iSpring Water Filter Reviews

Drinking water directly from the tap is not the healthiest thing to do. Unless, of course, you have an iSpring water filter that will make it super healthy.

Yes, you can make your tap water safe enough to drink directly if you have the right filter. And iSpring filters are perfect for that.

If you’re looking for a perfect alternative to regular filters and just want to improve the safety of your tap water at home – then you’ll find no better choice. An iSpring water filter will not let you down.

Want to learn more about these filters and what they offer? Then read further!

Why iSpring Water Filters?

The first thing to know about iSpring water systems is that they’re super effective at getting rid of dust, dirt, debris, and other impurities. However, they offer something that not many other filters offer: reverse osmosis.

A reverse osmosis filter gets rid of more contaminants than any other type of filter out there. It can about 99% of all contaminants, so you can get the cleanest and healthiest water you can think of.

But it is not only the reverse osmosis system that makes these filters so amazing. You will also get superb reliability. These filters can easily last years, so you can enjoy clean water and healthy drinking without any worries.

On top of that, they usually come with unique features like pumps, faucets, straightforward installations, and more.

In short, iSpring water filters are designed to make your water much healthier but also your experience using it much more enjoyable than any regular filter will.

3 Best iSpring Water Filters in 2021

Now that you have a better idea of what they offer, it is time to meet a few of the best iSpring water filters available. Here are 3 models we thought were worth considering:

1. iSpring RCC7AK Superb Taste Under Sink Drinking Water Filter

The first iSpring water system filter replacement for your standard filter will be the RCC7AK. This is a 6-stage model that will rebalance the water you drink and make it mineral-rich and super healthy.

It passes the water through an alkaline process that mineralizes the water and makes it super rich.

Then, the water goes through the Reverse Osmosis filtration, cleaning even the smallest of particles, including chlorine, lead, fluoride, asbestos, and more.

Finally, it goes through the GAC filter with polishes the purified water – making it ideal for drinking.

Taking a glass and filling it up with water from the tap will never be the same with this filter. You won’t have a single complaint about it.

And that’s without mentioning the beautiful European-style faucet it comes with. Along with the transparent housing, so you can see where the water goes and how it gets filtered, this system is something you don’t want to dismiss.

Let’s not forget it is also a piece of cake to install. It is a totally DIY system that even the most oblivious user can set up with ease. Just follow the instructions and support manuals, and you’ll have no issue getting it working.

For anyone looking for extra-reliable, effective, and practical water filters – the RCC7AK from iSpring will not be a bad choice.


  • Ultra-healthy 6-stage filtration system
  • Remineralization process makes the water healthier
  • Reverse Osmosis cleans the water like no other system
  • Good-looking and convenient design
  • Straightforward installation with clear instructions


  • Takes a lot of room under the sink
  • May leak due to the number of connections

2. iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water Filtration System

While the 3-stage iSpring whole house water filter seems small and ineffective – it is none of that.

The WGB32B filter from iSpring is easily one of the most effective and high-flow models you can get. With its superb filtration system, you will get rid of most contaminants in the water, including rust, pesticides, solvents, sediment, calcium, dirt, debris, and more.

What makes this model so effective is how large it is. With its 15 GPM flow capacity and its colossal design, you can set it up to handle all the water coming to your house. That will be perfect for achieving super-clean water on every tap and water valve at home.

Still, the installation is a piece of cake – and maintenance is even easier. You only need to use the Big Blue cartridges and change them up when needed. As for installation, just follow the instructions and you’ll install the entire filtration system in a few hours with no problem.

What makes it so effective is the polypropylene sediment filter at first. It filtrates up to 5 microns, perfect to get rid of the largest contaminants.

Then you find the CTO Carbon Block filter. With a coconut shell, they will filter the water even more effectively, while adding durability to the whole piece.

When you install this filter, you’ll have up to 100,000 gallons of total clean water ensured. That’s enough to last a year before changing the filters. A year of drinking the healthiest water you can think of.


