How To Plan The Best Menu For Your Wedding Reception

When you are preparing for your wedding, an important and necessary decision that should be taken in between all the stressful decisions is deciding on your tastings.

You cannot just invite your guests and bid goodbye to them without serving them with quality food. Choosing a unique menu for your wedding reception is crucial, and you should do it as early as possible.

It is understandable that choosing the right dishes is one of the most hectic tasks that you have got to do, but it is also fun, provided you are doing it the right way.

Remember, the drinks and food not only help in fueling your party, but they are also responsible for providing chances to infuse style and personality in your celebration.

Planning the Perfect Menu for Wedding Reception

Starting right from the flavor of the food to the aesthetics, try to keep the following tips in mind when you are planning for your wedding reception;

Deciding a Budget

Well, the budget is the first thing that you have to decide. From the mocktails to the snacks to the main course, no matter what you serve, has a massive impact on your budget.

Once you have decided on the amount of money you want to spend, you can start choosing the food items.

Starting Early

A fantastic menu will begin with an ideal caterer, and a good caterer will be snatched away at the earliest.

This is why you should book them early. There are a few venues, which do not allow chefs from outside to cook the food during your reception.

Even if they allow, they might charge extra. In this case, you can opt for the in-house chefs. Ensure that your chef is flexible and is as excited as you are for trying out new ideas and dishes.

The Guest List

You should be able to provide an estimate to your chef about the number of guests that are going to come to your party.

If you want to serve a delicious and impressive menu, consider inviting only the people who are important to you. However, if you need to invite more guests, you have to cut down the cost of your menu in an innovative manner.

Consider Allergies and Restrictions

It is important that you have a conversation with your caterer regarding the guests who are vegan or follow a gluten-free diet. Make sure that there are options for all your guests and that they can enjoy the food to their hearts’ content.

This should be done in advance so as to avoid confusion and hassle on the day of your reception

Considering the Season

You should consider the season as well. If you are tying the marriage in summer, you can include hot dogs or sliders along with sandwiches and slushies.

If it is winter, you can go for the apple cider or hot cocoa, which can warm up the moods of your audiences.

During spring, you can opt for the vegetable dishes and fruit salads. Scrumptious apple pies and caramel apples would be great for autumn.

You can take inspiration from the seasons and decide on the type and kinds of food that you want.


You or your spouse might belong to a culture that has a unique background. In this case, you should take the opportunity to show it off through the food that you are offering to your guests.

The Asian Cuisine, Hawaiian Buffet or French Delicacies, whatever it is can represent your culture.

You can also decide the cuisine on basis of a place that is close to your heart. For example, you can keep the food Paris-themed if your better half had proposed to you under the Eiffel Tower. LOL.

Decide the Food on Basis of the Theme

Having a theme-based wedding? Why not plan your menu accordingly then? Try to create a variety of food while working closely with your chef to connect the items to your theme. You can be either traditional or creative.

If your theme is based on a carnival event, you can go for popcorns, cotton candies or corn dogs. It is your wedding reception, after all. Try making it as uncommon and uniquely beautiful as possible.

Deciding on the Colors

Your wedding reception menu should be as bright and colorful as your day! Include candies, juices, slushies, desserts, and different fruits and vegetables to make the buffet look gorgeous and colorful.

Settling on a Particular Style

You should decide the style that you want for your reception dinner. For example, if you want a gourmet dinner, you have to opt for the formal sit-down meals with your friends and family.

Considering the other side of the coin, if your key focus is on music and dance, you can settle for a less formal style of menu, like finger foods and appetizers. You should discuss everything with your chef and consider all the options that he provides.


If you do not have any theme, or you are not looking for anything in particular, you can add something sweet, sour, bitter and savory in your menu. In this case, you can literally serve anything and everything that is tasty and will delight your guests.

Try to keep beef, poultry, seafood as well as vegetables, so that the guests can eat according to their own free will, without being restricted to a single option or two.


The presentation is a significant part of your wedding menu, and it is necessary to choose caterers who will take care of it along with the taste of the food.

Try to be as creative as possible. Serve soup in acorn squash instead of serving them in bowls. Dress up the food station in an attractive manner and allow your guests to enjoy the food.

Wrapping up,

The day of your reception is crucial for you. And, your guests are also equally excited to bless you on your new journey.

Decide a great and creative menu, and you can be assured that all your guests will enjoy the meal heartily. Also, look out for the right caterer, who will make all your imaginations come true on your special day.

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