first, make sure it is clean. You won’t like a smelly auger with sticky toilet waste on the cable.

We recommend taking the auger outside to a garage, yard, or large tube, and then start cleaning the part of the cable that went through the drain.

If you can rub or scrub the cable with a sponge or towel along with some disinfectant or soap, then that would be even better. Soak the wire if necessary – and clean any debris and or waste on it.

Once you’ve cleaned the auger cable and its exterior, then you’re ready to let it dry and store it. Before doing so – check that it doesn’t have any debris. Clean again if necessary.


So, did this article help you learn more about toilet snakes and how you can pick the best toilet auger?

Well, it is now time to get one for your bathroom. There’s no doubt it is one of the most effective ways to get rid of clogs – and undoubtedly one of the easiest as well.

As long as you get an auger that matches your toilet requirements and can help you clean difficult blockades – then that’s the ideal model for you. Choose accordingly, and you won’t be disappointed.

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