  • Straightforward installation & maintenance
  • Super-effective sediment filter for large contaminants
  • Extra-healthy CTO carbon block filter for small particles
  • Excellent flow capacity for tons of water
  • Long-lasting filter lasts up to a year per filter


  • Pressure valves may leak over time
  • Replacement filters are hard to find

3. iSpring RCC1UP-AK Reverse Osmosis Filter

Last but not least, you will find the iSpring reverse osmosis RCC1UP model an exceptional filter to have.

It is not only because it boasts the magnificent Reverse Osmosis filtration capacity that gets rid of up to a 1,000 contaminants. The real advantage is the booster pump – capable of improving the overall performance of the piece and getting your healthy drinkable water faster to the tap.

As a 7-stage filter, though, there’s a lot more to consider. The UV sterilization stage, for example, kills over 99% of all germs in the water. And with the mineral alkaline filter, the GAC filter, CTO carbon blocks, and the sediment filter – this system will provide amazing results from day one.

To make it an even more exciting option, it comes with a European-style faucet. Yet, it is not the looks that stand out, but the brushed nickel construction with a rust-free finish, perfect to make it last a lifetime.

Apart from all that, the installation is super easy. Anyone can install this filter in about 2 hours and without making much of an effort. If not, the brand offers excellent help with a simple call – so you can install the filtration system even more easily.

Overall, the filtration system is designed to last a lifetime, be super-fast to install, and still make you happy when drinking water directly from the tap. For whatever you’re using it – the RCC1UP is set to surpass your expectations.


  • Unbeatable 7-stage system for effective filtering
  • The UV-Sterilization stage gets rid of natural germs
  • Booster pump increases efficiency & reduces waste
  • Effortless installation takes less than 2 hours
  • Beautiful & durable European-style faucet


  • Pretty expensive
  • Installation can be tricky without help

How To Choose the Right iSpring Filtration System

Now that you’ve gone over the 3 best iSpring water filters out there – it is time to learn how to pick the ideal one. Here are some factors to consider:

Types of Filter (Stages)

There are various types of filters and/or stages to consider. For example, a 3-stage filter will make the water go through a sediment filter that gets rid of most large particles like dirt and debris. Then, the water goes through CTO carbon filters that get rid of the smallest particles. Here, the water is drinkable.

For a 6-stage filter, however, the process adds up several stages. Apart from sediment and CTO carbon filter, you may also add the alkaline filter, which re-mineralizes the water to make it nutrient-rich. Then you find the RO (reverse osmosis) system that passes the water through red mineral stones.

And finally, you can find the extra stage; usually, it is a UV filtration system. This filter can get rid of germs that only UV light can kill. With this filter along with the others, you can enjoy the healthiest water out there.


When it comes to installation the filtration system, it shouldn’t take more than 3 hours. Any filter that takes more time than that is probably too tricky and may take more maintenance effort eventually.

For the smallest filters (3-stage), you shouldn’t waste more than an hour installing the piece. And you should be able to do it alone – even if you have little to no experience.

Lastly, make sure the filtration system has clear instructions and 24/7 available support. If you can’t install the filter, support may always help you out via voice call.


The last thing to consider when choosing an filtration system is how many extras it offers. There are several things to consider here.

One would be the faucet. A filtration system that comes with its own faucet will make the entire installation a lot easier – especially when having to look for a compatible piece. Make sure it is durable and good-looking, though. You don’t have an ugly or fragile faucet even if it is practical.

Another excellent extra to consider is a booster pump. These pumps will increase the overall efficiency of the filtration system, aiding to save water, and prevent waste. And sure enough, it will help to filter even faster than usual.

Last but not least, consider housings, fittings, and filter replacements as useful extras as well. They will make the installation easier, but also the entire maintenance process.

The more extra features you find on the filtration system, the better. So don’t dismiss them to get an even better value for your money.


There’s nothing healthier or safer than drinking clean water. That’s where an iSpring water filter enters into action. And that’s also why you should get one.

After taking an in-depth look into the different models available and the overall quality they offer – it is time you pick the one that better matches your needs. It will make your water-drinking experience at home much better.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t drink filthy and contaminated water anymore. Get one of these filters now – you won’t regret it!



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