Elongated vs Round Toilet: Which Is Better Suited and Why?

Everyone has toilets at home. But not all toilets are the same.

They can differ in flush method, size, color, and sure enough – shape. That’s what we’re going to talk about today – especially the differences between elongated vs round toilets.

If you’re in search of a new toilet or just interested in the differences in shape – then you’re recommended to keep reading.

We’re going to explain why one is better than the other, and how you can get the most out of each accordingly. Next time you’re looking for a new toilet – you’ll be prepared to make the best decision. 

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Difference between Elongated vs Round Toilet

Elongated Toilets

Also called oval toilets, these are simply a little longer than typical round toilets. This comes with various advantages, starting from their comfort and overall space available to sit.

But elongated toilets can be pretty expensive, and at the same time super big – so they may not fit in every bathroom.

Overall, though, they tend to be gorgeous, have a super powerful flush, and be easy to clean. If you can afford them and you have enough space in your bathroom – then this is your best bet.

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Pros of Elongated Toilets:

  • Exciting designs
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Powerful flushing
  • Comfortable & spacious

Cons of Elongated Toilets:

  • Sometimes expensive
  • The long design may not fit small bathrooms

Round Toilets

Round Toilets

Typical toilets are round. It is the most common type of toilet you’ll find – with a circular lid and bowl that provide a compact system to get rid of bodily wastes.

Because they’re usually small, you can find round toilets almost anywhere. Some models can be pretty big as well, if necessary.

But round models being smaller can also be hard to clean, a little uncomfortable, and sometimes have a weak flush that doesn’t get rid of all the waste.

Overall, though, they manage to be affordable and usually provide traditional styles that combine with any bathroom.

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Pros of Round Toilets:

  • Small design fits most bathrooms
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Classic style combines with any decoration
  • Can be large if necessary

Cons of Round Toilets:

  • Hard to clean & maintain
  • A little uncomfortable
  • Somewhat weak flush

Essential Factors to Consider: Elongated vs Round Toilets

So you already have an idea of what each type of toilet offers. Let’s now go in-depth about their most important features and how they differ:


The first difference between an elongated and round toilet you’ll notice will obviously be the appearance.

One is round, the typical model you’ll find almost everywhere. The other has an oval shape – with a slightly larger design, thus less common.

Of course, this shape doesn’t necessarily change how they function or how they look. But it is pretty common to find elongated models having a little more exciting designs – mainly because they’re usually more expensive.

A round model, on the other hand, tends to be circular. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a round model is uglier. But most of the time, the design is less stylized and works with traditional or old bathrooms instead of modern ones.

In terms of colors and quality of materials, they can vary exponentially.


Another huge discrepancy between round vs elongated toilet bowl is the size.

As we mentioned before, the bowl of a round toilet tends to be smaller because of its circular design. While this can save a lot of space in a bathroom, it could make cleaning a little harder, and sitting less comfortable.

Elongated bowls are usually large and take a lot of space. You won’t be able to place them in small bathrooms easily. But in large bathrooms, an oval-shaped bowl fits perfectly – adding an extra touch of style and feeling extra comfortable.

The difference between these two in size doesn’t have to be that much, though. Some manufacturers make large round toilets that are even bigger than regular oval toilets. At the same time, some models can be a combination of both – so you may get the benefits of each.


The measurements of round vs elongated toilet seats can vary exponentially as well. Like we said, round designs tend to be smaller than elongated ones.

While a circular toilet is usually about 21-inches in diameter, an oval model is 23-inches in general. Some models can be larger or smaller accordingly – but this is the typical difference.

You could say that an elongated seat is about 2-inches more extensive than a typical circular seat. This may not seem like much, but it can be the whole difference between being able to place the toilet in a bathroom or not.


Following their size & space needs, it is safe to say that one can be way easier to install than the other.

Here, you will find that round models are usually smaller and lighter. That means bringing them around is easier, and placing them in the bathroom to install can be a piece of cake.

In contrast, elongated models tend to be slightly larger and heavier. You may not be able to move or carry the toilet alone, which makes the whole installation harder.

This can vary exponentially, depending on the exact model and design of the piece. But overall, elongated models are more challenging to install.

Ease of Use

The difference between round vs oval toilet when it comes to usage can also give you an idea of how they work.

While the mechanism is not tied to their shape or design, you may find that the smaller size of a round toilet tends to be harder to use – especially by people with wide bottoms or mobility issues.

But elongated models are easy to use by everyone either. You may find that the larger design can be tricky for children, small people, and those who struggle to maintain balance when sitting. 

So you could say they’re similarly easy to use, both having similar limits in terms of usage.

Power of Flush

But when it comes to power or flushing capacity, they do differ a lot.

This happens because small round toilets usually comprise conventional flushing systems. While these are not necessarily ineffective, you may find that the typical flush method is not the most powerful out there.

An elongated model, it can even the best toto toilets, however, may have a larger and more effective flushing system. Even with a typical flush tank method, the elongated model provides a harder & more effective flush.

It is important to note that this can vary depending on the exact type of flush. Some have pressure-assisted, others are gravity-fed, some are dual-flush, a few boast a double-cyclone method, and so on. But thanks to the larger design, elongated toilets tend to have a slightly more potent flush.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Similarly to the flush, cleaning and keeping the toilet working correctly depends heavily on the size.

You could say that elongated models are easier to clean because they have a lot more space to move around and use brushes/cleaners on. But at the same time, they can be trickier to clean precisely because they’re larger and have more space to swipe.

Generally, though, a small toilet is a little tricky to clean because it has smaller crevices to clean. So they can take a bit more time & effort to maintain as well. But the difference is little. And if you somehow be able to get the best toilet auger, it won't be a huge issue to think about. 


In terms of comfort, there is a considerable difference.

This happens because the larger design of an elongated seat can provide enough space for any person to sit on. Thus, it feels more comfortable than round toilets in most places.

But at the same time, the elongated design may feel a little unbalanced or awkward when sitting. For extra-large elongated toilets, you may find that the size hinders overall comfort – especially for children and people who struggle sitting low.

In general, it is the smaller round toilet that feels more awkward. And because it has a smaller bowl, then it is more prone to messes.


Well, it depends heavily on the manufacturer, materials, type of flushing, components, and design.

Overall, it is safe to say that elongated models are more expensive. Because they use more material due to the larger design, require a more enticing set of visual features, and usually provide more powerful flushing mechanisms – they tend to cost a lot.

In contrast, round toilets are pretty affordable. Especially simple models, you’re likely to find them at less the price of an elongated model.

Elongated vs Round Toilet: Which One is Better for Me?

Now that you’ve gone through our entire comparison guide – then it is time to make your final choice.

Between elongated and round toilets – we prefer elongated ones a lot more. Because they’re larger, more comfortable, easier to use and maintain, and usually more powerful, we think elongated toilets are more enticing.

At the same time, we never leave round-shaped toilets behind. When we need a space-efficient, simple, and affordable model – then we go for circular toilets.

So, it all comes down to your needs, really. But for us, an elongated model tends to be the better option.

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