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6 Piece Bourbon Truffles

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Price: $12.00
Item Number: TR005
Payard teamed up with Heaven Hill Distilleries and TCHO chocolate to create a very unique bourbon truffle. It is hand-crafted using aromatic TCHO chocolate and Elijah Craig, an 18 year old single barrel limited edition Kentucky bourbon. There is nothing in the market that compares to these truffles.

The bold yet smooth flavor of Elijah Craig is intoxicating, and the aphrodisiac properties of TCHO chocolate make the perfect combination for the chocolate and bourbon lover.

15 pieces

Information about the Bourbon
The oldest Single Barrel Bourbon in the world at 18 years, Elijah Craig Single Barrel is a rare marvel of whiskey-making. Only a handful of the millions of aging Bourbon barrels are allowed to mature this long, resulting in an extremely complex, layered sensory experience. The barrels are hand selected by Parker and Craig Beam, and after 18 years of Kentucky seasons nearly 2/3 of the contents of the barrel have evaporated into “Angel's Share”!

The Combination of Tcho and Elijah Craig
Unbeknownst to Francois, he recently learned that there is a family connection to Elijah Craig and TCHO Chocolates. Current president of TCHO Chocolates, Jane Metcalfe’s grandmother is a descendant of Elijah Craig. Her name is Jane Stout Craig. This is the story she’s told Jane. “She says Elijah was a Baptist preacher whose congregation was being persecuted. So they loaded up their families, their crops (including corn) and their carts and set off across the mountains into Kentucky, still considered the western frontier at that time, where no man would be persecuted for his religion. Along the way, they had an accident, the corn was mashed up and fermented in the sun, and thus was born the first sour mash base for bourbon. And it's apparently why to this day, people south/west of the mountains drink bourbon whisky while Yankees tend to drink rye.”

Now, François brings these two families together in his TCHO chocolate Bourbon Truffles. Enjoy!!!


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