What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection And How Does it Work?

Having problems with your sewage system at home? Then you’re probably stressed out and thinking there’s no way to fix it.

Well, that’s not true. Once you learn what is a sewer camera inspection and how it works – then you’ll find out that it’s totally possible to fix any sewage issue.

But that’s the job of a plumber, and it takes more effort and time than you may expect. So before you go and hire just any service out there – we recommend considering all the info in this article. Take a look to learn more!

What is A Sewer Camera Inspection?

This process focuses on inserting a drain camera or waterproof cam into the sewers system. They can do it from outside the house, from inside, or even from other houses/apartments if needed.

The sole purpose is to see whether something is blocking and/or preventing the sewage system from working correctly.

A plumber starts by inserting the camera into the sewers and then pushes it to find the problem.

Once the camera is inside the plumbing system, it starts recording and sending the imagery to a computer or smartphone. Then the plumber can see what’s happening.

Typically, a sewer camera inspection can be done in lines, connections, entire sewer systems, and more.

And it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour or way more – depending on the seriousness of the problem, age of the sewers, and numbers of issues.

Overall, sewer camera inspections are not too hard to do – but it’s still necessary that an expert handles the job for better results.

What Is a Sewer System Camera Inspection Used For?

You may be thinking, “What can I use a sewer inspection camera for? How do I know it is useful for me?”

Well, there are many problems one of these inspections can solve. If you’re suffering from any, or you think there’s a problem in your sewer system, then an inspection is necessary.

Here are some of the issues a sewer inspection with a camera can help solve:

Blockages & Clogs

Sometimes, sewers get all clogged up with debris, scum, hair, feces, plastics, and so on – but you can’t know unless you see it.

That’s why plumbers use a sewer camera inspection system, so they can see the problem by themselves.

Blockages and clogs are actually the most common reason for these services to work. Once the plumber knows where the blockade is located and what it is made of, then cleaning is easier.

Old/Broken Sewer Conditions

If you think there’s an old sewer system at home and it needs some cleaning/maintenance, then a sewer inspection may also help with that.

Being able to see where the problem is located and what the problem is, will make it way easier to fix eventually.

Especially if it is broken or a corrosion/rust problem is happening – then seeing it from a camera is the best way to test.

When to Do a Sewer Camera Inspection

Knowing the usefulness of a plumbing camera inspection, how can you tell if it is an advisable thing to do?

Well, it all comes down whether you suspect there’s something wrong with the sewer system or not.

If there probably is, then doing an inspection can be your best idea.

At the same time, there are other reasons to use a sewer line inspection.

For example, before buying a house, you’ll want to make sure that the sewer system works ideally or at least be aware of the problems beforehand. The same happens with other buildings and/or commercial real estate.

Similarly, if you’re putting the house to sale and/or remodeling it for renting – you may want to take a look at the sewer system to make sure there’s no problem.

You can eventually sell or rent the house/apartment with no issues.

So, when is it safe to do a sewer camera inspection? Whenever you think it’s necessary to see the state of the sewer system.

How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

You may already have an idea of how a drain inspection camera works and how it is used. But you still don’t know the exact details that make it happen.

Next, you’ll have a step-by-step explanation of how a sewer camera inspection works:

1. A plumber prepares all the camera equipment, depending on the model. Sets up the camera with the large rod, prepares the display/smartphone, connects the system, and then tests to see that everything works.

2. Then the plumber inserts the flexible rod with the camera into the sewer entrance and pushes it to watch everything inside.

Most of these cameras come with small LED lights to illuminate inside the sewer and see everything clearly.

3. All the images in the camera travel through a radio or Bluetooth transmitter directly into the display or smartphone.

The plumber then looks for any problem related to cracks, clogs, rust/corrosion, etc. as soon as the images arrive into the display device.

4. Once a problem is located, the plumber will mark the place using the same transmitter to know where it’s precisely.

That will make it easy to eventually reach and/or make the necessary fixes.

5. In case there are several issues with the sewer system, then the plumber should act accordingly and check. Finally, the plumber should proceed to fix the problems.

How Much Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Cost?

As you see, sewer camera inspection services look straightforward and may take little to no time in some cases.

But they can also be somewhat tricky (in old houses with awkward sewer systems) and take a lot of time.

That’s why one of these camera inspections can cost anywhere from $100 for simple inspections to $1500 for complex ones.

Of course, it’s all about the length of the sewer to check, the necessary actions to take, and any other additional service related to the inspection.

Need a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Now that you know what is a sewer camera inspection and how it works, then it is time to take your chances and decide whether you need to do this or not.

Remember, most sewer systems can only be solved if the plumber knows what’s happening – so one of these can be ideal.

So if you have a sewer problem at home and can’t fix it yourself - then hire a sewer inspection camera service now!

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