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        The Rockwell Group headed by David Rockwell, the acclaimed restaurant architect, designed Payard Patisserie & Bistro in 1997. The Rockwell Group established in 1983 has been responsible for the creation of many famous restaurants and establishments throughout the United States.
        Payard Patisserie & Bistro promises to evoke feelings of familiarity, warmth and coziness. Imagine a long established neighborhood pastry shop on Paris' Left Bank. Witty and whimsical references to candies and pastries accent the space. These include an over scaled plaster frieze with pastry motifs and a Roman mosaic floor border embedded with illustrations of dainty coffee cups. High ceilings, warm, creamy color palate and mahogany woodwork accentuates the open quality of the space. Inspired by Europe's grandest cafes, the patisserie and bistro are adorned with mirrors in Belle Époque style guilded frames and dramatic blown glass lighting fixtures. The bistro's floor is constructed of wide planked wood and the room lined with colorfully striped chenille and leather banquettes. A cozy balustraded mezzanine overlooks the entire space. Chocolates, candies, pastries, breads and packaged gifts are thoughtfully arranged in custom glass display cases accented with wood and marble.
          The entire shop is divided into three distinct sections: the pastry shop the dining area and the mezzanine level. Through architectural and design details, one space easily flows into the next. A storefront and vestibule area conceived in wood and marble enhances the open quality of space. From the sidewalk, window shoppers and customers alike, may see not only the artfully arranged window displays but the dining and mezzanine areas as well. In the center of the dining room a tall, multi-tiered column of confections reigns. The curved coffee and liquor bar serves the morning, late afternoon and after dinner dessert crowds and is also available for lunch and dinner patrons. Its location physically separates the pastry shop from the dining room suggesting a coffee bar during the morning hours and a standing area/liquor bar and a place for a quick bite for lunch and dinner guests.

1032 Lexington Avenue (between 73rd and 74th Streets)
New York, N.Y. 10021
tel:(212) 717 5252 fax: (212) 717 0986


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