Toto Toilet vs Kohler Toilet: Which One to Buy?

 Are you looking for the perfect toilet to purchase? There has been an ongoing debate on which is the best toilet brand between Kohler and Toto. Some will tell you that Toto is better, while others will always go for Kohler.

Well, before choosing between the two, you need to consider some critical factors. Personally, as a plumber, I will show you some of the different features these two have so that you can make the right decision between the two brands.

But if you seek my advice, then I’ll tell you to buy the Toto toilet brand.

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Toto Toilet vs Kohler Toilet: An OVERALL COMPARISON

Toto toilet

1. The Flushing System

When we talk of toilets, there is nothing as crucial as the flushing system. Your toilet has to have the best flushing system if you want it to operate efficiently.

An efficient flushing system means that all the wastes will get cleared down the bowl in a single flush.

Toto has the best and most robust flushing system, which can clear all the dust and waste remains in a single flush. As a result, it saves your water and prevents wastage.

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2. The Flush Sound

As a toilet owner, you would love a toilet, which produces less noise when flushing. That makes the best toto toilet a solid choice. This toilet has a low and calming sound, which doesn't blow up immediately you flush it.

It's relaxing, and it gives you a comfortable time without producing too much noise.

3. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance of the toilet, then you will have to consider where this toilet is coming from so that you can get the spare parts quickly in case of damage. Practically, Toto is a Japanese brand and knowing that your country can promptly get these spare parts will be useful for you in case of damage.

Additionally, it requires less maintenance over time because of its durability. After all, it lasts longer and requires less repair if need be.

4. Price

When it comes to pricing, then Toto is a bit expensive. If you have the money to spend and want something better, then the Toto brand is the one to choose.

It is stronger, and this needs you to have some cash. Its quality is what makes it expensive, and if you don't have enough money for this toilet brand, then Kohler is for you.

5. The company focus

Generally, Toto is a brand that only focuses on toilets, which is a good thing, in my opinion. They are not involved in manufacturing other products, and this has helped them overtime to come up with some of the most potent toilet brands on the planet.

Most people will recommend going for this toilet brand because it is worth it.

Kohler Toilet Brand

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1. Flushing System

When it comes to the flushing system, it's not as powerful as that of the Toto toilet. It's moderate, and in some instances, it is not able to clear all the wastes and dust down the drain.

Within one flush, you can remove all the residues, but it is not all the time.

2. The Flush Sound

Kohler toilet brand has a noise that is a bit higher compared to the Toto brand. In a single flush, you can hear some noise, and if you are a person who doesn't love noise as I do, then you wouldn't consider this kind of toilet. Though it's still powerful, there is a bit of noise.

4. Price

When it comes to pricing, the Kohler toilet brand is easily affordable. If you like saving and budgeting for your other things, then buying this brand will work miracles for you.

It is affordable for everyone and doesn't have leak issues as such. So if you are looking for an accessible toilet, then this one's for you.

5. company focus

This company Kohler does not only manufacture toilets but also bathroom and kitchen appliances.

This shift in focus doesn't allow them to make quality toilets as compared to Toto, which exclusively focuses on toilet brands.

Overall Comparison

Well, both Toto and Kohler are the best toilet brands in the world. But going by the reviews, I would say Toto is the most powerful toilet of the two.

It's expensive because of its quality, produces less noise, has the best flushing system, and requires zero or no maintenance over time.

On the other hand, Kohler is affordable, produces noise, and will need you do make some repairs over time. Both toilets are easy to clean because of their material, and this makes them the best brands overall.

Final Thoughts

After checking out both of these toilets, it's better to say that Toto is a better brand. Kohler is also a reliable and useful quality toilet as well.

If you are ready to splash out some cash on the best toilet, then go for Toto while if you want an affordable toilet, then go for Kohler.

Toto is more superior because of its powerful flushing system, it’s less noisy and needs less maintenance. Kohler, on the other hand, is noisy but it's a proper toilet as well.

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